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Getting in on the buzz

Slides that went along with a training session on social media and practical workshop to get people started.


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Getting in on the buzz

  1. 1. Getting in on the Buzz Social Marketing Workshop Wednesday 10th November 2010 9.30 – 12.30 West Park Conference Centre, Dundee Practical Workshop covering setting up and using social media tools with hints and tips for success. By the end of the session you will have a business or community Face book page created and a work plan to build your contacts and schedule your posts £30 per attendee Bookings: wendy.sutherland@activwebdesign.com 07835015155 facebook.com/activwebwendy
  2. 2. Workshop Basics • Ask questions – nothing is stupid • Save stories to coffee break • Support each other • Happy to answer questions at end/by email • Have a good time! • Help me keep to schedule
  3. 3. Ice Breaker • Write your name, business and one thing/place/person last week that: – Inspired you – Made you laugh – Made you money – you visited – Something successful in your work – A company you want to do business with
  4. 4. words/acroynms/symbols • @ - at symbol • # - hash tag • Tags – keywords and phrases – help get your site/blog/posts found • Hyperlinks – start http:// • RT – retweet • PM – private message • Social CRM – customer relationship manager • Traffic • Domain/URL = web address
  5. 5. Objectives • An understanding of social media • An understanding of channels available and what would be best for your business • A practical understanding of how to do it • Discover how it is being used by small business owner and large brand • To start your plan for your Social Media Strategy • Desire to “Get in on the Buzz”
  6. 6. What is Social Media? • Content that is published with a social component i.e allows interaction • Involves building communities, networks, encourages participation and engagement • No boundaries of time or space, people can easily listen • Anyone can promote anything to anyone • 3 parts – Publish, Share & Network • Publish what you have, share and then network- it is not SELLING
  7. 7. Video – Ford Motor Company • http://vimeo.com/15979645 • Getting others to tell others about Ford • Built Buzz prior to launch • Content came from the users • Used photo sharing, video sharing, • Exclusive content to Facebook • Built relationship and expectation • Direct to consumer by passing traditional
  8. 8. Traditional Customer Relationship Manager Outbound Marketing – directed towards customer – customer getting good at ignoring these messages
  9. 9. Social Customer Relationship Manager Inbound Marketing – the Customer is in control
  10. 10. Worksheet: 1.Who do you want to reach? Who are they? What problem can you fix? Anyone who needs their boiler fixed or serviced – Landlords – Homeowners – Tenants – National Company – Aged over 25 – Won’t probably be young people living at home with parents • Small businesses • Voluntary organisations • Large organisations • Individuals, • age, • gender, • profession, • Hobbies • Interestes Without knowing who you want to target you won’t know where to target them
  11. 11. 2.What do you want them to do? • Enquire • Direct others to you to get more connections • Visit your website • Recommend your services • Sign up for newsletter (gather emails) • Order your goods or services • Recommend you • Like your page – build your contacts • Work with you – buy your services
  12. 12. 3.What channels are available? Channels Type of content • Photo sharing • Video sharing • Pod casts • Slide sharing • Skills • Knowledge • History • Art • Anything and everything
  13. 13. Video - You Tube • People are watching 2 million videos a day • Broad age range – 18-55 • Evenly divided male & female • 52% visit weekly • Every minute 24hrs of video is uploaded • Video content delivered by search engines • Great to create viral buzz and drive traffic to your website What to share: Corporate Videos, Tutorials, How to Guides, Quirky Videos, Entertainment, News, Events, Songs, Poems,
  14. 14. LinkedIn • Business to Business • Individuals • Online networking • Connect through 1st connections to 2nd connections • Word of mouth recommendations • 64% Male, • Average Age 51, • Professional • 50% company decision makers • 25% small business owners 6 degrees of separation – between us and anyone else MY LInkedIn Connections: Direct – 52 2 degrees away – 3,600 3 degrees away – 329,600 Total – 333,000 +
  15. 15. Twitter • Real time – what are you doing? • Tweet and retweet • Share links • Growth in older ages using Twitter • 18-24 most prolific users • Good for driving traffic to blogs • Criticised for not being easy to use • Link Facebook/Blogs to feed to Twitter • “I just got a Twitter account yesterday and it’s already connecting me with a whole new world. As a blogger and freelance journalist, I’m always trolling for stories and a paid gig wouldn’t hurt either. With my handful of contacts, I’ve already found leads for both.”
  16. 16. Facebook • Fastest growing – if it were a country would be third largest in world • More users than any other platform – (twitter 3.7m) • Spending more time on than last year • Comments, share, tag, add content, promote, offer advice • Kelly of Scarlet Bakery – is going to tell us her story • 500 million users • 50% Log on every day • 25 million UK users • 20-29 age group Stats courtesy of clickymedia.co.uk – August 2010
  17. 17. What else? Blogs – blogger, blogspot,Wordpress, Joomla, • great for sharing content and driving traffic to website, easy to set up Bookmark sharing sites: • StumbleUpon – submit and vote on webpages • Digg – community submits and votes on news stories – strong following young males working in technology • Del.icio.us – shares web bookmarks • Good to reach people with same interests and hobbies – i.e people interested in photography, film, fashion, • Get your site bookmarked and it could soon go viral!
  18. 18. 4.What can you share? • Information • Advice • Pictures • Video • Downloads • Powerpoint Slides • Hubspot recommend – Publish everything you can wherever you can It’s sometimes hard for businesses to give away information for free – it’s a new concept
  19. 19. Tips for sharing content • Use hyperlinks – direct people to you • Use keywords – improve SEO – facebook & twitter are getting indexed • Use hash tags on twitter – all connect over an event or topic • Use direct words and acronyms – you want others to retweet use RT • GIVE CONTENT FOR FREE! But ask for email in return – don’t forget email marketing
  20. 20. Tips for sharing content • Do it regularly • Plan it • Measure it – what is working and when • Reply to comments • Thank people who tweet your tweets • Not everyone will agree but let people have their opinions • Learn from others • Can use PPC advertising to grow
  21. 21. Scarlet Bakery
  22. 22. How do you do it? • Setting up accounts • Link them together • Use online and offline methods to promote • Offer incentives to like your page or subscribe to blog (free download) • Build your connections – ask 1st connections to introduce to 2nd
  23. 23. Some points to consider: Be careful about copyright Respect others privacy Guard your own privacy Be respectful to others Consider who will use – 1 staff member or include everyone – may need a policy Don’t be confrontational Be responsive Remember it’s permanent and open to being republished
  24. 24. Extra resources http://blog.hubspot.com/ http://www.facebook.com/marismith Invited to Get in on the Buzz Facebook Group for ongoing support Next Workshop: Going Viral – Getting the Buzz Buzzing!
  25. 25. One last thing • If you enjoyed today please tell your friends on facebook, twitter, linkedin, blog about it, upload a picture etc etc • www.facebook.com/activwebwendy Thank you You worked really hard!