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Azure Advent Calendar - Azure Service Health

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Presentation about Azure Service Health, used during the video recording of my Azure Advent Calendar 2019 contribution.

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Azure Advent Calendar - Azure Service Health

  1. 1. Azure Advent Calendar – December 2, 2019 Wim Matthyssen @wmatthyssen
  2. 2. Azure Service Healt Remain informed about Azure Service issues and maintenance Thanks to Richard Hooper @Pixel_Robots and Gregor Suttie @Gregor_suttie https://azureadventcalendar.com #azurefamily #azureadventcalendar
  3. 3. ▪ Introduction to Azure Service Health ▪ Azure Service Health walk-trough ▪ Things to keep in mind! ▪ Demo ▪ Key Takeaways Agenda
  4. 4. Board member of BEEMUG Azure / Hyper-V / Windows 10 @wmatthyssen https://wmatthyssen.com Wim Matthyssen Cloud Architect Microsoft Certified Trainer
  5. 5. ▪ No additional cost – free Azure service ▪ Personalized guidance and support when issues in Azure services affect your environment ▪ Notify and help you understand impact of issues ▪ It keeps you updated when issues are resolved What is Azure Service Health?
  6. 6. Azure Service Health versus the Azure status page ▪ Azure status page tracks major outages ▪ Useful when your unable to log into the Azure Portal ▪ Does not show all information about the health of your Azure services and regions ▪ Is not personalized ▪ Does not show planned maintenance events and health advisories ▪ No automatic alerting https://status.azure.com/en-us/status https://status.azure.com/en-us/status/history https://azurestatuscdn.azureedge.net/en- us/status/feed/
  7. 7. ▪ Service issues: Problems in the Azure services that affect you right now ▪ Planned Maintenance: Upcoming maintenance that can affect the availability of your services in the future ▪ Health Advisory: Changes in Azure services that require your attention. Examples include when Azure features are phased out or if you exceed a usage quota Service Health Events
  8. 8. Service Issue example
  9. 9. Health Advisory example
  10. 10. Service Health alerting ▪ Pin a personalized health map to your dashboard ▪ Configurable service Health alerts ▪ Be automatically notified by: email, SMS, push notifications, webhook, or other channels
  11. 11. Create an Azure service health alert ▪ Azure Advisor best practice recommendation for process and workflow efficiency ▪ New category: Operational excellence category
  12. 12. Health history and Resource health ▪ Health history for up to 90 days ▪ Check the Resource health of your Azure resources ▪ Health status: Available, Unavailable (platform and non-platform events), Unknown or Degraded
  13. 13. ! Things to keep in mind ! ▪ Access Azure Service Health trough the Azure portal, Azure PowerShell, Azure CLI or API ▪ Information is available for any subscription to which you have owner, contributor, or reader access ▪ Contact Azure support if your resource is left in a bad state even after the issue is resolved ▪ As a free service, it doesn’t have an SLA ▪ Feedback UserVoice : https://feedback.azure.com/forums/919477-azure-service-health
  14. 14. DEMO Let it snow …
  15. 15. Key Takeaways First place to look whenever an Azure issue occurs Create a Service Health alert Use it, it’s free Azure service issues, planned maintenance and health advisories Combine with the Azure Status page
  16. 16. https://azureadventcalendar.com #azurefamily #azureadventcalendar