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[Done] star theory

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[Done] star theory

  1. 1. { Richard Dyer’s Star Persona Theory
  2. 2.  In 1979, Richard Dyer published his most notable work called ‘Stars’ in which he developed a concept that audiences of a film are heavily influenced by the perception of stars.  Evidence is shown as audiences either buy merchandises of these stars or adapt hegemony (‘culture’) where they attempt to copy the star’s behaviour. Star Persona Theory
  3. 3.  Pop performers are people who perform pop music while pop stars are those who have an identity or persona other than their music career.  Once an artist has made sociological or cultural impact or brand awareness amongst a wider market over a period of time, they gain more fans which make them last their significance even after months of their career break. It also makes them prone to being copied or parodied. Example is Justin Bieber’s bowl cut. Difference between Pop Performers & Pop Stars
  4. 4. “A star is an image not a real person that is constructed (as any other aspect of fiction is) out of a range of materials (e.g. advertising, magazines etc. as well as films)”. –Dyer, 1979 An example of this is a TV programme called The X Factor that show a construction process: an ordinary person is groomed or styled into fulfilling record company and market expectations. Stars as constructions
  5. 5. Annotate three magazine covers and focus on the star persona.
  6. 6. Seductive persona Parted lips & bold lipstick emphasizes the lips Lazy eyes seducing the audience; inviting Dress code - slightly scant clothing, revealing much skin. Hairstyle – slightly covering her face, as if its giving a sneak peak to the audience: playful, tease. Pose – highlights her contoured face Side cut hairstyle – usually for a rock-star chic look but she is portrayed in a feminine sense in this magazine
  7. 7. Punk persona Pose - Allows prejudice from audience as being fearless or intimidating. Hand directs the eye to look at the main singer Make-up applied on the main singer is a smudged eyeliner; it suggests a carefree attitude that most punks are seen as. Most vocalists are the main focus or the face of their band. Thus, it creates a Star Persona as he is portrayed differently among his band members One of the accents of an emo person is their hairstyle: bangs. They are commonly coloured as black as a part of their personal expression
  8. 8. Feminine persona Dress Code – light pink floral patterned dress denotes the stereotypical representation of women Accessories – stylish rather than sophisticated suggesting a teenage-like representation instead of an adult. Most teenage girls are seen as girly. Light make-up – similar to prom makeup where every tool that enhances the face is slightly applied: lipstick, eyeliner, blush, mascara and etc. Pose – directs the eye to face instead of body