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Apex 2012 2013

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Apex 2012 2013

  1. 1. Apex 2012-2013By: Ciara Arriaga
  2. 2. What is Apex?• Apex is a NewTech Network school where wedo a lot of projects about really cool things.• Apex is: Engaging Inspiring Awesome
  3. 3. Teachers• The teachers in Apex are probably some of thecoolest teachers I have ever had. They arereally fun and they love to do cool things. Ifyou ever have a problem, they talk to youabout to make you better. They don’t careabout your race or anything like that, theyrespect everyone just the way they are. Theyare amazing and I will miss all of them verymuch.
  4. 4. Different Projects• We do a lot of different projects in Apex. Someof them are listed below: Organizing Organisms Going, Going, Gone Managing Mayhem Consider Your Culture Dazzling DesignsGenerating Greatness
  5. 5. What am I going to miss…• I’m going to miss all of the facilitators.• Energizers• Projects• School• Netbooks• Not a lot of homework• Friends
  6. 6. How has Apex changed me?• Apex has made me a bigger person. Iknow that if there is a challenge, Ican conquer it. I’m not afraid to doanything anymore and I can nowaccomplish everything! Apex I willmiss you SO much!!!!!