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Digital Catapult Centre Brighton - Nigel Devenish

At The Digital Catapult Centre Brighton event, Tech Beyond The Screen: Connectivity & Infrastructure on Wednesday 2nd March, Nigel Devenish talked about his work with Trak365.

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Digital Catapult Centre Brighton - Nigel Devenish

  1. 1. PUTTING YOU IN CONTROL OF THE SOLUTION Innovative Wireless Communications Technology Solutions
  2. 2. Low Cost, High Performance Bi-Directional Wireless Communication Our Solution Enables:  Safety, Security & Physical Asset Management  Tracking of High Value Assets  Automated Process Control Communications  Rural Assets, Environment and Plant Protection  Built Environment Management  Smart City, Town, Village Implementation (IoT) PUTTING YOU IN CONTROL OF THE SOLUTION
  3. 3. LoRa® Enabled Communication Gateways PUTTING YOU IN CONTROL OF THE SOLUTION Specifications  Utilising Microchip LoRa® wireless protocol module  Microcontroller for the gateway management  Network Connectivity – Ethernet (GPRS option)  Operates on 12VDC Power Supply  Micro USB connectivity for configuration  Provision for simplex event processing (SEP)  Input/Output, two pairs of switching circuits configurable by back-office.  50 ohm SMA antenna connector for external use. Available in various enclosure options.  Outdoor IP 67 enclosure  Indoor (as above)  Mobile gateway enclosure options
  4. 4. Use Cases For Gateways • Create private networks by deploying gateways in a campus, farm, town or city environment. • Ability to apply rules to perform Simple Event Processing (SEP) at the gateway. • Ethernet connectivity as standard, provision for GPRS versions where internet is a challenge or mobile gateways required i.e. events etc. • Various antennae available either low, medium or high gain. PUTTING YOU IN CONTROL OF THE SOLUTION
  5. 5. Trakz-Global Wireless Tag PUTTING YOU IN CONTROL OF THE SOLUTION Universal Ruggedised Wireless Communicator/Tracker Specifications:  LoRa® enabled bi-directional communications  GPRS enabled Communications utilising roaming sim card.  GPS Module (geofence configurable)  Configurable sensitivity accelerometer motion detection.  Configurable temperature, operational or sensing.  One pair of digital inputs, one pair of analogue inputs, one pair of switched, non-powered, 2A capable output.  Powered by two 1.5V AA replaceable alkaline cells.  Rugged waterproof housing (other options available)  Size: length 4.5 inches, width 2.7 inches, height 1.25 inches. Combines LoRa® wireless with GPRS communications  Wireless within range  Fallback to GPRS when out of range  GPRS global simcard communications
  6. 6. Use Cases for Trakz-Global Device • Protection of high-value assets + tracking + telematics + temperature + motion in LoRa® coverage + auto-GPRS when outside coverage • Remote areas unattended plant management • Remote areas call-to-action (bi-directional). • Haulage/vehicle/untethered trailor fleet management, tracking + telematics. • Anywhere wireless communications and asset management. PUTTING YOU IN CONTROL OF THE SOLUTION
  7. 7. Trakz - Local LoRa® Tag Or Or OEM PCB’s Wireless only – wireless communicator/tracker Specifications:  LoRa® wireless based two way communications  Inputs/Outputs – 1 pair of digital inputs, 1 pair of analogue inputs, 1 pair of switched non-powered outputs with 2Amp switching capability.  Geofence capable GPS (optional & configurable through back office).  Accelerometer motion detection (optional & configurable sensitivity through back office).  Temperature sensor (optional & configurable through back office).  Various enclosure options (depending on application).  OEM PCB modules available for use in third party sensor assemblies. PUTTING YOU IN CONTROL OF THE SOLUTION
  8. 8. Use Cases for Trakz- Local Device • Wireless asset tracking + telematics + temperature + motion within LoRa® coverage. • Local Unattended Plant management and control in LoRaWAN® coverage area • Local Area call-to-action, based on status and business rules. Safety and security, floodwatch or other anomolies. • Protection of workshops, barns, sheds and farm implements, triggers deterents. PUTTING YOU IN CONTROL OF THE SOLUTION
  9. 9. System and BackOffice Architecture PUTTING YOU IN CONTROL OF THE SOLUTION Trak365 System Architecture
  10. 10. Back-Office System Message Handling – ability to manage all messages from gateways and wireless tags both inbound and outbound (2 x way communications) Message processing – depending on the type of inbound message be that the tag blink, tag alert, temperature alert, battery-low alert or motion alert the business rules will determine the action to take. Alert generation – based on the incoming alert the system will send an SMS and/or Email to the designated asset owner details. Tag Provisioning – all provisioning of the tags are done through the back- office by the designated responsible person, tag and gateway ownership. Tag Configuration – all tag configurations will be managed via the back-office, tags will be shipped with optomised default settings. Custom settings will be managed via ‘Customer Service Requests’ or ‘Super User’ status. Location based services – all provided using map services and the ability to set geofence parameters and alert schedules for operational use of the assets. PUTTING YOU IN CONTROL OF THE SOLUTION
  11. 11. Value-Added Data Services Standard Reports – will be available by selecting the type of report required from the back office around the owned tags and gateways to include alerts and other statuses. Data Passthrough – ability to collect data from owned gateways and tags and provide this data for own use through an API or JSON feed. Complex Event Processing CEP – provided for clients where required to have more complex decisions made on incoming messages, e.g. plant in motion + temperature high + unauthorised use of the plant = disable the plant. Instead of reams of reports, we are able to process the data and provide more visually acceptable versions which are more user friendly. Further analysis of and aggregation of data is available which can include some predictive, descriptive, diagnostic and prescriptive analysis as and when required. These services will be provided on an as and when basis, where required. PUTTING YOU IN CONTROL OF THE SOLUTION
  12. 12. Thank You Website www.trak365.com Enquiries info@trak365.com PUTTING YOU IN CONTROL OF THE SOLUTION