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Best Practices for Nullable Reference Types in C#

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Of all the new features in C# 8, nullable reference types have the strongest impact on our code. We will start the session with basics to refresh our memory almost a year after the release. Only then will we continue with the challenges which we might face when using the nullable reference types. We will cover the incremental introduction of the feature into our code, existing support in libraries, usage in combination with generic classes, and support in EF Core. We will conclude the session with an overview of Microsoft's plans for nullable reference types in the near future.

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Best Practices for Nullable Reference Types in C#

  1. 1. Ničelni tipi v praksi
  2. 2. Postopno uvajanje v obstoječo kodo
  3. 3. Podpora v knjižnicah
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  5. 5. Označevanje z atributi
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  7. 7. Entity Framework Core
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