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SERA Email 2.6.03

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Sectoral Emissions Reduction Agreements
Email 2.6.03

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SERA Email 2.6.03

  1. 1. Natalie Towcimak 02/06/2003 07:08:18 PM Record Type. Record To: See the distribution list at the bottom of this message cc: See the distribution list at the bottom of this message Subject: FEB. 12th CLIMATE EVENT RECEPTION INVITATION Please join us for a White House Reception following Business Initiatives Event (Climate Change) at Department of Energy Wednesday, February 12, 2003 4:00 pm-5:30 pm Indian Treaty Room Eisenhower Executive Office Building James L. Connaughton Chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality Please RSVP by COB Monday, January 10Oth to natalie-towcimak~ceq.eop.gov, (202.456.6460) Message Sent To:
  2. 2. Karen Y. Knutson/OVP/EOP@EOP Kevin M. O'DonovanfOVP/EOP@EOP Charles D. McGrath Jr/OVP/EOP@EOP Joel D. KaplanfWHO/EOP@Exchange@EOP Kristen Silverberg/WHO/E0P~Exchange@EOP Kathryn J. Hayes/WNHOIEOP@EOP Lezlee J. Westine/WHO/EOP@EOP John A. ListICEA/EOP@EOP Glenn Hubbard/CENIEOP@EOP Phillip L. SwagelICEA/EOP@EOP Leandra T. DeSilva/CEA/EOP@EOP Kathie L. Olsen/OSTP/EOP@EOP Paul T. Anastas/OSTP/EOP@EOP David Halpern/OSTPIEOP@EOP John H. Marburger/OSTP/EOP@EOP Richard M, Russell/OSTPIEOP@EOP Margaret M.Spellings/OPD/EOP~Exchange@EOP Jay P. LefkowitzIOPDIEOP@Exchange@EOP Tevi TroyIOPD/EOP@Exchanlge(EOP Matthew Koch/WHO/EOP@EOP Kameran L. Onley/CEQIEOP@EOP James Connaughton/CEQ/EOP@EOP Dana M. Perino/CEQIEOP@EOP Phil Cooney/CEQIEOP@EOP Debbie S. Fiddelke/CEQ/EOP@EOP Kenneth L. Peel/CEQIEOP@EOP Elizabeth A. StolpeICEQIEOP@EOP Robedt C. McNally/OPDIEOP@EOP Stephen Friedman/OPD/EOP@Exchange@EOP Joshua B. BoltenNVHO/EOP@EOP Marcus PeacockfOMB/EOP@EOP Paul R. Noe/OMBIEOP@EOP John Graham/OMB/EOP@EOP Christine A. Mcflonald/OMB/EOP@EOP Roberta L. CondelCEQ/EOP@EOP Betty J. Fountain/QSTPIEOP@EOP Ross M. KylefWHO/EOP@Exchaflge@EOP Eleanor L. Gillmor/OPDIEOP@Exchange@EOP Sherron R. WhiteIOMB/EOP@EOP Lauren J. Vestewig/OPD/EOP~Exchang~e@EOP Jenica BaldwinfVVHO/EOP@EOP Jobi A. Parrish/OSTP/EOP@EOP Prescott M. Caballero/OSTP/EOP@EOP Alice H. Williams/CEAIEOP@EOP Mary M. Chuckerel/OMB/EOP@EOP Eric H. Otto/OPDIEOP@Exchange@EOP Sue H. Gerdelman/OPD/EOP@EOP