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[WSO2 API Day Toronto 2019] Design Principles for Architecting an API-driven Business Platform

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In this session, We will look at how a cohesive set of agile open source components enable architects and developers to build a platform that will evolve with rapid business requirements.

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[WSO2 API Day Toronto 2019] Design Principles for Architecting an API-driven Business Platform

  1. 1. Design principles for building an API driven business platform Mifan Careem VP - Solution Architecture, WSO2 mifan@wso2.com | @mifanc
  3. 3. 4
  4. 4. 5
  5. 5. API Driven Business Platforms
  6. 6. Unicorn Businesses
  7. 7. 8 The right API driven business platform is key to innovate at scale Define API Strategy Define a Platform Strategy Facilitate Consumers Engage and Empower Producers Incentives and Monetizatio n Agility and Distributio n Platform security model Govern and Manage
  8. 8. API Marketplace as a Platform Business Model 
  9. 9. “We want to blur the lines between our technology and our customers” Jonathan Pearl, Director and Global Head, NEXEN Platform Management, BNY Mellon
  10. 10. Sustainability via Feedback Loops, Incentives, Adoption 12 Source: David Sacks, Yammer on Uber’s business model valuation • Social Incentives • Fun, Fame, Fortune • No. of Shares, Likes, Claps, Re-Tweets, View • Leaderboards • Rating/Filtering • Monetization 
  11. 11. Distributed Platforms vs Centers of Excellence vs Agility External Developers (Partners) Other BU Developers (Inter BU Access) Internal BU Developers (Intra BU Access) BU 1 API Marketplace BU 2 API Marketplace BU 3 API Marketplace BU n API Marketplace BU 1 API Management (Dedicated On-prem Deployment) BU 2 API Management (Private Cloud Tenant) BU 3 API Management (WSO2 API Cloud Tenant) BU n API Management (Other APIM Platform Tenant) Private Cloud Public Cloud Enterprise Enterprise API Marketplace BU 1 BU 2 BU 3 BU n
  12. 12. WSO2 API Manager Leader in open source API Management WSO2 API Manager ○ WSO2 API Microgateway ○ WSO2 API Analytics ○ WSO2 API Tooling ○ WSO2 IAM Key Manager Profile Hybrid Options ○ Public, private, hybrid ○ Macro and micro deployments ○ Dozens of install & update packages ○ WSO2 Update Manager with incremental updates
  13. 13. API Microgateway
  14. 14. API Product designer Stripe-based monetization React.js Portal GraphQL support Kubernetes Operator
  15. 15. source: https://informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/worlds-biggest-data-breaches-hacks/
  16. 16. “APIs are an attractive target for threat actors because they act as the glue linking different services – they allow data to flow freely from one area to the next, and thus provide a rich vein of information if they are compromised.”
  17. 17. Building an Enterprise API Platform Define API Strategy Define Technology Strategy Facilitate Consumers Engage and empower Producers Evangelize Incentives Monetize and Analyze Govern and Manage
  18. 18. THANK YOU wso2.com