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Dress code

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Dress code

  1. 1. Dress Code
  2. 2. Dress Codeo A positive professional image to patients and to the general public, as well as to develop pride in our Medical Center and its associates.o A professional appearance includes being neat, clean, and well groomed.o Appropriate dress at all times when on duty, including orientations and department meetings
  3. 3. Dress Codeo No t-shirts without a collar are allowed to be worn alone, however, professional knit tops without a collar may be worn under lab jackets, vests, or scrub tops.o When wearing a t-shirt under scrubs it must be white, grey, or match the color of the scrubs.o Jean style pants of all colors are not appropriate. All denim-type fabric is unacceptable
  4. 4. Dress Code• Nursing areas wear navy, royal blue, ceil blue, or white.• Ancillary departments wear casual business attire or choose from four colors of scrubs.• These are wine, khaki, hunter green, teal green, olive, and mandarin.• If casual business attire is worn, a white lab coat is worn.• Some department may have additional guidelines.
  5. 5. Dress Code• Associate identification badges are worn by all associates while on duty in the Medical Center.• Badges are visibly worn with the associate’s name and picture outward.• Badges are to be worn on the upper quadrant of the body.• There is a fee to replace lost or broken badges.
  6. 6. Dress Code• Shoes should be in good repair, clean or polished, comfortable and appropriate to the job category.• Tan, Brown, or scrub-colored Birkenstocks or other similar- styled professional shoes may be worn with scrubs.• Grey or white tennis shoes are acceptable.• No open-toed shoes are to be worn in patient care areas.• Flip flops are not allowed.
  7. 7. Dress Code• There is no visible body piercing other than ears.• The maximum number of earrings worn at work is 2 per ear.• There are no mouth, tongue, nose, or eyebrow piercings worn at work.• Associates do not wear large earrings which create a hazard to associates or patients.• Male associates must remove earrings while on duty.
  8. 8. Dress Code• Fingernails are well maintained and kept at a conservative length of no more than one half inch.• Nail polish is conservative in appearance and may not be allowed in patient care areas.• Artificial acrylic nails or overlays are not worn in any patient care department.• Use of cosmetics on female associates must be moderate and in good taste.• Male associates are prohibited from wearing cosmetics or nail polish.
  9. 9. Dress Code• Hair shoulder length or longer must be pulled back in all patient care areas.• Ponytails and shoulder length hair for men is not permitted.• Beards and mustaches are permitted if they are well groomed.
  10. 10. Students –park here pleasePARKING Race Avenue