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If micro niches are your thing you are at the right place.

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If micro niches are your thing you are at the right place.

  1. 1. ==== ====Now release your total MICRO NICHE potential and discover your unlimited wealth buildingprowess.http://budurl.com/63mw==== ====If youve been online for any length of time then youve heard the current internet buzz aboutNiche Marketing. Its one of the hottest topics out there right now. The concept of Niche Marketingmay be relatively new to the internet but in the day to day world of bricks n mortar businesses itsnot something at all new. Its actually how things have always been done. So then you might bewondering just what is Niche Marketing and how does it all work? For that matter you may also bethinking "Why should I care?"If you have ever taken a basic marketing course in school then you have heard the time wornsaying, "Find a need and fill it." This is exactly what discovering a niche idea, for Niche Marketingis about. You want to find a targeted group of people who have a specific interest, the niche, andwho are eager to spend money on that interest. Your goal is to discover a suitable service orproduct for these targeted people who have an interest in purchasing it. This is the marketingaspect of "Niche Marketing."Here are just a few examples of a niche:People Searches, Dating, Pets, Jewelry, Golf, Cooking, Loans, Insurance, Beauty Products, HairCare, Music, Cooking, Travel.....and Im sure from this brief niche list that you get the idea. Wecould create an infinite niche idea list here. But think of this niche idea list as the main categories,as there are many sub-categories in each of these niches. No matter what topic you think of youllno doubt be able to find a niche market for your niche idea.Yet in finding a niche idea for your niche market that will help you to prosper you need to discovera highly focused niche. Should you focus on too broad of a market when attempting to find a nicheidea then youre faced with stiff competition which makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, forthe average Joe or Jane to get a foot in the door.Youre eliminating the heavy hitters and big dogs in online marketing when you narrow down themarket size with your niche idea. These guru marketers have endless ad dollars yet in choosing atight niche market youre basically setting yourself up for success as these big dogs arentinterested in earning a couple thousand dollars each year from these micro niches. Their interestslie in making millions in the major mass markets. So in researching your niche idea wisely andmaking the right decision youre well on your way to micro niche success.And unlike these heavy hitter marketers if youre one person going it solo online theres no waythat you can be everything for everybody, so picking a micro niche idea to focus on makesexcellent business sense. For example instead of choosing the dating niche, focus on "SeniorsDating" or "Gay Dating" or "Asian Dating." Are you starting to get the picture now? No matter what
  2. 2. niche idea you come up with, chances are that you can narrow it down to many more microniches. You could even narrow it down to your local market as in "fly fishing lures in Los Angeles."The Micro Niche Idea Competitive Edge:As soon as youve narrowed down your niche market idea into a micro niche idea you now have agreat advantage over bigger companies. Herere some of the reasons why you now have thatadvantage:* In a micro niche you can rapidly establish yourself as an expert in your field, if not already one.* In a micro niche market its much simpler to stay up to date on the market trends.* When changes do happen in your micro niche you are able to react much quicker* Youll be in a position to build tight relationships with key customers that competitors cant beatSo if youre now wondering how to get started in finding a micro niche to market therere somethings you can do that will only cost you some time and not a cent. Of course therere moresophisticated micro niche idea software tools on the market that youll probably want to explore intime.I like to use the Google Search Based Keyword ToolWorking Through the Steps to Your Micro Niche Idea:Lets say that you want to check out a micro niche idea for fishing. Type in the broad term "fishing"in the KW tool will bring up a list of more specific "fishing" related keywords such as "fly fishing","fishing tackle", "fishing boats" and the list goes on. Now the key in finding a micro niche idea withless competition is to scroll down to the searches that show about 1000 searches a month forthose keywords. This will bring us in to terms like "daiwa fishing reels", "saltwater fishing tackle","bass fishing tackle" and so on. Now you see that within the broad niche of "fishing" there aremultiple micro niches to be found. With at least 1000 monthly searches you can be sure that thereis an interest in your micro niche idea and the competition wont be so tough that you dont have achance in the market.In researching your micro niche idea and having done this youve taken the very first step inlocating a profitable micro niche, the research. And once you decide on a specific micro niche ideayouve completed the second step, finding an acceptable product or service to market. With steps1 and 2 out of the way the third step is to set up a website or niche blog so that you can marketyour micro niche idea. And once youre set up and running then you need to find a marketing,advertising and promotional strategy that works for you and stay consistent with it.When you get your first micro niche idea site launched and have learned just how easy it all isthen you can repeat this process over and over with various other micro niche ideas. Imagine ifjust one micro niche idea site were earning you just $10 a day. Thats $3650 a year. Now think ofhaving 10 sites earning the same or 20 and how much you could earn annually. The total cost forall of this would only be the cost for each domain and your hosting service. You can find webhosting that hosts unlimited Word Press blogs for under $10 a month.Things to Consider:
  3. 3. If youre a veteran internet marketer then you know its not as easy as putting up a site andexpecting the buyers or traffic to come. And if youre brand new to online marketing you shouldknow right now that in order to prosper youll need to work at this, learn marketing strategies to gettraffic, and stay on top of your business to obtain success. Just like any business, if you put in theefforts, the rewards will follow.Linda Saville Trempe is creator of "Affiliate Online Marketing Strategies & Program Review"http://freetrainingblog.comLinda is active as a Super Sponsor at Tissa Godavitarnes Acme/GDI Support Forum, enjoysmentoring others seeking success, blogger, webmaster and author. She resides in ColoradoSprings, CO and is mother of a grown son & daughter and grandmother to 3. She is a seriousaffiliate marketer.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Linda_Saville_Trempe==== ====Now release your total MICRO NICHE potential and discover your unlimited wealth buildingprowess.http://budurl.com/63mw==== ====