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Visuelle kommunikasjon gl.fu. workshop '13

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Visuelle kommunikasjon gl.fu. workshop '13

  1. 1. Verdens vakreste informasjonDel 1
  2. 2. VISUELLE KOMMUNIKASJON Tittel: nesten usynlig Diskusjon om hvordan jobbe med det visuelle? Ikke ord? Utfordring/stimulering til å SE
  3. 3. Verdens vakreste informasjonDel 2
  4. 4. CV
  5. 5. Ordinary examplesCreative solutians ‘stealing the show’International airports signaliseringOlympic gamesTarget group
  6. 6. The basics
  7. 7. Ordinary examplesCreative solutians ‘stealing the show’International airports signaliseringOlympic gamesTarget group
  8. 8. Hvilket betydning ligger bak disse symbolene? Hvilken betyr det sammen, hvilken har flere betydninger. Kjenner dere relaterte symboler?
  9. 9. poisonThis symbol is of americanorigin, but is international used fororganic substances that can bedangerous for the public health or +animals.This symbol is used whenprocessing waste and warns to becautious.
  10. 10. +
  11. 11. Øvelse: hvordan kan du bruke et ‘personlig’ bilde ( f.eks. det nasjonale flagget) til å fortelle mer om deg selv.
  12. 12. Theme’s symbols ‘mathematics’Øvelse: søk matematikk symboler og forklar betydningen; sjå bruk av symbolet i et vell kjent LOGO
  13. 13. Sometimes pictures speak louder than words, and these logos are good examples of that rule. Because mathematical symbols often represent an entire concept, they make appropriate additions to many different kinds of logo design.
  14. 14. Visual kommunikasjon is very much used in advertisements and LOGO’S The fact that this company has nothing to do with mahematics makes its use of a math symbol all the more brilliant. A stylized lemon with a plus sign inside perfectly represents the name, while the color scheme is clearlyrelevant to the subject. Rounded writing in upper case letters gives a serious yet approachable feeling and allows emphasis to remain on the unique image. It’s hard to picture a way of combining fruit and math, but this logo does so seamlessly. This logo design is minimalist and yet as perfect as it can be. The plus sign used for addition is placed next to a heart, with the entire loving heart logo in a Valentine’s Day palette of red and white. These shapes are slightlytransparent, giving the image a layered look that is very popular right now. The name is written below in letters that are almost unnoticeable, in a pale gray that has little contrast compared to the rest of the logo design. The thin, lower case letters make the company name even more unobtrusive, allowing the image to get maximum effect. This nonprofit organization wants to create equal rights for all people, which makes an equal sign very appropriate indeed. In this case, thecharity logo goes for a very bold and yet substantial image, with thick lines and a square shape that connotes tradition. The blue and yellow contribute to contrast, but this is not the only reason for their usage. Blue is an ultra-traditional color, which ties into the shape, while yellow is positive and gives the feeling that change and equality are possible.
  15. 15. farge8This logo has a mathematical symbol cleverly hidden: that ofan infinity sign. This is clever and hopefully won’t be lost on thepeople who view it. Because this infinity symbol is made of twostylized people, the image is incredibly personal and friendly.Magenta and purple are both colors that appeal to women,who are the most active in this and many other charitablegroups. The thin, serious writing creates a feeling of legitimacythat makes the organization feel more trustworthy. In all, thislogo is subtle and well balanced, with a math symbol used togood effect.
  16. 16. http://jayce-o.blogspot.com/2012/07/colors-in-visual-communication-everyday.html
  17. 17. Øvelse: legg til ord til disse 3 fargene som har med denne farge å gjøre.
  18. 18. CONCLUSION Colors can not be separated from the design world and even of our daily lives. Colors can form mental expression and diversity of language communication. With the principles and color philosophy, we can implement the design work in communicating visually. Each color can create a different impression. By understanding the various things about the color, will allow us to get a proper view of the full color itself. For shades caused by the color itself is very diverse, and the impression is very diverse-inflicted. From a wide range of colors available, as the most basic colors are red, blue, and yellow. Of the three colors can be converted into thousands of colors by mixing in certain comparisons in accordance with the desired colors.Øvelse med farge: look at the following issues and choose colors to your personal environment
  19. 19. COLOR AND MATERIALInteriorCOLORS AS SYMBOLSBlack is for griefCOLOR AS A PRACTICAL GUIDEColor in direction, signage, andsignalCOLOR, SHAPE AND SPEEDColor in shape and speed
  20. 20. COLOR FOR OCCUPANCYColor in Room DecorationCOLOR IN THE BUILDINGColor as a tool to createbeauty and comfort of abuildingCOLOR AND NATUREColor in natureCOLOR AND PSYCHOLOGICALColor and human characters
  21. 21. Verdens vakreste informasjonDel 3
  22. 22. • The symbol for smiley is designed by Harvey Ball, as an assignment from the insurance company State Mutual Assurance Company.• The main idea of the design was to motivate all personel, because the company made it through a hard time. The smiley was printed on buttons and became such a hugh success that it was adopted by other companies. The broad use made the smiley part of the public domain. Nowadays the smiley in a lot of variations are used to express emotions (i.e. via mail, sms or chat).
  23. 23. Visittkort ?
  24. 24. Ikke vær redd til å bruke noen av dit eget bakgrunn. F.eks. symbolikk
  25. 25. http://vimeo.com/17148154• Forsker grandprix