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2019/2/23 JAWS DAYS 2019 - [Lunch Session] AIに興味あるエンジニア集まれー

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2019/2/23 JAWS DAYS 2019 - [Lunch Session] AIに興味あるエンジニア集まれー

  1. 1. 2019/02/23 JAWS DAYS ランチセッション ABEJA ⼤⽥黒
  2. 2. 本⽇お伝えしたいことmm ・AWSを活⽤した弊社サービスのご紹介 (5min) ・採⽤関連アナウンス 💥 (5min) ・ABEJA SIX2019のご紹介 👀 (5min)
  3. 3. 大田黒 紘之 @xecus ABEJA Insight for Retail Development Leader • Device Development • Infrastructure • Video Analysis Application • DeepLearning
  4. 4. 超インフラが好きですmm
  5. 5. Own Server
  6. 6. My F1 Instance with OpenStack + FPGA
  7. 7. Off-Grid Power System
  8. 8. https://qiita.com/xecus/items/939c7ad5e7abd2753dcd
  9. 9. Corporate Name Headquarters Address Representative ABEJA.Inc NBF Platinum Tower,1-17-3 Shirokane, Minato-ku,Tokyo 108-0072,Japan September 10 2012 Major shareholders Archetype Venture Fund, L.P. Daikin Industries, Ltd. Google International LLC Innovation Network Corporation of Japan inspire investment Co., Ltd Itochu Corporation NTT Plala Inc. Nvidia Corporation Mitsubishi UFJ Capital No. 4 Investment Limited Partnership Mizuho Growth Support Investment Limited Partnership Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd. PNB-INSPiRE Ethical Fund 1 Investment Business Limited Liability Partnership SAKURA Internet Inc. salesforce.com, inc. SBI AI & Blockchain LPS (operated by SBI Investment Co., Ltd.) TBS Innovation Partners 2 Investment Partnership (operated by Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc.) Topcon Corporation Toshiba Tec Corporation Board Member President & Representative Director Director (Japan Operations) Director (International Operations) Yusuke Okada Naotatsu Hase Naoki Tonogi Corporate
  10. 10. Corporate We change the world through our innovation. Implement a Fruitful World We Will Reform Industrial Structures with the Force of Our Technology Tagline ゆたかな世界を、実装する イノベーションで世界を変える テクノロジーの⼒で産業構造を変⾰する Vision Mission
  11. 11. ⽇本初の Machine Learning Competency 取得
  12. 12. AI service provided by ABEJA ABEJA has supported leading companies to implement over 100 End-to-End Machine Learning & Deep Learning projects. Enabling AI implementation into businesse With AI, we provide various solutions such as commodities classification, maintenance support efficiency, behavior analysis of adept workers, and more. We have supported AI implementation for over 150 companies, ranging industries such as manufacturing, infrastructure, logistics, and retail. With our experience and expertise, we provide overall support from AI application to utilization. ABEJA Platform supports efficient application of Deep Learning in the operation process The ABEJA Insights for retail analyses your custome'sr behavior, such as customer demographic attributes, visitor flow analysis and prediction of repeating customer visits to provide you with a deeper understanding of your customer base.
  13. 13. 1. Data saving 2. Annotation 3. Training 4. Deploy 5. Serving 6. Inference 7. Insight ABEJA Platform ABEJA Platform is a platform that provides functions to improve the efficiency of machine learning and deep learning implementation and operation. We provide all necessary functions for pipeline with CLI, SDK, API, GUI and accelerate implementation.
  14. 14. https://qiita.com/advent-calendar/2018/abejaplatform
  15. 15. ABEJA Platformを⽀える技術
  16. 16. 30 Repostitores Language: Go, Elixir, Python, Ruby…
  17. 17. Operate retail shops scientifically, transcending ‘experience’ and ‘gut feeling’ ABEJA Insight for Retail Data gathered Integration & Analysis Visualization Action Cloud Dashboard What to know ✓ Underperforming vs. benchmark stores ✓ Reason for underperformance ✓ Identify measures and policies for improvement What to do ✓ Identify underperforming stores and improvement plans quickly ✓ Specify know-how of best practices in your shops and expand horizontally in your organization Easy to mange data visualization Camera Image Analysis Utilizing Deep Learning technology POS Data Weekly e-mail report
  18. 18. Copyright © 2018 ABEJA, Inc. All rights reserved.
  19. 19. Copyright © 2018 ABEJA, Inc. All rights reserved.
  20. 20. Retailの ビジネス成長速度 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2015年 2016年 2017年 100台 (10社50店舗) 800台 (30社200店舗) 1900台 (100社480店舗) 導入デバイス数
  21. 21. 40TB / day
  22. 22. Total 200,000,000 Count For 4 year 🎉
  23. 23. 💥We’re Hiring! 💥 https://www.wantedly.com/companies/abeja
  24. 24. Corporate We change the world through our innovation. Implement a Fruitful World We Will Reform Industrial Structures with the Force of Our Technology Tagline ゆたかな世界を、実装する イノベーションで世界を変える テクノロジーの⼒で産業構造を変⾰する Vision Mission
  25. 25. 1⽇⽬: Dev Day 2⽇⽬: Business Day
  26. 26. 参加者5200⼈の ⽇本最⼤AIイベントですmm (去年より会場キャパ数倍ですmm) 是⾮おこしくださいませ!!
  27. 27. ABEJAの技術 x AWSで会場全体を使ったデモを実施します
  28. 28. Thank you !!