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Research 3.0
Research 3.0
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Face Research 3.0 WOMUK 251109

  1. The Co-creation Planning Agency Research 3.0 real-time intelligence, collaborative research, adaptive brand planning
  2. ...or why WOM is as crucial to research, innovation and planning as it is to advocacy
  3. You are here #1 About Face #2 Why do we need to evolve #3 Real-time Intelligence #4 Collaborative Research #5 Adaptive Planning
  4. is a mix of researchers, planners, brand strategists and social media experts based in London we are part of the international research network
  5. we use co-creativity to enable brands to interact directly with consumers on and offline in real time in the UK and internationally to deliver a range of insight, innovation and activation/social media objectives
  6. You are here #1 About Face #2 Why do we need to evolve #3 Real-time Intelligence #4 Collaborative Research #5 Adaptive Planning
  7. evolved consumers huge untapped creative potential
  8. empowered consumer quick, easy, cheap ways for voicing your opinion, super connected, always on
  9. post-consumer era “this is not a question of scale. It is a different way of existing” J.Murdoch
  10. “where the truth lies”
  11. not only trust in ads has fallen but also its structural capacity of generating influence (reach) media clutter
  12. sea of niches personalization, diversification, fragmentation, niches culture, tailored approach
  13. around me: pull NOT push fragmentation also means the new and only potential center is now “me”
  14. real-time immediacy and the collective mind getting information that!s relevant to who I am, where I am and what I!m up to sharing information with the right people, at the right time, in the right way
  15. ambient model continuous togetherness
  16. always in beta personalization and diversification also mean that systems have to be flexible and adaptive to incorporate the users input
  17. the web re-learns to learn
  18. and these conversations are going offline
  19. …and social data: identity - who are you contacts - who you know activities - what you do
  20. what sites I visit what I buy what I read and share where I am who I email who I meet what I tell them who I call
  21. this makes social media the richest insight field ever
  22. but how does all this affect research?
  23. for the first time we can do qualitative research on a mass scale! impressive...
  24. on the verge of a new evolution in research a) Qual Research - Ethnography b) Research 2.0 - Communities c) Research 3.0 - Real-time
  25. Research 3.0 #1 Real-time Intelligence #2 Collaborative Research #3 Adaptive Planning
  26. You are here #1 About Face #2 Why do we need to evolve #3 Real-time Intelligence #4 Collaborative Research #5 Adaptive Planning
  27. Research 3.0 #1 Real-time Intelligence a) Social Media Immersion b) Insights Dashboards
  28. June/August 09
  29. #1 Real-time social media immersion 1) Scan the web for relevant content. 2) Build a targeted media panel in order to track and monitor a vast number of social media sources. 3) The tracked content is than refined, stored into an online database and mined in real-time to generate rich insights.
  30. #1 Real-time social media immersion a) Mention Trends b) Brand Visibility c) Qualitative Presence d) Topics and Perceptions e) Brand Social Network f) Brand Influencers
  31. #1 Real-time mention trends
  32. #1 Real-time brand visibility
  33. #1 Real-time qualitative presence polarity (is the statement positive or negative?) intensity (what is the degree of emotion being expressed?) subjectivity (how partial or impartial is the source?)
  34. #1 Real-time qualitative presence/2
  35. #1 Real-time topics and perceptions
  36. #1 Real-time brand social network
  37. #1 Real-time brand influencers
  38. #1 Real-time insights dashboards
  39. #1 Real-time insights dashboards
  40. #1 Real-time data visualization is key • quicker grasp on information • manage bigger amounts of information • easier pattern recognition • takes more variables into account • more actionable insights • easier to share insights
  41. You are here #1 About Face #2 Why do we need to evolve #3 Real-time Intelligence #4 Collaborative Research #5 Adaptive Planning
  42. Research 3.0 #2 Collaborative Research a) Peer-to-Peer Research b) Immersion Community c) Crowd-sourcing d) Co-creation
  43. #2 Collaborative Research the process insights insights insights insights insights insights platforms insights insights insights insights insights Once the platforms for collaboration have been insights insights identified the communities are engaged through insights a) exploration tasks, b) crowd-sourcing tasks insights insights insights and c) co-creation tasks
  44. #2 Collaborative Research peer-to-peer research “A distributed research network architecture composed of participants [CONSUMERS] that make a portion of their resources (such as processing power, disk storage or network bandwidth) directly available to other network participants” “Peers are both suppliers and consumers of resources, in contrast to the traditional client-server model where only servers supply, and clients consume”
  45. #2 Collaborative Research peer-to-peer research/2 Peer-to-peer research is research from the inside done with and by the people, not on them Peer-to-peer research give you access to niches, insider perspective, understanding of influencers and genuine insights. Builds on the Social Media Immersion outputs cross- validating the insight and defining the exploration platforms for the research community
  46. peer-to-peer research TechTribe 09 A distributed network of 15 research agents recruited through our youth community Headbox Tech, Fashion and Social Media usage were covered
  47. #2 Collaborative Research research community Online community with stimulus to encourage category exploration and insight, team bonding, and creative stimulation. 360° view of users to see how the brand fits in their everyday life. Specific tasks are designed to investigate further the themes emerged in the monitoring and peer-to-peer stage.
