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Android Database

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Android Database

  1. 1. Rajab Davudov
  2. 2. What is SQLite?• SQLite is Open Source Database embedded into Mobile Devices.• SQLite supports SQL syntax, transactions and prepared statements.• SQLite consumes low memory approx. 250Kbyte.
  3. 3. SQLite Types• TEXT (String in Java)• INTEGER (long in Java)• REAL (double in Java)
  4. 4. SQLite in Android• SQLite comes with all Android devices• Application database is stored atDATA/data/APP_NAME/databases/FILENAME
  5. 5. SQLite in Android• Two packages – android.database – android.database.sqlite
  6. 6. SQLiteOpenHelpler• onCreate()• onUpgrade()• getReadableDatabase()• getWriteableDatabase()
  7. 7. SQLiteDatabase• insert()• update()• delete()• query()• rawQuery()
  8. 8. insert()ContentValues values = new ContentValues() ;values.put("username", username) ;values.put("fullname", fullname) ;values.put("password", password) ;database.insert("users", null, values) ;
  9. 9. query()Cursor cursor = database.query( "users", new String[] {"fullname"}, "username = ? and password = ?", new String[]{username, password}, null, null, null) ;
  10. 10. rawQuery()Cursor cursor = database.rawQuery("select fullname from users where username = ?and password = ?",new String[] { username, password }) ;
  11. 11. CursorA Cursor represents the result of a query andbasically points to one row of the query result.• getCount()• moveToFirst()• moveToNext()• …
  12. 12. Think, Design, Code !!!
  13. 13. Rajab Davudov Senior Developer at Azerfon radjab@gmail.comhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=RADJABhttp://gplus.to/radjabhttp://www.fb.me/rajab.davudovhttp://www.linkedin.com/in/radjab