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Photo Prints Brochure

Custom Photo Vinyl Decor

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Photo Prints Brochure

  1. 1. Jannifer Stoddard www.ExpressYourDecor.com Independent Demonstrator new! Re eus Fe ova le (208) 286-1983 R m ab at bl Vin UL Photo Prints wordsforliving@gmail.com ur e y in an l! g d ExprEss What’s UniqUEly yoU
  2. 2. Can you picture your favorite photos transformed into larger-than-life vinyl décor? With our new, simple-to-create UL Photo Prints™, you can: • Showcase a child’s favorite sport or hobby • Celebrate a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or graduation • Relive a vacation • And so much more! Every Uppercase Living Photo Print is printed on high-quality vinyl and can be applied on almost any surface—then removed and reused again and again. Contour Cut sizE dEscription itEm no. pricE 2' X 2' Contour-Cut Photo Print 90012 $29.95 Contour-Cut Photo Print 90009 $69.95 4' X 4' with value pack 90010 $84.90 Contour-Cut Photo Print 90006 $79.95 5' X 4' with value pack 90007 $94.90 Contour-Cut Photo Print 90003 $89.95 6' X 4' with value pack 90004 $104.90 Contour-Cut Photo Print 90000 $119.95 8' X 4' with value pack 90001 $134.90 Full Photo (not available with value pack) sizE dEscription itEm no. pricE 2' X 2' Full Photo Print 90013 $29.95 4' X 4' Full Photo Print 90011 $69.95 5' X 4' Full Photo Print 90008 $79.95 6' X 4' Full Photo Print 90005 $89.95 8' X 4' Full Photo Print 90002 $119.95 UPgRAdE To A ValUE pack When you purchase a 4’x4’ or larger contour-cut Photo Print, you can upgrade your order with a Value pack for only $14.95. This price includes: • two 8” silhouettes (black only) • one 10” color graphic • one 18” color graphic Share these extra graphics with grandparents, teachers, and friends and hang them on any surface—lockers, refrigerators, mirrors, binders, laptops, and more! For more information, contact your Uppercase Living Demonstrator or visit the “UL Photo Prints” section of the MyDesign Suite™ on her website.
  3. 3. Turn traditional pictures and bare walls into eye-catching works of art with ul photo prints
  4. 4. There’s not a better, more unique way to capture the magic of a favorite photo or bring meaning to a special occasion. Uppercase Living presents the latest innovative trend in vinyl décor— UL Photo Prints™. Simply upload your favorite photo into our interactive online application, select from either of our contour-cut or full-photo options, and turn any event into a memorable one. Photo Prints also make a unique gift idea for new parents, friends, and grandparents and can add a personal touch to any home or office. Create yours today! dEMoNSTRAToR INFoRMATIoN: Jannifer Stoddard Independent Demonstrator (208) 286-1983 wordsforliving@gmail.com www.ExpressYourDecor.com ©2009 Uppercase Living®, LLC. Item # 200354 rev_0909