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Social Media Business Intelligence (SNHU Bootcamp Presentation)

  1. Sean Owen Digital Drill Sergeant
  2. Basic Training Unable to translate social media logistics into valuable information? This session on Business Intelligence highlights metrics, measurements, social media scalability, and return on investment in a practical way. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how to identify successes, and implement change to make the most out of social media business ventures. Social Media Business Intelligence
  3. Anyone can do it.
  4. We are all experts. Anyone can do it.
  5. I wrote a book or I’m it. Anyone can do gonna.
  6. Anyone can do it.
  7. Anyone can do it.
  8. RIGHT? NO, It’s hard stuff.
  9. When in doubt, we’ll find a way. It just may not be the best way to use the tools around us.
  10. It may not be the smartest way. We may make a few mistakes along the way, but nothing fatal.
  11. What’s the objective… ULTIMATE MORE SALES. • Better conversion • Thought leadership positioning / reputation management BETTER SERVICE. • More vehicles for communication • Direct access to groups traditionally behind the curtain PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT. • Current products • New products
  12. NO!
  13. We are here for Business Intelligence. (refer to slide #2 and wake up)
  14. LEARNING is your primary goal.
  15. OLD School Media vs. New Media • Audience shift. • NO control groups 95% of marketers will use 5% of statistics available.
  16. Newspaper Audiences Change with Increased Anyone can do it.
  17. Our SMAnyone can do it. Daily Audience Changes
  18. Campaign: Frozen Pizza Week One Marketing to Organic and Vegan Food Lovers Results: 52% Female 45% Male 3% Unsure 4,600 Likes on Facebook
  19. Campaign: Frozen Pizza Week Two Marketing to Mom’s Groups & Play Dates Results: 67% Female 33% Male 11,200 Likes on Facebook
  20. Advertising, Campaigns, Trends, etc. Influence Your Data - Audience changes based on inside & outside factors - Advertising campaigns - Social media apps, microsites - Trend effects - Platform standards and changes
  21. Where we advertise changes audience.
  22. Message / ad content changes audiences.
  23. Beginner Stuff
  24. Determine your KPI Metric • Different campaigns have different objectives. • Identify the tools you will use. • Record your goals / estimates separately. • Record influencing factors and weight them. • Learning is always an objective. • Review the entire metric.
  25. Facebook: Brand Awareness Edge Rank formula and what you can do to manipulate it Reach Insights Conversion Traffic Google Analytics Consumer Insights Reverse advertising Seeded questions in posts Polls A/B advertising
  26. Twitter: Brand Awareness Tweet Reach Klout Conversion Traffic Google Analytics Customer Support Reduction in call center calls Quicker reaction time ―real person‖ answering concerns
  27. YouTube: Subscriptions Likes Channel Views Individual Video Views Links from Channel/Video to web site Sources pointing to videos
  28. LinkedIn: Thought leadership positioning LinkedIn answers Groups Brand page Statuses HR Recruitment Lead Gen Product section on brand pages
  29. The Conversion Cycle Test Product Capture Dialogue Learn Interest Contact w/App/Si Ask for te UGC Entertain Start Enter a w/ Video Push to Dialogue Sweeps Retail
  30. Expert Stuff
  31. Anyone can do it.
  32. Anyone can do it.
  33. Anyone can do it.
  34. Ratios 101 Reports LIE! Think about a simple advertising campaign. 10 people respond to an ad out of 100 targets You yielded 10% response Next campaign yields 5 responses out of 100 targets. You yielded 25% response, but may show as 5%
  35. Get $2 OFF a PIZZA Get $10 OFF a Bikini 10 people = 10% 5 people = 25% *Audience is 100 people total (80 men, 20 women)
  36. Measurement Tools $ Level 1 Quantitative analysis using native app or entry level tool $$ Level 2 Multi-platform tools, still focused on quantitative measurement Potentially some ability to measure qualitative / sentiment $$$$ Level 3 Multi-platform management separate from measurement Focused on all platforms and cross-media campaigns Ability to create content or devices for measurement Definitely driving qualitative / sentiment measurement Top-line comparison features Ability to code reports based on individual APIs
  37. Qualitative Measurement • Sentiment • Opinion • Trending conversations • Document level vs. aggregate level Challenge: ―Yeah, I loved that keynote.‖ Honest? Sarcastic? Sincere? Funny? NOT!
  38. Comparative Measurement - Simple • Your campaign performance measuring: • Audience changes • Platform performance • Activation content (messaging) Compared to yourself!
  39. Recommendations • Do not run audience building campaigns at the same time as engagement campaigns • Separate engagement into distinct areas of testing, executing, engaging • Monitor your competition
  40. Comparative Measurement - Complex • Establish your own ratios • Create a Marketplace • Identify similar competitors and include them in your overall measurements, especially for comparison data. • Traditionally known as market reach or total market share. • Analysis is more than reading the numbers.
  41. *Altimeter Group Depending on activity vs. spend this formula may be inconclusive (Retweets + likes + fans) / Total Campaign ―A‖ Spend (Retweets + likes + fans) / Total Campaign ―B‖ Spend
  42. Applying Metrics Across Platforms Degree of measurement depends on data available and ability to make changes that may influence the measurement. Innovation metric can be used on blogs, forums, even YouTube videos with training or product announcement content.
  43. Integration with Offline Activities Ideally, you can measure activity per audience, per content and message, per platform, and even in online and offline activities. The integration across AdSense campaigns vs. email and abandoned shopping carts is reaching high sophistication with less effort. You will need to remain competitive.
  44. Pay Attention to Details
  45. Special Areas of Considerations • Inactivity is activity – measure audiences which are not engaging. • Drop Point – this is the most important item for getting users to complete the sale and it’s very measurable. • Psychographic – better than demo and geo • Behavioral Triggers – non—opens, abandoned carts, etc. • Business Alignment – Non-competitors who are great compliments for audience • Size Doesn’t Matter – People concentrate on bigger numbers, sometimes that’s less important
  46. The DROP A key indicator of performance is the drop point. This is the moment that you lose interaction with a consumer and they do not complete full conversion. • Campaigns should be structured to measure drop points. • Usually requires multiple systems and a bit more attentiveness to tech Here is a potential lifecycle of a conversion 1. Social media app engagement 2. Prompt for user information *optional 3. Complete engagement of SM app such as a coupon print 4. Enticement to web and product purchase
  47. The DROP Here is a potential lifecycle of a conversion 1. Social media app engagement 2. Prompt for user information *optional 3. Complete engagement of SM app such as a coupon print 4. Enticement to web and product purchase To measure the campaign above will require two tools: - Utilize SM Native to measure original traffic - Manual setup of each step with Google Analytics - Utilize CouponFactory for coupon views/prints - Track from one platform to next is a challenge Set goals at EACH stage of the conversion
  48. The Conversion You can't produce a baby in one month by getting 9 women pregnant . -Warren Buffet
  49. Thank You

