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Next bc digital media kit

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Next bc digital media kit

  1. 1. Digital Media Kit 2014 The Showcase for Technology Innovation that will Shape our Future
  2. 2. Table of Contents 3-4. Event Overview 5-7. Backgrounders 8-9. Company Application Specifics 10. Keynote Speaker Bio: Paul Kedrosky 11. Contact Information 12. Contact Information Social Media 13. About DigiBC
  3. 3. Event Overview BC’s tech community will gather May 15, 2014 at TELUS, Word of Science to identify and celebrate our top 25 most innovative technology companies that will influence the future. This marks the first year of this showcase. WHAT NextBC: The Showcase for Technology Innovation that will shape our Future WHEN May 15, 2014 5:45PM-9:00PM WHERE TELUS, World of Science Event details here: https://www.picatic.com/NextBC
  4. 4. Event Overview Event Schedule Registration 5:45PM Technology Innovation Showcase/ Networking/Audience Voting 6:00PM Top 5 Interview Paul Kedrosky 7:30PM Keynote Presentation 8:15PM Awards 8:45PM
  5. 5. Backgrounders Digital Media Interactive Multimedia, Gaming & e-Learning 900 companies, 14,000 employees, $ 1.2 billion revenue Film, TV British Columbia accounts for 60% of all foreign film, TV production in Canada
  6. 6. Backgrounders Information & Communications Technology Hardware, Software, Telecommunications & IP over Everything 6,000 companies, 46,000 employees and $ 9 billion revenue Wireless Hardware, Software & Broadband Internet 220 companies, 5,200 employees, $ 1billion revenue Information from: http://www.britishcolumbia.ca/invest/industry-sectors/
  7. 7. Backgrounders Life Sciences Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices 179 companies, 2,700 employees, $ 800 million revenue Clean Technology Hydrogen; Fuel Cells; Power Electronics; Energy Storage; Wind, Ocean and Solar Power; Environmental Technologies 1,360 companies, 22,000 employees, $ 2.5 billion revenue Information From: http://www.britishcolumbia.ca/invest/industry-sectors/
  8. 8. Company Application Specifics The NextBC showcase and awards are for BC-based technology companies. Eligible companies will be from information/communications technology, wireless/film/television/digital media, clean technology or life sciences industry sub-sectors. Other technology industry sub- sectors will also be eligible as well if they are producing disruptive and innovative technology. Non-BC based companies are not eligible. No cost to apply Application deadline: April 15, 2014 Fill out application form here: https://d3lut3gzcpx87s.cloudfront.net/down/eJwFwQsKgCAMANAbzc@ wU7dZDkvKlDYIOn3vHapzNUbadYrSo9z2thUQBOr0jZtegTK6CehTLMkHx MUmyy4ju5ojTK4@OnkWGg==/NextBC_ShowcaseApplication.pdf
  9. 9. Company Application Specifics Before Event Top 25 will be selected by NextBC Committee Top 25 will be announced by April 21, 2014 to showcase on May 15, 2014 During Event Top 5 will be chosen by BC executives (non-DigiBC board members) to be interviewed by Paul Kedrosky Top 3 companies chosen by BC executives (non-DigiBC board members) for Gold, Silver, Bronze awards Attendee Choice Awards voted
  10. 10. Paul Kedrosky Paul Kedrosky Contributing Editor Bloomberg Dr. Kedrosky is an investor, speaker, writer, media guy, and entrepreneur. He is an avid Twitterer, contributing editor for Bloomberg, and the editor of Infectious Greed, one of the most popular financial blogs available over the Interweb. Dr. Kedrosky has a Ph.D. in the economics of technology, a master’s degree in finance, and an undergraduate degree in engineering. He has more than fifty early-stage investments to his credit and was one of the first technology equity analysts at a major brokerage firm. Bloomberg West, based in San Francisco, covers innovation, technology and the future of business”
  11. 11. Contact Information Event Website: www.picatic.com/nextbc Media Enquiries/ Sponsorship Inquiries Whitney Donaldson @whitdonaldson whitney@digibc.org/778-580-8775 Event Inquiries/Other Inquiries Carly Graham @carlycgraham carly@digibc.org/778-938-5516
  12. 12. Contact Information Event Registration: https://www.picatic.com/NextBC Social Media Twitter: @DigiBC Hashtag: #NextBC Facebook: DigiBC LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/digibc
  13. 13. About DigiBC DigiBC — The Digital Media + Wireless Association of BC – is a member- supported, non-profit organization, based in Vancouver, BC Canada. Our members include world-class companies such as EA (Electronic Arts), Disney Interactive, Wavefront, HootSuite, Sony Interactive, and many others. There are over 1,300 companies in our sector, creating innovative products in wireless and mobile, video gaming, animation and VFX, web 2.0 and social media, interactive marketing and e-learning. Collectively, BC has 600 digital media companies, which employ about 16,000 people and generate $2.3 billion in annual sales– making us one of the most significant contributors to British Columbia’s economic well-being. Mission Statement: To make BC the more recognized center for Digital Media and Wireless excellence in the world.