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The 5 Types of Meetings Project Managers Need to Master-Slide Deck Number Three: The Stakeholder Meeting

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As a project manager, you’ll need to oversee various types of meetings. When poorly planned they burn time and cause frustration within the project team. You can master your skills by understanding the components of each meeting in the project lifecycle. Sybex® has created a series of slide decks covering five types of meetings project managers are expected to run. In this, the first deck in the series, we'll explore tips and tactics related to the stakeholder meeting.

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The 5 Types of Meetings Project Managers Need to Master-Slide Deck Number Three: The Stakeholder Meeting

  1. 1. The 5 Types of Meetings Project Managers Need to Master Slide Deck Number Three: Stakeholder
  2. 2. Meetings provoke strong emotions for many professionals. When used with skill, they are a way to share information, solve problems, make decisions, and build relationships. Run poorly, meetings burn up precious time and create frustration. Given how many meetings project managers attend, there’s a high ROI in thinking ahead to plan your meetings. To enhance your meeting skills, learn how to navigate five critical types of project meetings
  3. 3. In this, part three in our five-part series covering the various types of meetings project managers need to master, we’ll explore the stakeholder meetings.
  4. 4. Stakeholder Meetings Winning and sustaining the support of your stakeholders is an important contributor to your project’s success. If you have a large number of stakeholders to manage, focus this meeting on your project’s most influential stakeholders.
  5. 5. Identify Appropriate Stakeholders for High Touch Communication For example, you may focus the meeting on senior managers from each of the groups you need to engage. Other stakeholders can be informed using other means such as email newsletters.
  6. 6. Present a Project Update Start the meeting with a short overall project status update of five to ten minutes. Keep “project management” jargon to a minimum. It’s unreasonable for stakeholders to know earned value management measures; put these data points into terms that they can understand.
  7. 7. Seek and Listen to Feedback Some stakeholders will make their opinions heard without prompting, while some prefer to be quietly engaged. The stakeholder meeting is your opportunity to engage with stakeholders fully.
  8. 8. As this series continues, we’ll dive into the two other types of meetings you’ll need to master to be an effective project manager. Explore more at https://www.efficientlearning.com/pmp/