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3 Things from Content Marketing World 2015

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Content Marketing World 2015 in Cleveland proved to be bigger, braver, bolder. We were happy to be there sponsoring, networking, attending sessions and sharing our latest software advancements and customer stories in connecting marketing content. Here we share some of our favorite 3 things crowdsourced by attendees who dropped by our booth and tweets with #3thingsCMW. Check it out and learn more at http://www.widen.com.

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3 Things from Content Marketing World 2015

  1. 1. What did you learn at Content Marketing World 2015?
  2. 2. Hello Cleveland and beyond! We enjoyed connecting with fellow content marketers like you. We asked you to share your top takeaways using #3thingsCMW. Here’s what we heard.
  3. 3. 1. Be authentic 2. Do a few things well 3. Try to solve a problem for your customer 1. Use insane honesty - it’s ok if others don't like you 2. Know your audience 3. Make your content for your customer 1. Document your strategy 2. Quit bragging about yourself 3. Be bigger, braver, bolder 1. Evoke emotion 2. It's all about passion 3. Goals>Vision>Strategy 1. People not personas 2. Passion trumps quantity 3. Brand shouldn't interrupt creative Our top picks! #3thingsCMW
  4. 4. Your content should pass: 1. The Mom test @jaybaer 2. The BS test @kesslermichelle 3. The Authenticity Test @Rajivscrbe 1. Innovate 2. Iterate 3. Have a plan 1. CM is a bridge 2. Be honest & realistic 3. Less is more 1. Content is informed by search, not dictated by it. 2. Good content is a balance of user needs and brand goals 3. Content strategy is the blueprint, content marketing is the toolkit 1. Stop creating content, start inspiring demand 2. Find interesting ways to say boring stuff 3. Don't play it safe ...more top picks #3thingsCMW
  5. 5. Random top pick! 1. Widen the market, rather than widen your market share 2. Focus on quality, not quantity 3. Content is an asset
  6. 6. Our top #3thingsCMW 1. Culture x Story x Empathy = Tone of voice 2. Great storytelling is channeling other people 3. Strive for valley elevation in your analytics
  7. 7. Summary of #3thingsCMW: 1. Great content comes by leveraging the right combination of people, strategy and tools. 2. Be authentic. 3. Tell the story of your customers as the hero. 4. Keep learning, networking, asking why and testing. 5. Find your creative passion.
  8. 8. Read on with these 3things: 1. Two Words Sum Up Content Marketing World by Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute 2. 15 Things to Know about Content Marketing World by Janet H. Cho, The Plain Dealer 3. Does Your Content Marketing Pass the Mom Test? by Jay Baer, Convince & Convert
  9. 9. Do you feel in command of your marketing content?
  10. 10. Connect with us to learn more about connecting your marketing content with everyone who needs it
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