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Metaverse - the attraction of new identty

  1. Confidential Presented by Waheng Chang 2021 Nov Metaverse - An attraction of new identity Sharing in: France Macau Chamber of Commerce Speaker: Waheng Chang
  2. Presented by Waheng Chang Content 1.About me 2.History about the industry AR/VR A brief about the AR/VR industry, how far did it go? And what is the Obstacle? 3. What is Metaverse 3.1 How many “Universe” is there? What is the similarity and difference? 3.2 Metaverse may look like 4.About the ecosystem
  3. 1.About me 2013-2015 Human Interaction(AR/VR) 2015-2018 ECommerce (Large Scale) 2018-2019 Fintech 2019-Present Startup (Technology) Waheng Chang, a Macau native living in Taiwan and the United States, has worked in technology industry for more than 11 years, projects and products were selected on world class exhibition such as CES, MWC and Computex.
  4. Presented by Waheng Chang 2021 Nov 2.History about the industry of AR/VR
  5. 1st iPhone 2007/06/29 1st Android 2008/09/23 Pokémon GO 2016/07/06 2009-2011 4G 2G,3G
  6. Presented by Waheng Chang 2014 - pioneer in the virtual interaction on 3G~4G age
  7. 2014 - A demo of new way of ECommerce, virtual shopping with HTC Vive link
  8. Presented by Waheng Chang
  9. AR Ecommerce platform is launch on 2014, feature of furniture one-click purchase within AR sense, it was a innovative shopping behavior. 2014
  10. Presented by Waheng Chang Partnership with Google (google glass, Tango), intel, Microsoft (hololens). 2016
  11. Presented by Waheng Chang What makes Whatsapp so popular Internet related Innovative product, need to break through existing(rely on ) technical bottlenecks in order to become viral. “Push Notification (2009 Apple feature)” makes Whatsapp became Viral. Lesson from Whatsapp
  12. What made VR/AR not popular ? (before 2018)
  13. Presented by Waheng Chang What made VR/AR not popular (before 2018) No one like to wear such big plastic in everyday life, even worse with wire. Wireless glasses, battery and GPU ? Human is sensitive about movement of hands. Obstacle
  14. Presented by Waheng Chang 2021 Nov 3. What is Metaverse
  15. Presented by Waheng Chang Metaverse A Book From 1992 Predicted Mark Zuckerberg's Eerie Vision For 'Metaverse' In the novel, users are represented by avatars and can interact with other human beings and software agents. A software agent is a computer program that acts for a user. Written by author Neal Stephenson and published in 1992 (source)
  16. Presented by Waheng Chang Trendy metaverse projects in 2021 Metaverse (Facebook) Microsoft Mesh (Microsoft Team) Horizon Workrooms (Facebook-Oculus) Omniverse (NVIDIA) video
  17. Introducing Microsoft Mesh. 2021/03 Microsoft Ignite with Satya Nadella 24:30-27:34
  18. Horizon Workrooms - Remote Collaboration Reimagined . 2021/08/19
  19. Watch Nvidia's Deep Fake of CEO Jensen Huang at GTC (Behind the Scenes) 2021/05 0:39-end NVIDIA Omniverse #CreateYourRetroverse Contest Teaser #2
  20. Facebook official metaverse introduction. 2021/10/29 What is it : 0:00- 2:21 AUthor Interview: 6:55-7:49 Next Quest: 7:53-9:39
  21. Presented by Waheng Chang Trendy metaverse projects in 2021 Metaverse (Facebook) Microsoft Mesh (Microsoft Team) Omniverse (NVIDIA)
  22. Metaverse (Facebook) Microsoft Mesh (Microsoft Team) Omniverse (NVIDIA) It is a platform, can open your shop, or experience lifestyle here. It is a virtual office, base on Team, a place for teamwork and knowledge transfer. The best 3D content creating manufactury, a realistic virtual world. The differences between the 3 universe
  23. Presented by Waheng Chang 2021 Nov 3.1 Universes is composed of …
  24. Presented by Similarity 3D Avantor Content Gesture Recognition 3d Facial Reconstruction
  25. Technological Elements AR Glasses VR Glasses Inductive Gloves Inductive Armor 3D Avantor Content Eyes Tracking 3d Facial Reconstruction Gesture Recognition Image: Ready One Player
  26. Presented by Waheng Chang Headset - VR Glasses Oculus Quest 2: The $299 VR headset. link HCT flow, $499 HTC Vive Pro 2: $799 link
  27. Presented by Waheng Chang Headset - AR Smartglasses HoloLens 2: $3,500 Magic Leap 1 AR: $2,291 Ray-Ban Stories (Facebook): $299
  28. Presented by Waheng Chang Glove Power Glove, Reality Labs is working on clothing that helps you feel things in the metaverse. 2021/11/17 Source: 7191/facebook-meta-haptic-glove-metaverse
  29. Presented by Waheng Chang 2021 Nov 3.2 Metaverse may look like
  30. Searching Entertainment Solution Monopoly Platform Motivation Advertisement
  31. Motivation Need Products/ Services Advertisement System
  32. Online, We behave different New Identity We search for the keywords that we won’t ask, we are brave enough to shout, when no one knows us. And Social Media knows.
  33. Presented by Waheng Chang 2021 Nov Grand Theft Auto similar life In GTA, you will have your house, groups of friends, earning virtual currency by completing missions. Then, spend the money to purchase your assets, such as armor, cars, island or luxury Fashion. GTA San Andreas Enters The Metaverse, Via Oculus Quest 2 quest-1847957846
  34. An attraction of new identity
  35. Presented by Waheng Chang 2021 Nov 4. About the ecosystem
  36. Presented by Waheng Chang 1. Nvidia Corporation 2. Microsoft Corp. 3. Roblox Corp. 4. Facebook Inc. 5. Unity Software Inc. 6. Snap, Inc. 7. Autodesk Inc. 8. Amazon Com Inc. 9. Tencent HLDGS LTD 10. Sea LTD What companies are building the metaverse? Sea is a consumer internet company that includes entertainment, e-commerce and digital financial services. Tencent Holdings is a multinational internet company based in China. Apple, Intel, Qualcomm, Alphabet, Coinbase, Electronic Arts, Samsung, Adobe, Alibaba, Disney, PayPal and Square are also in the fund.
  37. The ecosystem of Metaverse
  38. Presented by Waheng Chang Log of Facebook about Metaverse 1. 2014/08 Facebook acquired Oculus 2. 2016/02 Facebook brings VR 360 Video to new feed (NASA Mars Video) 3. 2016/12/28 Facebook acquired Danish eye tracking startup. 4. 2019/02 Facebook released Oculus Quest 5. 2021/10/18 Facebook to hire 10,000 in EU to work on metaverse (coming 5 years) 6. 2021/10/28 Facebook company is now Meta
  39. Presented by Waheng Chang Reference ● 7b-ff23-4265-aa1b-c4c9e6faaab2&v=&b=&from_search=1 ● 87b-ff23-4265-aa1b-c4c9e6faaab2&v=&b=&from_search=5 ●
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