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Building a new digital culture - Mind & Sigma [Camp Digital 2018]

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In this talk, the Mind digital team share some of the challenges they faced in developing and beginning to embed their digital strategy, and some of the initiatives they’re taking forward to offer a better experience for users and staff.

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Building a new digital culture - Mind & Sigma [Camp Digital 2018]

  1. 1. Building a new digital culture mind.org.uk
  2. 2. Our digital story so far Understanding where we are and defining our ambitions Making the case for change Understanding our users Bringing the organisation along with us What we’re learning
  3. 3. We understood where we are now and defined our ambitions
  4. 4. Start by getting to grips with your history, but don’t forget your strengths
  5. 5. Defining the vision What’s the biggest problem we need to solve? How will this help achieve our organisational goals? What’s special about digital and mental health?
  6. 6. “How do I deal with this, where do I go to, what can I do right now to help myself?”
  7. 7. A digital experience that prioritises the needs of people with mental health problems, by offering consistent support through the most helpful and accessible channels, and strengthens long term engagement with Mind.
  8. 8. Digital provision of services and support Goal: Beneficiaries understand the options available to them at any touchpoint and feel empowered to access support and information in the way that suits them.
  9. 9. Marketing and income generation objectives Goal: We will deliver a consistent, coherent experience for our external audiences and seamless supporter conversions.
  10. 10. The use of digital to improve the way Mind works Goal: A consistent and reliable infrastructure and strong skills base, which recognises the power of technology to help us to meet our charitable objectives and achieve efficiencies.
  11. 11. We made the case for change
  12. 12. The business case Find and cultivate your champions Competitor research – including out of sector Opportunity cost vs ROI
  13. 13. Resourcing digital: cultivate the model you need
  14. 14. From helpdesk to strategic partner Don’t underestimate the importance of good service Establish processes and experiment with ways of working Put users front and centre
  15. 15. We listened to our users and turned research into new ways of doing things
  16. 16. A needs-based ecosystem
  17. 17. We brought people along with us, working collaboratively
  18. 18. Making things work, together Our role as a supplier isn’t only about the design and implementation: in order to make something that will be sustainable and have impact, we need to find ways to understand our client and their situation
  19. 19. Balancing business goals and user needs
  20. 20. Involving the client stakeholders
  21. 21. Sigma + Mind We didn't work on these things in a bubble but knowing who to involve, and when, does take work. Neither did we start from scratch - we continue to integrate and build on work that was done before. We had to earn trust, involve people, and listen to them. We used "boundary objects", like the ones described, to help people connect with and be part of the work we are doing.
  22. 22. We’re still learning and evolving how we do things
  23. 23. Final thoughts Keep personas alive Don’t wait to talk about your work Keep communications going Build buy in by increments