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Digital Marketing Strategy Presentation (PDF)

  1. Digital Marketing Strategy (Presentation - PPT)
  2. Mohammed Azharuddin Avid Reader 12+ Years of Training & Consulting Guest Faculty in B. Schools Trained 5600+ Students Digital Services
  3. Our Agenda ✓ What is Digital Marketing Strategy? ✓ Know the Company & Business ✓ Define your Buyer Personal ✓ Define SMART Goals ✓ Build a Action Plan ✓ Go for Low Hanging Fruit ✓ Define Short term Strategies ✓ Define Long Term Strategies ✓ Measure the Results
  4. A fool with a plan can beat a genius with no plan.  T. Boone Pickens
  5. t Digital marketing is marketing methodology to promote product or services on digital platforms to achieve business goals. Digital Marketing A Plan of action to achieve our defined marketing goals for business.
  6. Digital Marketing (Online Marketing) Strategy Framework. • To create a good digital strategy we must understand the client business and goals of business. • Prepare plan for at least for 3 months to 1 year, so digital marketing team can have a proper framework to implement various digital strategies. • A comprehensive plan is required for following strategies • SEO • Google Ads • Social Media Marketing • Email Marketing • Inbound Marketing
  7. Company ✓ Understand the Business of Client. ✓ Qualify the client early. ✓ Understand the potential of business. ✓ What are their present marketing activities ✓ What are short falls of the company ✓ Competitor Analysis and Strategies Know the Company & Business
  8. ✓ Gender ✓ Age ✓ Education ✓ Location ✓ Income ✓ Interests ✓ Habits ✓ Season ✓ Goals ✓ Problems Define Client’s Buyer Persona
  9. Define SMART Goals
  10. Example of SMART Goal Get Ranking for “XYZ” Keyword in 1 Month, to generate X amount of traffic, Y amount of conversions. Create YouTube Channel, Upload 4 Videos in a Month, Generate 100 Subscribers & 5000 Views.
  11. Define your Action Plan
  12. Target the Low Hanging Fruits
  13. Examples
  14. 14 Local SEO Local Ads Social Media Paid Ads Influencer Mktg. SEO Content Marketing Social Media Remarketing Email Marketing SHORT-MEDIUM TERM LONG TERM Brand Awareness Visitors Leads Previous Strategies
  15. Measure Results ✓ Monitor Results Regularly ✓ Analyse all results from all strategies ✓ Find the Winner in each strategy ✓ Repeat the Winning Combination
  16. Why Join Us? ✓ Practical Subject ✓ Latest Updates (New Topics) ✓ Job Assistance ✓ Online Earning Strategies ✓ Lifetime Support ✓ Internship Programs ✓ Motivational Sessions
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