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Synopsis 2 semiotics and architecture

  1. 1. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (HONOURS) IN ARCHITECTURE THEORIES OF ARCHITECTURE ANDURBANISM (ARC61303/ARC2224) SYNOPSIS: REACTION PAPER (MARCH 2015) [5 MARKS] NAME: CHIA WEE MIN ID: 0315186 LECTURER: NICHOLAS NG TUTORIAL TIME: 4pm to 6pm SYNOPSIS NO: 2 READER TITLE: SEMIOTICS AND ARCHITECTURE IDEOLOGICAL CONSUMPTION OR THEORITICAL WORK AUTHOR: DIANA AGREST AND MARIO GANDELSONAS Based on "Semiotics and Architecture: Ideological Consumption or Theoretical Work " Agrest discussed about the architectural ideology, architectural theory and the comparison of semiotics and other elements such as language and economy. Architectural theory, it grows out of architectural ideology and at the same time is in radical opposition to it said Agrest. Architecturaltheoryuse architecturalideologywithno realor concretethingsbutbeliefsas a concept and performed it in an oppositeway. Forexample,beforemodernism,ornamentisbeliefas luxury the moreornamenteda buildingthemore luxuryit is. But, duringmodernism,thesame ornament is discussed but the result is different. " Forms follow function" is the main principle during modernism and it asserts that form should be simplified that the design should bear no unnecessary ornaments than is necessary to function. Modernist believe that ornaments should follow the structure and purpose of the building thus ornaments have no longer have the meaning of luxuryduring modernism. This shows how the architectural theory is derived from architectural ideologybut at the same time is in radical opposition to it. Otherthan that, the comparisonbetweensemioticandlanguageisdiscussed.Based on Saussure, semiotics is the scienceofdifferentsystem of sign andlanguagesystem is only oneof the various system. Hesaid that the conceptofsign is composed of signifier, acoustic image and signified, the concept and signification as the relation linking signifier and signified. Saussure concept of sign is similar to "Semantic Triangle" created byOgden and Richards involved relationship between thought, symbol and image. The thought in Semantic Triangle can represents signification, symbol represents signifier and the image as signified. Saussure said the he opposed the concept of traditional semantics, semantic triangle, but both of the theories stated that the linkage between the three elements cannot be breakdown for the sign to operate correctly. The onlydifference is the medium used to conveythe message. In a nutshell,I agree onwhat Agrest andGandelsonashaddiscussedaboutonarchitectural theoryis derived from architecturalideologybyin oppositewayand comparisonofsemiotic andlanguage and this theories still can be used in our current context. WORD COUNT: 369 DATE: 25/4/2016 MARK: GRADE: ASSSESSED BY: