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Company introduction for training

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  2. PART 1 Company Profile
  3. Company profile • Doppler established in 2008, now is one of the leading UT product suppliers in China. • Doppler owns A six floor individual building • 200+ employee. • 40+ R&D employee Guangzhou Doppler Electronic Technologies Co., Ltd
  4. 2014 2015 20172016 $6.8 million USD Turn Over $ 9 million USD $ 13.5 million USD $ 12 million USD
  5. Markets North America South America Africa Australia Europe Asia Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Peru, Uruguay, Etc. US, Canada, Mexico England, France, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Czech, Spain, Norway, Finland, Russia South Africa, Morocco, Nigeria Australia, New Zealand Korea, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Etc. Middle East Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iran, Qatar
  6. Customers & partners
  7. Customers & partners
  8. More customers in China Power Aerospace Iron and steel Rail way
  9. Certificates • Fraunhofer test report • ISO 9001:2008 • And More…. • EN-12668 • CE
  10. PART 2 Products
  11. Probe Products • Phased array unit • Digital flaw detector • High-power UT unit • 256 channels PA UT Unit • PAUT probe • UT probe • Medical PA probe • Custom probe • Encoded weld scanner • Encoded corrosion scanner • Encoded composite material scanner Unit Scanner
  12. Probes Probes
  13. PAUT Probes  Frequency optional range: 100KHz ~ 50 MHz  Element optional range: 4 ~ 1024 element  Variety of connector options: Ipex, Hypertronics, Molex, etc.  Crystal geometrics options:
  14. Probes Material Common Crystal 1-3 composite Frequency(MHz) 2.87 2.8 Sensitivity(dB) -29.29 -26.45 -6dB Bandwidth 54.69% 73.16% -20dB Pulse duration(ns) 1380 955.2
  15. Probes 5L64A2 (64.7dB) Olympus 5L64-0.6*10(61.4dB) Doppler Tested on Sonatest VEO SNR performance is almost the same Lower background noise of Doppler Probe
  16. PA Probes For Thickness 12 ~ 40mm 5L16-0.6×10-D1 5L64-0.6×10-D3 10L32-0.3×10-B56 For Thickness 5 ~ 16mm 5L60-1.0×10-B23 For Thickness 30 ~ 200mm 5L128-0.8×10-D4
  17. Probes For: Deep penetration Coarse grained material Thick plates Low frequency requested 2.25L32-0.8×22-D6 1.5L64-1.0×20-B25
  18. Probes Engine blades, limited access area, Curve composite 10L24-0.2×5-B78 10L16-0.31×5-B55 5C32-0.5×10-R10 10L16-0.3×5-B54 Scribe line Scribe line
  19. Probes Large Linear Concave Plate Pipes & bars
  20. Probes Matrix Flexible Limited access and waved surfaceCoarse grained material Dual linear
  21. Phascan Phascan
  22. Phascan & Phascan • MIL-STD-810F Military standard. • Fanless, Whole unit IP65 Splash/dust proof. • Consistently system upgrade support. • Wide range applications technical support. • One-stop supply : probes, scanners and accessories. • Reliable Affordable Capable
  23. Phascan 32/64PR or 32/128PR Features Simultaneously PA/TOFD/UT scan Component outline illustration Advanced analysis Software on PC PRF up to 20KHz Up to1024 Focal Laws Corrected weld overlay imaging Concave element focusing 10.4’’ Touch screen 800*600 Pixel Full features unlocked Without additional cost.
  24. Flexscan PA16/64PR or 32/64PR Features 43% Smaller than Phascan 23% lighter than Phascan Same feathers as Phascan More compact, more portable 3.5KG with battery, 8.4’’ touch screen 800*600 Pixel
  25. Phascan Simultaneously PA/TOFD/UT scan POD(Probability of detection) is 90% to 95% by Multi group ToFD + Phased array with encoded scanner.
  26. Phascan Component outline illustration To identify flaw echoes in complex geometrics
  27. Phascan Phascan View Advanced PC analysis Software No additional cost, from analysis to report generating
  28. PART 3 Typical Applications
  29. Applications Phascan Phased array unit Analyze software Pattern plan software scanners PA Probe/wedge Accessories
  30. Variety Scans Phascan/Flexscan+ ENC-10 + Varity of Probes/wedges •ENC-10, Low profiled encoder •Low cost solution •Limited access inspection
  31. Small piping welding inspection Phascan+ CRS-1/CRS-2 SANNER+ D10 PROBE/WEDGE •4th Gen unique design, robust and reliable •Pipe diameter: 0.8”(20mm) ~4.5”(114.3mm). •Focused probe crystal, ideal for piping convex. •Tool free chain assembly(optional).
  32. Welding, Corrosion, Aerospace, Base metal universal scans • Widely applicable. • PA + ToFD Simultaneous scan • Highly compact and portable. • Modular design, easily transform. Phascan/Flexscan+ Mos-01 / Mos-02 / Mos-03 / Mos-04 Varity of Probes/wedges
  33. Welding, Corrosion, Aerospace, Base metal universal scans Phascan/Flexscan+ Mos-01 / Mos-02 / Mos-03 / Mos-04 Varity of Probes/wedges • Diameter: 6”(152mm) to 21.5’’(550mm) • PA/UT+ToFD simultaneous scan • Steady scan and coupling
  34. Plates, pipes welding PA+TOFD inspection Phascan/Flexscan+ FC-01 or FC-02 scanner + ToFD probes/wedges+ D1/D2 PA probes/wedges •Diameter: 6”(152mm) to greater •PA/UT+ToFD simultaneous scan. •Brake device, Convex/Concave(FC-02) FC-02 FC-01
  35. Corrosion, Aerospace, Base metal Phascan/Flexscan + 50/64/128 element wheel probes •Low attenuation transparent tire •Excellent acoustic impedance •Portable immersion system
  36. Special TKY welding In this case, welding could only be covered by seconded leg due to unique geometric. This would cause complex echo indications. Doppler Phascan can display the CAD couture drawing of specimen for quick and easy echo identifying.
  37. Automobile gears Gear in this case has limited probe access and has a special welding. Doppler customized a compact wedge to mount on probe reversely(supported by Phascan ) .
  38. Power system aluminum clamp • Doppler’s flexible probe could couple against variety of waved inspected surface. • 3mm slim height leads to good accessibility
  39. FSW (Friction stir welding) • Doppler has well experienced on providing equipment for FSW welding inspection. 4mm aircraft FSW plate
  40. Turbine blade root Groove Type Straddle Type
  41. T root of turbine blades
  42. High temperature tightening bolt of power station • These bolts made of coarse grain austenitic material, more attenuation, lower amplitudes. • Threads and relief groove and other reflectors on bolt may it difficult to identify the flaw echo. • Doppler’s high quality probe and transmission receiving PA unit, make the inspection easier.
  43. Drill Pipe • Cracks are the common flaw to the drill pipe, transverse or longitudinal. • Phased array can detect and size the flaws much easier than conventional UT.
  44. 大管 CFRP composite plate 1.78mm thickness 2.21mm thickness
  45. Thermal power station U tube oxide deposition Busted tube Damaged turbine blades RT has limited access, and radiation hazard Doppler has customized a specialized loop PAUT probe And phased array system To detect the height of oxide deposition in U tubes.
  46. Wind power bolt guided wave inspection • CGWT(Cylindrically Guided Wave Technique) generated by specialized PAUT system which is designed and made by Doppler . • The system customizing includes probe, PA unit, PA software No cracks With Cracks
  47. PART 4 Service
  48. Service  Solution suggestion, sample scan plan (Before purchase)
  49. Service  Demo Support and exclusive solution (After purchase)
  50. Service  Hands-on training (Local or China)
  51. Service  In-service On-site Support
  52. Service  Phased array remote tutorial, less theory more about practice.
  53. Service  Annual calibration service.

Notas do Editor

  1. Exclusive distributor Thailand
  2. representative
  3. customer
  4. OEM
  5. Unit : UTM, UT, PAUT UTM, UT+probe PAUT+probe+scanner
  6. UTM, UT, PAUT
  7. Linear : normal weld DL = dual linear : SUS cor grain Coarse-grained materials or systems have fewer, larger discrete components (grain ใหญ่) จะเกิด scattering จึงต้องใช้ DL เพื่อให้รับสัญญาณได้ดีขึ้น Element Internal focus ได้ resolution ดีกว่า
  8. First digit is frequency Higher frequency for thin material 5-10 mm Element no.. Is not related to thickness
  9. To find incusion, lamination in material
  10. Coarse grain = big grain เหล้กหล่อ stainless steel
  11. Encoder เอาไว้บันทึกระยะ
  12. Mos for pipe, plate FC for vessel
  13. Attenuation is reduction of sound
  14. Focal depth Olympus focus ตามความหนา ตามแนวนอน Doppler ตามแนวนอน ตั้ง โค้ง True depth