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Why Hire Portent?

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Why Hire Portent?

  1. t Ma rke ting Inte e rnactive In eedork with Portent Inter S ucc w should W hy you by Portent &
  2. ey the re. H
  3. on der ing bab ly w scre en. u’re pro ny our Yo ar at o the re’s why
  4. erac tive rte nt Int nsi der I s Po the y co g to say tr yin ts r ats? the ir c lien
  5. No pe.
  6. o rten t’s ide to P ag rea t gu A ra t is oug h... s tory , th
  7. s mar t... ..R ats are .
  8. cu riou s... Cr eati ve & ...
  9. rvi vor s... ac tica l su .. .Pr
  10. anim als. d social ...an
  11. u ires all ting req ma rke In ter net ribu tes. th ose att
  12. as ‘ em. Por te nt h reat ive r, s ma rt, c 30 cle ve elp you o ca nh ople wh ern et. pe the int wu sing gro
  13. di n 19 95. ten t st arte Por whoa. 13 years in business. They must know a thing or 2.
  14. ve is n ot: In tera cti ncy , or a P ort ent crea tive a ge mpa ny, a d esig n co gf irm. ngs.) A etin r feeli rch mark . It hu rts ou sea us those e don’ t call (Pleas
  15. tive is: nte rac ket ing P orte nt I ter net mar le-b rai n in Aw ho a gen cy.
  16. ng s it all ro ach bri ign, T app h, social, des ke you heir - searc er g-t o ma to geth mar ketin hnol ogy, tec ccess ful. su I wouldn't be here right now without Portent.
  17. ’s Clie nts P ort ent p roud of: lk s the y’re Are all fo (there are a lot more)
  18. Ex per tise P orte nt’s e lead ers: ized by th Is re cogn
  19. od in S aid th G an Lu rie, W ha t Se p roje ct by I arke ting A bou tam t’s C EO: P orten “Ian did my favorite one. Touches all the (sic) usual buttons, but in a more original way... The only 10 on my list.” (Regarding Copyblogger writing and landing page contest. He still came in 2nd. Dang it.)
  20. team s. en t ha s3 P ort
  21. me nt t eam ed eve lop ons. Th b appl icati tes gre at we wri none of them wear nerdy glasses, by the way
  22. ati ve t eam The cre lls yo ur st ory. writes & te des igns,
  23. eti ng t eam ther with he ma rk it all toge T egy a nd ties cron yms. the strat f oth er a does nd l ots o O, P PC a SE
  24. me mb ers ey t eam pictu res... A fe wk rass ing b aby embar With r eally
  25. ie rnet Ian Lur . He is the inte k and Por tent og, a boo Ian s t arted , wit h a bl e sub ject. eting geek gigs on th mar k king onal spea o ccasi (he’s bigger now)
  26. ach r pro jects Tr acy Be eeps you OO. He k our o rten t’s C and g uides Is P smo othly run ning ve te am. cr eati (he’s camera shy. that’ll teach him.)
  27. de nR oot p the Bra n e he ads u e of s CT O. H uilds som Is Por tent’ m, a nd b men t tea n-ho use. dev elop ls we use i grea t too the (Branden, at age 2)
  28. M ars ten . She liza bet h PC) team E r-cli ck (P PPC r pay -pe king Lead s ou ch fo r ma effic ient. mag i c tou duct ive & h as a more pro ca mpa igns (still loves Rainier Beer)
  29. S chm itz e opt imiz ation T om sear ch e ngin edia ne o f our r soc ial m Is o ’s als o ou g urus . He ng! linge r. Ba g uns (these days he takes the bus)
  30. I ngm ire a tive l ead. J ade rite r and cre ad c opyw Is o ur le arket ing. ws M (now wears shoes to work) She Kno
  31. aB urg ess jects with A rian age s pro and man ads s pin. cts tr affic s ou r he Dire that make a ma stery (she’s in charge)
  32. aA bra ham l-aro und Ann t desi gner and al a bri llian Is pe. c reat ive ty (ever the artist)
  33. es Gro ver and d esig ner. Mil d XH TML guru SS an I saC (never wears this hat to work)
  34. a chm ann ist oph er B Chr n t gen ius. evelo pme Is ad (knows how to rock)
  35. anO ver from raw Ja nn V bus ines s sys tems se ntire nds. Cr eate r bar e ha wit h he code (and loves squirrels)
  36. M edr ano d us eful. Ja rrod ha t’s p retty an te s Fla sh t Crea (has much better table manners now)
  37. hM ac kay stra tegy S ara c coun ts and s cli ent a Ha ndle fine sse. with (has changed her hairstyle)
  38. sell nd y Sc haff s tha t hel p you A a ppli cation Build s web re st uff. mo (still drives a black car)
  39. na Bro oks s ends you S hau s the b ills, ffice , pay R uns the o yo urs. (still loves trail mix)
  40. ar ket ers y’re A ll M mark eter. The n t is a orte ryone at P Eve Whatever we do for you - design, development, search marketing, marketing strategy - we’ll keep your marketing goals in mind.
  41. ur Pro cess O ? Research & Discovery Execute Observe & Adjust Goals Design Analytics Keywords Copywriting Search rankings Personas Development Link count Creative Questionnaire PPC Setup Reputation tracking Requirements SEO Review Sentiment monitoring Media Plan Social Media Revised plan created using Figures by Thor t.lund@mac.com Don’t worry, we have a flowchart. If you prefer it, we’ll send it to you. It requires a piece of paper about 4’ x 8’.
  42. S ucc ess deve lopm ent R eal e dia, cial m and into th e top en t us ed so omst Port mov e Gro & SE O to en g ifts’. ‘gro omsm 3 for whoa. 13 years in Revenue tripled, business. They must know a by the way. thing or 2.
  43. ess Goo gle’s R ea lS ucc t tak e ov er ed A dhos ults. tent help earc h res Por orga nic s loca l and and increased their lead flow
  44. lS ucc ess camp aign Rea ’s lan ding page derm usik Kin reco rds. brok e all
  45. lS ucc ess AMA W to R ea with the I egy. n t wo rked nline strat P orte e th eir o olut ioniz rev they won an award, too
  46. al Suc cess eting took R e tern et m ark pan y to a ice i n com Full -serv from a new . mAg enda t3y ears mo yer i n jus m ajo r pla momAgenda's owner calls Portent quot;her secret weaponquot;
  47. To Do: rtent Intera ctive. com. .com. our si te: Po nMar keting ☐ Read Conve rsatio Ian’s blog: ☐ Read Ian’s book. ☐ Read Intera ctive. act Po rtent ☐ Cont 206.575.3740 thanks for info@portentinteractive.com reading!