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The audio lingual method of teaching english

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This presentation is all about the audio-lingual method of teaching languages. This method, also known as the army method, is no longer widely adopted in ESL classrooms. It is, however, sometimes used in conjunction with other methods. For more information about this teaching method please visit: http://www.slideshare.net/williamalake/the-audio-lingual-method-of-teaching-english

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The audio lingual method of teaching english

  1. 1. THE AUDIO-LINGUALMETHOD OF TEACHINGENGLISHProduced by William Lakehttp://blog.about-esl.com
  2. 2. Introduction Originated from the Behaviourist theory oflearning languages! Also known as the “Army Method”! Popularised by the need to learn basic skillsin foreign languages during World War 2. Focuses on repetition drills.
  3. 3. Language Focus Similar to the earlier Direct Method. Teaches the language directly! Doesn’t focus on teaching vocabulary. Students are drilled in the use of grammar.
  4. 4. MethodologyThere are 4 parts to the Audio Lingual method.1. Repetition2. Inflection3. Replacement4. Restatement
  5. 5. RepetitionThe students repeat what the teacher says:Teacher: I want to buy some fruit.Students: I want to buy some fruit.The students copy the teacher word for word.
  6. 6. InflectionThe teacher says a word or sentences, thestudents change the form!Teacher: I want to buy some fruit.Students: I wanted to buy some fruit.
  7. 7. ReplacementThe teacher says a sentence and the studentsreplace a word in the sentence.Teacher: I want to buy some bananas.Students: I want to buy some apples.
  8. 8. RestatementThe teacher says a sentence and the studentsrephrase the sentence.Teacher: Tell me to speak louder!Students: Speak Louder!
  9. 9. Lesson Example Teacher: Theres a pen in mybag. Student: Theres a pen in mybag. Teacher: Pencil. Student: Theres a pencil in mybag. Teacher: Book. Student: Theres a book in mybag.
  10. 10. Present Day Use This method has been scientificallydiscredited. It is still sometimes used in ESL classrooms. It can be beneficial, but should be used inconjunction with other methods.
  11. 11. Audio Visual MethodThis presentation was prepared by William Lake.You can find more information about the AudioVisual Method of Teaching English by clicking thelink below.http://blog.about-esl.com/audio-lingual-method-teaching-english/This blog post was published on:Blog About ESLThis presentation is free to use for anybodythat needs a presentation about the AudioVisual Method of Teaching Languages.