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EPA DROE Email 6.18.03 (a)

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EPA Draft Report on the Environment
Email 6.18.03 (a)

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EPA DROE Email 6.18.03 (a)

  1. 1. iqt R~~1s ~~Page 1ot2 FEDERAL (NOTES MAIL) RECORD TYPE: CEQ I ( CN=Khary I. Cauthefl/0U=~CEQ/O=EOP CREATOR:Khary I. Cauthen 003 14:44:29..00 CREATION DATE/TIME:183JUN-2 be in pape down the pike today-will some stories that are coming SUBJECT:: these are I CEQ CN~Dana M. Perino/OU=CEQ/O=EOP@EOP TO:Dana M. Perino C READ: UNKNOWN CEQ I TO:PhJil Cooney ( CN=Ph2i1 Cooney/0IU=CEQ/O=EOP@EOP READ: UNKNOWN i hsls htN TEXT: i hsls htN story look at the very last Phil, you called it, for State of the Environment... n0/820 Times is working on Forwarded by Khary I. Cauthen/CEQ/O ------------ 02:42 PM .epa. gov Harrison. Lisa~epamail PM 06/18/2003 02:39:53 Record Type: Record Khary I. Dana M. Perino/CEQ/EOP@EOP, TO: KrnkE~pmaleagv Cauthefl/CEQ/EOP@EOP agnjro~paaleagv cc: kremer.cece~epamail~epa.9ov, mata~o~pmi~p~o BellowJ.Bonnfie~epamail.epagov, the pike today-will that are coming down Subject: these are some stories list) be in papers tomm (amended change -- working on report vis a vis climate State of Environment response 1520 file://DASEARCHJ79 03_CEQA1140_f_ShwahOO3_ceq.txt
  2. 2. 2o01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~P - I. (andy revkifl) 1. New Ycrk Times 70 8/1 5/2003 7_9_03_CEQA114O fghwahOO3-Ceq~ttI