Notas do Editor

  1. The problem with social media is that anyone can do it. RIGHT?
  2. We get all these tools…. Native, 3rd party, integrated, …. We need to learn how to use them.
  3. Even knowing the tools, we don’t always make the best decisions – if we’re not analytical enough.How long do you think this guy keeps his job?
  4. Even knowing the tools, we don’t always make the best decisions – if we’re not analytical enough.How long do you think this guy keeps his job?
  5. Learning through all the information and tools we have available to us.
  6. ----- Meeting Notes (5/23/12 08:50) -----We KNOW our demo from the offline world - and it is FIXED!
  7. Now we may know our demographic – buyers, but are there other audience members of value?----- Meeting Notes (5/23/12 08:50) -----We collect informaton as of certain dates because you cannot always go back and get details. It's the delta / change that matters most - often.Gender, age, yes can grab; exports allow more than on screen, and even more with API measurement.
  8. Social media app for voting may get anyone and everyone.Trend – wen can control, sometimes we can’t. H1N1 virus – everyone flocked to hospital SM sites. Can’t control.Campaign targeting mom’s we can control.Could target mom’s, but early morning, later night – different ages still.Platform to platform we’ll have different audiences.- Just because the audience platform is different.The goal is not to get the audiences to be all identical- People spend less time on FB for Pinterest? Effects you.
  9. The type of advertising we run, changes our audience.
  10. We see projects where clients do not set goals. Set them with #sQuantitative is easier than qualitative.Influencing factors to your success? Change messaging / ad contentWeatherRetailGeographic
  11. Tips and Techniques:Stats such as EdgeRank – currently only 16% of people will see your post.Depends on Engagement (share, post comment, like), Post Weight (vid, photo, link, text), Recency
  12. ----- Meeting Notes (5/23/12 13:52) -----combined - Matt Feckleton Yatterbox.
  13. ----- Meeting Notes (5/23/12 13:56) -----Different platforms - are used dif types of company - products, services.
  14. Tips and tricks – facebook advertising will yield more information than the insights screen. Yes – pay them and they’ll tell you more.
  15. Sprout Social – Monitoring and to a degree management toolWatch various brandsFacebook Twitter Google
  16. Social Mention attempts to get into qualitative not just quantitative measurement
  17. ----- Meeting Notes (5/23/12 13:56) -----read in between lines.most topics, reach, etc.
  18. Audience ChangesImpression / sentiment changesResponse changesEntry point can be anywhereYou need to measure performance
  19. Everything is a moving target.
  20. If we don’t roll out the program in the right way it may not work.
  21. Knock it out of the park
  22. To make measurement a bit easier. If you must – cross platforms so you can measure engagementIf running a campaign choose intervals for measurement (pizza), weeklyMake your life easy.
  23. The pizza bikini campaign is an example of why you need good toolsBut they cost money.
  24. Must use 3rd party apps.We are NOT going to talk about this.
  25. Must use 3rd party apps.
  26. To make measurement a bit easier. If you must – cross platforms so you can measure engagementIf running a campaign choose intervals for measurement (pizza), weeklyMake your life easy.
  27. The analysis needs to create a quality measure for the competitions activity which you can compare to the quantitative performance.
  28. ReachLocal – Hubspot forms, b2b vs b2c.Integration with salesforce or sugar CRMEtc.
  29. Must use 3rd party apps.
  30. Must use 3rd party apps.Create your own measurement. Such as first responses to service inquires.
  31. Must use 3rd party apps.
  32. Consumer Reports – targeting younger generation, not older which made up list.It’s not a REVIEW app, but rather a BUYING GUIDETarget green tech peeps, first time parents, etc. HUGE audience getting manufacturer recall and safety noticesDid gifting app and won.Getting the conversion wins – so smaller numbers could get you there.
  33. Learn – site isn’t what they expected, no interest in product, just discounts, only buy if couponed.HubspotOpenGraph – more sites login with Facebook because you can track the person (to a degree)
  34. LEARN – Each step can be a goal and that will tell you how your campaign is performing EARLY WARNING!