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2013 Tech Trends

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2013 Tech Trends

  1. 1. Tech Trends for 2013ByPrasit WorachatrawanitNew Media & E-Commerce DirectorARiP Public Company Limited.“Different or Better Devices”
  2. 2. Global Internet Device Sales
  3. 3. Desktop becomes “Death”TopWindows 8 wants to run on Notebook & Tablets, Not“Desktop”and Consumer fall in love with mobile devices.
  4. 4. Digital Ecosystem Impacts• Microsoft turns from “Software company” to “Hardware & Service” company.• Intel inside mobile devices or arming with ARM processor.• Google turns from “Search” everything to “Know” everything.• Apple just offers something better not difference.(Apple just has better devices to upgrade, not innovation product.)• Samsung thinks different by Copy & Develop gadget?• Amazon gets more consumer with new hardware with lower price to sellits digital content (e-book, music, movie, TV program, apps,…).• Facebook tries to monetize its services (promote, gift, etc.)and to be better “Search” for serving targeted ad and working own gadget.Apple puts computer work inside iPod (Touch), iPhone, iPad and then…Apple TVAll of them can run apps and use cloud storage from anytime anywhere withInternet connection via Wi-Fi, 3G/4G LTE, etc.Mobile devices take your time from TV, so TV has to fight back with smarter functionson its screen. The living room war is starting in 2013.
  5. 5. Voice Search: Simply speak to watch anythingSmart TV can serve both viewer & advertiser.It’s working as a two-way communication devices.
  6. 6. 2013 is the year of “Ubiquitous”The 3 Factors Of Changes.• 3G Infrastructure Ready• Digital Content & Services Growing Up• Smart Devices (Mobile, Camera, TV, IOT, etc.)<Computer Invisible or Every device has computer inside.>Targeted AdIt is passing from Post-PC era to Internet Anytime Anywhere (i-Environment)Voice Command
  7. 7. Phablet Year• Smart Phone• Multimedia Player• Internet Device• Personal Digital Assistant• E-Book reader• Tablet Computer• Shopping & Payment• etc.“Bigger than phoneSmaller than Tablet”All you want to do in one device on the road.
  8. 8. Huawei Phone(6.1”)Galaxy Note 3(6.3”)Phablet YearMany vendors come to join this market.LG Optimus G2(5.5”)HTC Droid DNA(5”)More phablet is coming - Nexus 5, Sony, Nokia, etc.
  9. 9. Apple won’t do the “iPhad”But what’ll it do next? Customer need different not betteri-PenDo you want to…phone with iPad mini?
  10. 10. Samsung 7-Inch UMPCApple NewtonMessagepadThe Ancestor of “Phablet”Fail causes: Technology, People Behavior & Computer presence.
  11. 11. B/W for eBook only & Color for TabletThis is a “Book” This is a “Tablet”.Combine both devices to one & making call as a Phone?
  12. 12. Where is the “E-ink”?
  13. 13. Personal CloudSafe at home & access from anywhereand any devices…Cause of more content & more shared devices.
  14. 14. Password have failed…Biometric is the Key?“Well finally move intothe age of betterauthentication using ourown body.”Picture Password pattern Face UnlockMulti-factor Authentication(Password, smartcard, Body)
  15. 15. Multi-Storefront E-CommerceC2C = Targeted price comparison model*E-Commerce will turns physical store to showroom or pick up store.Security case: Hackers changes Facebook bank profile to get money to them easily.
  16. 16. www.origo3dprinting.comPersonal 3D Printer : Design your own toywww.makerbot.comwww.formlabs.com
  17. 17. THANK YOU