Getting Beyond Awareness To Generate B2B Leads

B2B Public Relations Expert Takes You From Anonymity to The New York Times™, Turns SMBs Into Industry Icons em Marx Communications
18 de Oct de 2013

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Getting Beyond Awareness To Generate B2B Leads

  1. Getting Beyond Awareness To Generate B2B Leads @wendymarx
  2. A Quick Lesson in Giving Hat tip to @fatAwesome for video. View their YouTube channel here
  3. The Non-Tweet “By not tweeting, you’re sending a message” - Anonymous
  5. Remember it’s SOCIAL Media Develop Strong Ties “Who you spend time with is who you become. One of the most important decisions is who you’re friends are” - Tony Robbins
  6. Don’t Be a Hermit • Roughly 99.9% of online banners are never clicked on • Buyers wait until they have completed 60-80% of their research before reaching out to vendors
  7. BE Visible and Credible of marketers reported that the number one benefit of social marketing is generating more business exposure
  8. Multiple Barriers to Tying Social Media to Revenue Inability to tie Social Media to Business outcomes Lack of analytics expertise and/or resources Poor tools Inconsistent Analytical approaches Unreliable data
  9. Don’t Be a Silo A recent CMO Survey reported that while B2B social media spending increased 9.6% last year, the majority of B2B companies failed to integrate social media into their business practices.
  10. Meanwhile... Social media spending as a percentage of marketing budgets will more than double over the next 5 years to 21.6 % of the budget – CMO 2013 Survery How can you NOT afford to be integrated?
  11. 7 Steps to Being Successful In Your Social Media Community STEP 1 Get Top Management Buy in
  12. STEP 2 Set Goals and Objectives “The Victory of SUCCESS is half won when one gains the habit of setting GOALS and ACHIEVING them” - Og Mandino
  13. What are Your Goals and Objectives? • • • • Increase inbound leads at a low cost Expand reach of thought leadership content Engage and excite influencers Better understand, identify, and engage potential buyers • Improve customer service and satisfaction • Enhance outbound campaign program effectiveness • Improve recruiting initiatives
  14. STEP 3 Have the necessary structure and resources • Social Media Team & Reporting Structure • Social Media Platform: Posting/Monitoring/Analytics/Reporting • Integration
  15. STEP 4 Develop a Social Media Plan “Man Plans and God Laughs” -Yiddish Proverb
  16. Social Media Plan Define your Audience thought leaders • Who Is Your Target? fans • What social media channels do they hang out in? partners potential employees prospects analysts clients media
  17. Social Media Plan • Tie to goals/objectives • Start small and test • Tactical plan for each network
  18. Tactical Plan Twitter/x hours/month/day/week Short term objectives: • Promote content through Twitter • Communicate support issues from Social • Segment influencers and create lists • Promote webinars and drive to registration page • Utilize promoted Tweets • Listen to relevant conversations • Build reputation Source: Marketo
  19. Tactical Plan Twitter/x hours/month/day/week Key Metrics: • Followers • Mentions • Social Capital--influence of Twitter followers • Retweets • Number of potential prospects sent to sales • Retweet Reach • Posts • Replies Reach • Number of • Number of lists registrants/downloads, etc. Source: Marketo
  20. STEP 5 Tie social media to the rest of your marketing and include in all phases of the buying process • Link with your CRM System • Link with your Marketing Automation • Link with your editorial calendar and public relations and marketing strategy
  21. STEP 6 Train employees • Establish a social media policy that all employees adhere to • Provide measurable goals/objectives • Ensure knowledge of tools
  22. STEP 7 Be accountable • Daily/weekly/monthly reports • Metrics aligned with business goals
  23. The Social Media Community Rules • Don’t try to be everywhere • Don’t broadcast, brag, or be boring • Be a good community member
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  26. How Social Media Leads Happen • Think Top of the Funnel • The Endless Turkey Meal • Think Content • Curate: Value by association Source: Hubspot
  27. Case Study: Major B2B Marketing Company
  28. Goals/Objectives • Move to top of funnel • Generate leads • Fill out a form for an e-book • Register for a webinar The Bottom Line: Not about sales, all about educating, inspiring
  29. Overview • Social Media and Content Team (5 people each) reports to Director of Content and Engagement Social and Content Creation reside in Marketing organization • Engaging 8 am to 5 pm ET daily • 10 + Twitter posts a day • 10 LinkedIn company page posts • Some of the same posts as in Twitter • 3 Google+ posts • 1 Facebook post • Many of the same posts in Google+ and LinkedIn • 127,000+ Twitter followers • 136,00+ Linkedin followers • 270,000 Facebook likes • 17,000+ Google+ circled 200,000/month Blog visitors • Twitter most effective, then LinkedIn
  30. “No one will engage or follow you if don't share helpful information” - Anonymous Content Manager, major B2B marketing company
  31. The Content Engine • • • • • • • • • • • • • 4 writers, 1 designer, 1 manager who also writes Focused around one initiative, i.e., webinar 5 to 10 blog posts a day all with Call To Action 60 ebooks for call to action Presentation on Slideshare with link to ebook Infographcs Check list, game, quiz on Slideshare or blog Influencers – Guest blog Tweetchats 2X a month, #mcloudlive Hashtag for webinars: #marketingcloud Give away books of thought leader Get questions from Twitter -- first 10 who ask questions get a free book Have fun: Friday fun
  32. Thought Leader Webinars • • • • • • • • • • Promote it X weeks in advance on Twitter, etc. Get thought leader to tweet? X Blog posts about it Blog post afterwards? X posts afterwards? Videotape webinar and gate it Blog post around the recording Manually determine action of lead, if downloaded Lot of ebooks, attend a webinar, targeted for call If first time at webinar, put into nurturing in the company website or marked as a hot lead • ID on end of URLs so can determine which channel someone comes in from to track effectiveness
  33. What to Do if You’re Not This Company? •Promote it in advance on social media •Get thought leader to tweet •Blog in advance •Blog afterwards •Videotape webinar and gate it special thought leader offer •If first time at webinar, put into nurturing in the company website or if participated in several activities marked as a hot lead •ID on end of URLs so can determine which channel someone comes in from to track effectiveness
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