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Qingdao v2

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Qingdao v2

  2. 2. Have you heard of QINGDAO
  3. 3. TSINGTAO & QINGDAO• TSINGTAO is a Wade-Gils name of QINGDAO city since 1903• After 1978 the city name had been changed from TSINGTAO to QINGDAO• Now TSINGTAO is known as a world famous beer brand, which is made in QINGDAO city
  4. 4. Where is QINGDAO
  5. 5. • In the east of China on the coast of the Yellow Sea.• Total area: 11,282 square kilometers• Total Population: 8.7million
  6. 6. • Named as The World’s Most Charming Bay• One of China’s top10 tourist destinations• One of the most livable cities• One of the best leisure cities in China
  7. 7. Reasons of loving QINGDAO
  8. 8. Reason 1: Qingdao is a fascinating city with colorful elements
  9. 9. Reason 2: Qingdao is a diversified city with East and West culture.
  10. 10. Reason 3: Qingdao is a lovely city full of warmth and romance
  11. 11. Reason 4: The delicious flavor of Qingdao is full of temptation
  12. 12. Reason 5: Qingdao is a dynamic sailing city full of atraction and passion
  13. 13. Reason 6: Qingdao is a charming city full of historical stories
  14. 14. Top10 destinations in QINGDAO
  15. 15. Top 1: Seashore Sidewalk• A 40km boardwalk along Qingdao’s coast• The best way to enjoy the beautiful bay of Qingdao
  16. 16. Top 2: Laoshan Mountain• Being the highest peak along China’s coastline• One of the most famous Taoist mountain in China
  17. 17. Top 3: Tsingtao Brewery• Established in the 1890s• The original brewery building as a beer museum
  18. 18. Top 4: Guest House• Formerly a German governor’s residence• One of the finest European-style villas in China
  19. 19. Top 5: Xiaoyushan Park• The best site to get a bird’s view of Qingdao• Traditional Chinese 3-storey pavilion
  20. 20. Top 6: Olympic Sailing Center• The former venue of 29th Olympic Sailing Games• A number of the worlds top sailing events held annually
  21. 21. Top 7: Underwater World / Polar Ocean World • Marine life Show and marine animal performance • Exploration of Marine Science
  22. 22. Top 8: Ocean Spring Resort• Unique sea salt hot spring• Outlets, Live Show, Seafood Restaurant
  23. 23. Top 9: Fangte Wild Dreamland• High-tech fantasy experience• A variety of recreational projects
  24. 24. Top 10: Under Ocean Tunnel & Cross Sea Bridge • Completed in June 2011 link to east and west • The total length of 41.58 km • the worlds longest bridge across the sea
  25. 25. The 2014 Qingdao World Horticulture Expo• From Apr. to Oct. 2014 in Qingdao• More than 20 participating countries
  26. 26. Members of the delegation
  27. 27. Xingcheng Chinese Folk Theme Hotel • Lies in 100-years old Pichaiyuan Street • Chinese traditional decoration • Provide Qingdao local foods and traditional performance
  28. 28. CHINA COMMUNITY Culture and Art Hotel• A combination of fashion and tradition• Experience of Chinese culture• Performance every night
  29. 29. Qingdao Sanfod Hotel• A 4-star hotel located in the city center• Fine hotel facilities and high quality services
  30. 30. Qingdao Hotel Management College• Chinas first independent college of hotel management• More than 40 majors and 10000 students
  31. 31. QINGDAO Video Review