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Enhance and Humanize Your Support with Video - WistiaFest 2017

  1. Hey there! I’m Harper. I am a Wistia Customer Champion
  2. Yes, these are all names I have been called by actual customers Jan
  3. Support interactions can often be mechanical and impersonal This is largely influenced by the mediums that we use
  4. How many folks use email for support? How many people here work in support or customer happiness?
  5. “I want to speak to a real human” Email is useful in many ways, but is lacking in humanity
  6. Let’s not forget about our friends who use phone or live chat Those tools have their uses & strengths but they lack the visual cues of face-to-face communication.
  7. Enhance & Humanize Your Support w/ Video! Using video in support interactions is a great medium for demonstrating solutions in a clear, understandable way, and adds a human element that is often missing in email, phone, or even live chat
  8. Roadmap • Why do it? (you are here) • Storytime: our journey with support video • Hurdles to Adoption • Workflows & Production Tips •Tech Suggestions
  9. Why do it? (cont.) But let’s face it - in order to argue for something new or make a change at your company/organization, you need to show that the new tool/tech/strategy moves the needle Now I’m not really a numbers guy…
  10. Story Time: How we got here
  11. Story Time: How we got here At Wistia, we’re encouraged to make videos from day 1.
  12. I worked in film before Wistia, and even I found it daunting. on camera can be scary, especially i Then some colleagues put together a webcam record feature:
  13. 2 clicks > record a video > share Video De-mystified
  14. So we started firing off some video responses to things like feedback:
  15. We also used them for saying goodbye to customers:
  16. The earliest things we were doing with videos in support was just adding that human element.
  17. For tech support, the screencast is one of the best tools we have available. Whether it's a GIF or an instructional piece with voiceover, showing the exact steps to reproduce or fix something is second to none
  18. Now we have Soapbox to make this process even easier.
  19. Hurdles to Adoption The hard part is actually *doing it*. In my opinion, there are a few key reasons for that: • It's a big departure from well-worn workflows. • Not everyone wants to be on camera • It can be disruptive to those around you if you work in a quiet space • Kind of like reading a book, it's easier to see the short-term gain of not doing it rather than appreciating the long-term value of doing it
  20. Hurdles to Adoption Here are my suggestions for getting your people prepared & practiced for leaping clear over those hurdles: • Give them time. You may need to explicitly loosen expectations around time spent pe • If your office is normally quiet, set up a designated space for recording videos • Provide the skills & tools for looking great on camera • Find easy wins to use video responses - layups build confidence
  21. Hurdles to Adoption It's going to feel weird at first, and it will probably take more time initially than it would to
  22. Workflows & Production Tips • You will do multiple takes. Accept this & plan accordingly • Be deliberate with your lighting: * Avoid backlighting * Aim for contrast from your background * Use a key light for that extra pop - desk lamp or cheap LED • Just freakin’ do it! The more experience, the easier it will get
  23. Workflows & Production Tips Here’s a handy outline for making support videos: 1. Say hello 2. Restate the problem 3. Show the solution & how you got there 4. Summarize 5. Leave space for follow-up
  24. Workflows & Production Tips When I'm done, I'll do a quick primer in email: Hey, shot a quick video for you to answer the question: <video> Let me know if anything is unclear, or if you have trouble watching that! Cheers, Harps Depending on your business, you may want to include more context in the email.
  25. Tech Suggestions Logitech C920 Blue snowball Blue Yeti
  26. Questions?