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  1. Red Ticket A short film A red light-ed comedy Team SEF
  2. One night
  3. Three friends
  4. A lottery ticket…
  5. …and a boat their version of events…
  6. Synopsis Watch as three friends embark on what would be considered a night to remember… or maybe not. Sarah, Faye and Ellie wake up one Sunday morning, a ferry, a field and a bedroom. Watch this twist as a good looking male gets the better of Ellie as she wakes up looking overseas- the worst hangover yet. She has to learn from her friend’s (less than accurate) memory of what happened the night before. She is told that she set out on her own mission to retrieve her lottery ticket from the mysterious Dutch exchange student…
  7. Story board
  8. Visual Influences In red ticket we want to include a photo montage throughout scenes that take place overseas and Amsterdam. We aspire to display these past events (flashbacks) in this format; the same way in which Run Lola Run does when each individual is talking about what happened from their perspective- through the photo montage. Here is a clip from Run Lola Run that display the Photo montage format. TQXOk
  9. Demographics and VAL’s Target audience – Teens to young adults, both male and female. Individuals that like films such as ‘21 and over’. or Although these examples are bigger scale (budget) features- the content and narrative is still applicable/similar to the ones in our own short- Red Ticket The ‘Hangover’
  10. Preferred Film Genre Rom-com Comedy Horror Drama
  11. Where?
  12. Psychographics Our audience would have the qualities and characteristics of an aspirer As our target audience is the age group of 1525’s- they will still prioritise (as do we) material items such as what phones we have and what social events we will be attending. For example going out and getting ‘steak baked’ as this is what teens do for fun. That is why our film will appeal to our target audience.
  13. We hope you will help us make sure Red Ticket reaches YOUR computer screens! It would be much appreciated if you could complete the questionnaires you have in front of you Thank you for listening!