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12 Founders Share Their Entrepreneurial Wisdom

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https://www.wrike.com/blog/advice-from-entreprenuers - We asked 12 successful startup founders for their best bit of advice for new entrepreneurs. And this is what they had to say.

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12 Founders Share Their Entrepreneurial Wisdom

  1. 12 Successful Founders Share their Entrepreneurial Wisdom Wrike.com    Where  Work  Gets  Done.  
  2. When  you've  formulated  a  new  business  idea  in  your  head,  where  do   you  go  for  advice  on  how  to  make  your  dream  a  reality?     Your  parents?  Best  friend?  Google?     It's  better  to  take  your  advice  from  experts  instead.     (No  offense,  Mom.)   We  asked  business  founders   and  CEOs  to  share  their  best   piece  of  advice  for  new   entrepreneurs. Read  on  to  see  what  they  had  to  say     ➔➔ Wrike.com    Where  Work  Gets  Done.  
  3.   The  only  thing  that  will  get  you  through  the  tough   times   of   being   an   entrepreneur   —   and   there   will   be   many  of  those  —  is  being  very  singular  and  passionate   about   what   you   are   doing.   If   you're   not,   if   you're   chasing   money   or   anything   else,   then   the   highs   and   lows  of  startup  life  will  absolutely  wear  you  out.     Andrew  Filev   Founder/CEO   Wrike On  always  following  your                     “ ” passion Wrike.com    Where  Work  Gets  Done.  
  4. On  growing  your  business  —  slowly   Ideas   and   businesses   are   not   created   overnight.   Things   will   tend   to   take   longer   than   expected,   whether   that   is   fundraising,   product   development   cycles,   customer  acquisition,  etc…   In   Silicon   Valley,   this   is   tough,   because   the   whole   culture   here   is   built   around   a   short-­‐term  focus  of  how  quickly  you  can  grow.  Survive  another  day  and  keep  at  it.   Those  who  have  patience  and  resilience  will  eventually  find  success.                         Jonathan  Tang   Founder/CEO     Vastrm “ ” Wrike.com    Where  Work  Gets  Done.  
  5. On  embracing  new,  different  ideas   Keep   a   nimble   mind.   It's   good   that   you   want   to   stick   to   your   vision,   after   all   it's   your   baby,  but  things  change  along  the  way.  Don't  be   afraid  to  embrace  change  and  mix  things  up.   Brad  Zomick     Co-­‐founder/Senior  Director  of  Content   SkilledUp “ ” Wrike.com    Where  Work  Gets  Done.  
  6. On  talking  to  your  customers   If   you   haven’t   spent   at   least   as   much   time   talking   to   your   customers   as   you   have   building   your  prototype,  stop  and  go  have   as   many   conversations   as   you   possibly  can.     You’ll   get   more   game-­‐changing   insights   about   your   product,   messaging,   positioning   and   sales   strategy  than  you  could  ever  learn   from  reading  business  books.   Alex  Turnbull     Founder/CEO     Groove “ ” Wrike.com    Where  Work  Gets  Done.  
  7. On  carefully  accepting  and  incorporating  feedback   Be   careful   who   you   choose   to   listen   to.   Too   much   of   the   wrong   feedback   and   ideas   can   choke   your   creativity  and  your  beliefs.  Does  the   person   giving   you   feedback   share   your   lens?   Do   they   fit   your   target   persona?   Nick  Kellet   Co-­‐founder   Listly “ Wrike.com    Where  Work  Gets  Done.   Click Here for Even More Entrepreneurship Advice > ”
  8.   Never,   ever,   settle   on   a   co-­‐founder.   If   it's   not   right,   take   a   pause.   Even   if   you   have   to   drop   the   project   entirely   for   a   while.  Even  if  you  fall  far  behind.  Because   a  great  co-­‐founder  will  just  take  you  to  so   many  amazing  places,  so  much  faster.   Jason  Lemkin,     Co-­‐Founder/CEO     Echosign  and  SaaStr On  finding  your  “other  half” “ ” Wrike.com    Where  Work  Gets  Done.  
  9.   Build  a  team  of  people  that  aspire.   You   don’t   want   the   person   who   is   the   best   in   the   field,   you   want   the   person   who   desperately   wants   to   be   that   person.   Jessica  Jessup   Co-­‐founder   Giftovus On  hiring  a  great  team ” “ Wrike.com    Where  Work  Gets  Done.  
  10.   Your  employees  are  your  most  valuable  asset.     Even  more  important  than  your  first  funding  round  or  your  attempts  at  going  viral.  You   must  focus  on  creating  a  work  environment  that  is  empowering,  flexible  and   enjoyable.  Also  focus  on  hiring  people  much  smarter  than  you  —  if  you’re  not,  you’ve   got  it  all  wrong.   Clayton  Dean   Co-­‐Founder/Managing  Director   Circa  Interactive On  nurturing  your  company  culture “ ” Wrike.com    Where  Work  Gets  Done.  
  11.   Read,  learn,  and  read  some  more!  The  amount  of  information   that  can  be  found  on  the  web  is  incredible.  And  don't  forget     about  books  —  How  to  Win  Friends  and  Influence     People,  Lincoln  on  Leadership,  and  The  Big     Leap  are  great  places  to  start.  Start     rounding  out  your  hard  edges  so     that  you  can  make  yourself     easier  to  work  with.   Arsham  Mirshah  &  Chris  Mechanic    Co-­‐founders   WebMechanix On  being  a  better  leader “ ” Wrike.com    Where  Work  Gets  Done.  
  12. On  growing  leaders “ Wrike.com    Where  Work  Gets  Done.   ”   The   secret   of   leadership   is   to   create   more   leaders.   You   do   that   by   giving   up   responsibility   and   [letting]   the   other   person   fail   on   their   own.   We   never   learn   from   others'   teachings,   we   learn   from   our   experiences.   Let   your   managers/leaders   grow  the  same  way.   Annkur  P.  Agarwal     Founder   PriceBaba.com
  13. On  failure  and  success   Act  more.  Think  less.     I   believe   that   many   entrepreneurs   can   suffer   from   “analysis   paralysis”   and   overthink   themselves   to   inaction,   which   lets   valuable  opportunities  slip  through  their  fingers.  I  encourage   my   employees   to   be   proactive   in   their   roles   and   learn   from   their   experiences   —   good   and   bad.   Failure   isn’t   a   negative,   as  long  as  you  learn  from  what  you  did!   Rob  Bellenfant   Founder/CEO   TechnologyAdvice “ ” Wrike.com    Where  Work  Gets  Done.  
  14. On  the  mental  hardships   of  being  a  founder   There's  nothing  better  than  starting  your  own  business  but   you  have  to  be  OK  with  the  ups  and  downs.  You  are  going  to   have  higher  highs  and  lower  lows  than  you've  ever  had  before.   From  an  emotional  standpoint,  you  need  to  be  ok  with  this.  But   in  the  end  I'd  advise  "just  do  it."   Will  von  Bernuth   Co-­‐founder   Block  Island  Organics “ ” Wrike.com    Where  Work  Gets  Done.  
  15. Want  to  hear  more  from  startup     founders  around  the  world? Visit  the  Wrike  blog  to  read  advice  from  all   30  founders  who  their  business  tips.   wrike.com/blog Wrike.com    Where  Work  Gets  Done.   Click Here For More Entrepreneurship Advice
  16. https://www.wrike.com
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