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Identify RFID Logistics

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RFID Application in Logistics

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Identify RFID Logistics

  1. 1. RFID Technology Identify Limited1
  2. 2. Identify RFID Founded in 2002 with more than 5+ years Business partner in prior RFID experiences RFID Ltd., 10M Registered Capital Identify Ltd., 1M Registered Capital World-class experiences in Technology, Implementation and Consultation US Governments : USDA, US Customs, Dept Homeland Security, US Treasury Auto-ID Center: Walmart, DHL pilot sites Identify 99/28 Software Park, Chanwattana Rd Our services: Pakkred, Klong Grua, Nonthaburi 11120 One-stop service for all RFID Thailand hardware Tel: 662-582-3714-5 RFID solution provider E-mail: info@id.co.th RFID consulting service www.id.co.th
  3. 3. What is RFID RFID is Radio Frequency Identification > Used for automatic identification or data collection (AIDC) Similar to bar code in concepts > RFID tag stores data ~ barcode label > RFID reader ~ barcode scanner Radio waves vs. Light waves No Line-Of-Sight required Read through various environment conditions One-way or Two-way (RO or RW)
  4. 4. RFID in logistics functions
  5. 5. RFID in logistics functions
  6. 6. Technology Comparison RFID vs GPS RFID GPS - Can associate data with items - Clear visibility on outdoor area - High accuracy Positive - Lower investment - Real-time - Two-ways information communication - Limited real-time information Negative - Limit visibility - Monthly GPRS fee - Limit two-ways communication - Low accuracy
  7. 7. Technology evaluation (RFID vs GPS) GPS-Cannot accuratelyidentify the locationof truck?-Not function if truckturns off engine.
  8. 8. Weighbridge operation (RFID vs GPS) GPS-Cannot accuratelyidentify the right truckon the weighbridge.-GPS is not designed forassociating informationwith objects.
  9. 9. RFID fleet management : case reference
  10. 10. SCGL Case Study Origin
  11. 11. Origin
  12. 12. SCGL Case Study Destination
  13. 13. Destination
  14. 14. Overall solution system Weight Scale SAP RFID TMS Automatic Product Receipt
  15. 15. SCGL Case Study ROI: 20 Months Before Using After Using RFID RFID Truck Utilization (day/trip) 6 days 4 days Truck Turnaround (trip/month) 4 trips 6 trips % of Truck waiting at mine 50% 10% (waiting > 12 hrs) % of Truck waiting at Cement Plant 54% 29% (waiting > 3 hrs) Data input (time/day) 2 Hrs/Day 0 Data correction from the change in destination 36% 0 Incorrect invoice 36% 0 Paper document Yes No
  16. 16. RFID in logistics functions
  17. 17. What is RTI (Returnable Transport Item) ?
  18. 18. Nature of RTI Plant A Storage Storage Plant B Production
  19. 19. Existing pains Lack of visibility Each asset Inappropriate and/or unreliable data capture Highly rely on manual operation needs to be Key Question for management Purpose automated Unable to answer by existing operation data capture1 Where are shortages of RTIs Avoid shortages2 Where are excesses of RTIs Avoid excess asset3 What is the dwell time within site X Predict quantity and rate of Each asset release asset4 How long asset A been in service Time based maintenance or need unique replacement ID5 Has asset disappeared/not been Detection of asset seen for an unusually long time6 What is the demand rate of asset ? Forecasting7 Number of assets do I need to Forecasting reorder?
  20. 20. Previous Conviction on RFID Tag My asset is RFID cannot metal or work on wood. metal or wood
  21. 21. RFID Tag for RTINeed to attach on surface Surface attachment is not required RFID Tag
  22. 22. Previous Conviction on Solution I would like to see which of my assets are in container.
  23. 23. RF Properties Radio Lucent or Radio Friendly > lets radio waves at this frequency pass through it without any substantial loss of energy Radio Absorbent > blocks, reflects, and scatters RF waves. Radio Opaque > A material can allow the radio waves to propagate through it but with substantial loss of energy > The RF-absorbent or RF-opaque property of a material is relative, because it depends on the frequency
  24. 24. Previous Conviction on Solution I would like to see which of my assets are in container.
  25. 25. Tag position
  26. 26. RFID Tracking Implementation Asset ID Status Plant A Asset ID Time R R Status Time Storage Storage R R Asset ID Plant B Production Status Asset ID Time Status Time R Asset ID Status Time
  27. 27. Operation Benefits Reduce resource on manual pallet counting.
  28. 28. Benefits: Increase visibility on assetInformation without RFID Information with RFIDManual count reported at some time Accurate count of RTIs at strategic pointafter an event in real timeInability to account for damaged or lost Ability to identify the route that hasRTIs high damaged or lost of RTIs
  29. 29. Benefits : Increase visibility on asset Asset tracking Asset analytic No. of Rotations Avg High Use Round Models Trip Rate of KPI No. of dwell damage time Rate of Avg repair lifetime
  30. 30. Benefits: IBM Scorecard on RTIs Tracking
  31. 31. Benefits : ROI
  32. 32. Conclusion RFID is just enabler for process innovation/change which contributes to ROI. It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one mot responsive to change. Charles Darwin
  33. 33. Thank you And wish to have an opportunity to Serve you. http://www.id.co.th sale@id.co.th Identify Ltd. Tel: 662-582-3714-538