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Some Major Facts of Eastern Europe Sourcing

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Here is a presentation by Dragon Sourcing that tells some important facts and countries for sourcing in Eastern Europe. Know more at: http://www.dragonsourcing.com/

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Some Major Facts of Eastern Europe Sourcing

  1. 1. Some Major Facts of Eastern Europe Sourcing Presented By: Dragon Sourcing
  2. 2. At present, Europe is going through a phase of economic reconstruction. Eastern Europe sourcing is distributed over Bulgaria, Baltic States, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ex-Yugoslavia. These are predominantly industry-based economies with the service and manufacturing. Introduction
  3. 3. Poland Since 1990, Poland has been undergoing a phase of economic refurbishment. The economy here is led by the industrial and service sectors. Export products include coal, automobiles, aircrafts and manufactured equipment. Copper, lead, natural gas, silver and sulphur are the foremost natural resources.
  4. 4. Slovakia After becoming a part of the European Union in 2004, Slovakia enjoyed substantial growth in automotive and electronic industrial segments besides its own indigenous industries. This country receives US $55 billion yearly for exporting various goods. Germany, France, Poland and Czech Republic are the primary trade partners.
  5. 5. Czech Republic The Czech Republic’s developed infrastructure, strategic location and abundance of trained labour encourage the growth of industries. Natural resources include graphite, coal and timber. Agricultural exports consist of wheat, sugar-beet, fruit and potato. Major industries include automobiles, glass and manufacturing industries.
  6. 6. Contact Us Dragon Sourcing Shanghai Suite 1502-1503, Jin Tian Di International Mansions 998, Renmin Road – Shanghai, 200021, P.R.China Tel: +86 21 61 41 39 55 Fax: +86 21 61 41 39 66 Email: contact.asia@dragonsourcing.com Website: http://www.dragonsourcing.com/
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