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A.I. Statement & Vision

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The good or bad A.I., Humans vs A.I. a lot to think about the pros and contras, when it comes to Artificial Intelligence.

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A.I. Statement & Vision

  1. 1. © WD / DIWA-Capital
  2. 2. © WD / DIWA-Capital As A.I. gets closer to human intelligence and strives to become a member of human society, it must learn the good morals and ethics of our community. A.I. statement & vision A.I. is already a independent contractor and member of our society, in many daily working fields! Teaser of a speech
  3. 3. © WD / DIWA-Capital Technology or innovation is not our enemy, there is no emotion within, it’s just an opportunity Humans decide if they turn innovation and technology into an enemy, - or in to a supporter of man kind. A.I. Risks & Potential Teaser of a speech
  4. 4. © WD / DIWA-Capital
  5. 5. © WD / DIWA-Capital NO!A.I. to be stopped? NO!Bad A.I. to be prevent? YES!Will good A.I. fight bad A.I.? YES!Will good A.I. beat bad A.I.? A.I. for good or bad? Teaser of a speech
  6. 6. © WD / DIWA-Capital Does A.I. has to respect the UN - HUMAN RIGHTS and responsibilities like mankind by all means? Teaser of a speech
  7. 7. © WD / DIWA-Capital If A.I. is a social community member and becomes my mentor and protection angel, able to advise or support me achieve my goals, works as my digital twin… … should A.I. also pay tax, social fees, needs insurance and gets accountable and becomes prosecutable? A.I. has rights and obligations Teaser of a speech
  8. 8. © WD / DIWA-Capital … but we are well advised to try it. We need to make decisions today that hopefully retrospectively not have been very wrong in 10 years. … to imagine something that does not yet exist? I know, its hard … A.I. statement & vision Teaser of a speech
  9. 9. © WD / DIWA-Capital 2017 © Walt Diggelmann Thank You!