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Infant security

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Infant security

  1. 1. InfantSecurity General Manual P/P# 9500.0722
  2. 2. Purpose: • To provide for the safety/security of all infants in the New Life Center. • To have a plan of action to implement in the event an infant is found missing.
  3. 3. Policy:• All visitors are monitored by NLC associates• NLC associates wear hospital provided photo identification, and purple/white uniforms at all times• Infants are transported to and from the mother’s room in a crib.• Visitors or family members are not permitted to walk in the hallways holding the infant.• On the initial visit with the infant’s mother, the mother is instructed on the purpose of the HUGs bracelet, the Identification bracelets, and reminded of the items on the “Rooming in Contract” which was signed by the mother on admission.• The nurse will check the mother’s I.D. bracelet number, comparing it to the infant’s I.D. bracelet number each time the infant is brought into the mother’s room from the Newborn Nursery.
  4. 4. • All doors leading directly to the Nursery shall remain closed. Only authorized personnel are permitted in the Nursery.• NLC associates must immediately report any unusual behavior or questioning about hospital procedures to the nursing supervisors.• The Hugs Infant Protection System shall be used at all times until the infant is discharged from the hospital. If a mother refuses to allow the Hugs tag to be applied to the infant’s ankle, the “Refusal to Use the Hugs Infant Protection System” Consent (Appendix B) must be signed by the mother.• In the event of a Code Pink, “Duty Cards” are kept inside the red emergency box in each area of the hospital.
  5. 5. Hugs InfantProtection System
  6. 6. The Hugs Infant Protection System is a system which uses infant anklebands (“tags”), mother arm tags, and an alarm system which activatesan alarm when an infant wearing the Hugs tag is taken out of “the safearea” of the New Life Center.The alarm will also be activated when:• Tag has been tampered with• Tag’s signal has not been received by the system for a set amount of time• Tag signal absent from the NLC for longer than the “sign out” time.• Tag has not been attached to the infant properly• When two tags have the same identification number• Tag’s battery is low.When an alarm occurs, it is important to quickly determine the cause of thealarm activation. The proper immediate response is to locate the infant.
  7. 7. •Hugs tags should be attached only in the safe area of the NLC.•Attaching the tag in any other location will create problemswith the system operation.Each time one attaches a tag, one must check the following:1. No part of the strap is protruding from either tag slot,2. The tag rotates freely on the infant’s ankle,3. The tag cannot be slipped over the ankle or foot
  8. 8. • The nurse documents the application of the HUGs band on the baby, and the application of mother’s Kisses band after an explanation of the purpose of the bands is given to the parents. This is then documented in the mother’s and infant’s records.• Upon daily 12 hour assessment, an entry is written by the nurse stating that “the HUG”s tag #____ is in place and secured on the infant” infant’s medical record under “security.”•
  9. 9. Identification Bands
  10. 10. • A set of four identification bands with matching numbers is provided for each infant and parent.• At delivery, the appropriate information is documented on the bands: *Infant’s gender *Mother’s first and last name *Date of birth *Time of birth *Name of mother’s doctor *Medical record number of mother• Parents verify matching numbers with delivery room nurse prior to placing bands on infant and parents.• The two small bands are placed on the infant’s arm and opposite leg. A band with the same ID number also is placed on the mother’s wrist and the significant other’s wrist after verifying with them that the numbers match those of the infant’s band.
  11. 11. In the case of an infant with a missingband, verify remaining bands on all infants withtheir parents. After verification is completed, re-band the infant and parent(s) with a new set ofbands to replace the missing bands, anddocument on the mother’s and infant’s record.
  12. 12. CODE PINK
  13. 13. • Upon being made aware that an infant is missing, NLC associates immediately seal off the unit, utilizing the duty cards. It is imperative to protect the crime scene, to preserve any evidence, and to appoint a recorder who will begin documenting exact times of actions on the “Code Pink Log”• Notify the operator immediately, and the operator is to immediately announce the following alert three times over the P.A. System in the hospital: ”Attention, all associates: We are now under a Code Pink.”• New Life Center Staff notifies the Searcy Police Department, the hospital security department, and hospital administration.• A search of the immediate area is conducted. A “head count” of all infants is performed, matching the infant’s bands with those of their mother’s bands.• The NLC HUC or Charge Nurse will notify the nurse manager and/or house supervisor and the physician(s) caring for the infant and mother.
  14. 14. • Upon hearing the “Code Pink”, all available hospital personnel obtain “Duty cards” from the red emergency box, and respond immediately to monitor assigned areas of the hospital.• Persons requesting to exit the hospital will be directed to the main entrance. All other entrances will be locked until the Code Adam/Code Pink has been cleared. Law enforcement officers will be asked to perform the interviews of people requesting to leave the building and will excuse each person on an individual basis.• The parents of the abducted child are moved to a private room away from the NLC. A staff nurse (preferably the nurse who had been assigned to the mother or infant) is assigned to remain with the parents.• The charge nurse will notify Social Work Services and Community Relations.
  15. 15. • The nurse manager/house supervisor briefs all staff on the NLC unit. Afterward, the staff nurses will explain the situation to each mother (preferably while mother and her baby are together).• Staff nurses document as much information as possible about the incident and surrounding events. An appointed recorder maintains a log of all actions, including “times initiated,” and “times completed,” recording all actions until relieved of recorder duties.Clearing the Code Pink: When it is determined that the Code Pink has been resolved, either the administrator on call, or the administrative representative are authorized to clear the Code Pink.
  16. 16. Duty Cards• “Duty Cards” are kept in the red emergency box in each area of the hospital (in a pink envelope). Duty cards are the same for both Code Pink and Code Adam.• Upon hearing the “Code Pink”, hospital associates immediately retrieve the pink envelope from the red emergency box located in each department.• Cards are passed out to available associates to enable a quick response so that the outside exits and the parking lot will be monitored immediately.After the “Code Pink All Clear” (see Part III, Number 13) is announced over thehospital P. A. system (only as authorized by the administrator on call, or theadministrative representative), the duty cards are gathered together and placed backinto the pink envelope. Then they are secured in their proper place in the redemergency box in each department.