  48. ongoing consumer insight community THE BRIEF deliver an ongoing stream of insight to help the Coca Cola planning team stay close to the teen and young adult market. Provide a sounding board for the brand and trade teams in promotions, communication and product development THE COMMUNITY 100 young consumers working directly with the insight, brand and trade teams for 12 month period. Exploring a range of topics including: health, POS, promotions, Olympics, brand perceptions, ad testing, loyalty schemes, environment and formats
  49. #2 Collaborative Research crowd-sourcing
  50. #2 Collaborative Research crowd-sourcing Emerging issues are broken down into focused problem- solving tasks and broadcasted to a targeted group of solvers as an open call for solutions. The consumers generate, define, explore and validate ideas and also sort through and commenting on them to improve and develop them further.
  51. user experience crowd-sourcing THE BRIEF identify future facing technology solutions that Nokia could develop in order to increase relevance in the North American market THE CROWDSOURCING OUTPUT 450+ seed ideas and 9 robust concepts. 100 US Youth Techleaders worked directly with the Nokia User experience team to explore relevance themes and crowdsource new service/product ideas
  52. #2 Collaborative Research crowd-sourcing hypothesis ideas generation validation tasks tasks consumers consumers response voting on response ideas selection key insights & ideas
  53. what you get +bottom-up richness +global crowd +diversified crowd +wider range of talent +cost-effective +lots of ideas +rich insight +consumer-brand relationship +peer-rating +advocacy
  54. what’s missing many-to-one not very targeted bottom-up but still vertical access to insight and strategy collaboration editing, building on, refining funneling process face-to-face strategic thinking
  55. bottom up is not enough “the bottom-up mind will take us much further, but will never take us to the end goal” (kevin kelly) Crowd-sourcing needs to be part of a bigger process
  56. #2 Collaborative Research co-creation Is the act of company stakeholders collaborating directly with selected (usually smaller) groups of consumers to work on a specific brief. Is about leveraging consumers! creativity without preempting the results of the process Can take place on-line in communities or/and offline in workshops
  57. #2 Collaborative Research co-creation The best ideas are then taken to a selected group of consumers who develop them further with the help of the brand stakeholders, the experts and agency planners and researchers.
  58. Project Playboy Face cracked a brief to develop concept for the new Axe variant in just 8 weeks
  59. co-creation strongest ideas dev tasks final concepts insights + refined concepts
  60. what you get +few-to-few-to-one +more targeted +bottom-up and top-down +collaboration, editing, building on +refinement and funneling +online & face-to-face +access to insight and strategy +strategic thinking +faster process +immersive +robust and tailored concepts
  61. what!s missing [compared to crowdsourcing] -smaller crowd -local -less diversification -fewer ideas -more expensive than crowd-sourcing
  62. the case for a hybrid model bottom-up + top-down crowds + individuals group thinking + individual thinking
  63. You are here #1 About Face #2 Why do we need to evolve #3 Real-time Intelligence #4 Collaborative Research #5 Adaptive Planning
  64. Research 3.0 #3 Adaptive Planning a) the hybrid model b) the challenges c) a new breed of agency
  65. the hybrid model consumer crowd-sourcing co-creation immersion listen plan engage measure download workshop
  66. bottom-up consumer crowd-sourcing co-creation immersion listen plan engage measure download workshop top down
  67. the hybrid model consumer crowd-sourcing co-creation immersion listen plan engage measure download workshop No longer a linear process but a loop
  68. #3 Adaptive Planning the challenges - planning in silos - annual budgets - long planning cycles - organization structure - lack of web expertise - endless insight journey
  69. #3 Adaptive Planning a new breed of agency - consumers as partners - social media at the core - ideas come from everywhere - talent resides in and outside the company - elastic teams: collaboration over silos - continuous engagement, not campaigns - agile branding
  70. The Co-creation Planning Agency
  71. www.facegroup.co.uk @andrewneedham andrew@facegroup.co.uk @abc3d francesco@facegroup.co.uk