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Brochure Entrepreneurial innovation

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Brochure Entrepreneurial innovation

  1. 1. From innovative idea to concrete business proposalEntrepreneurial InnovationEntrepreneurial Innovation is a programme for every For whom?entrepreneur and corporate entrepreneur that wants toimplement innovation. We would like to invite you for an intake interview if you have:The expertise you gain in this programme will help youmove forward. Especially when it concerns innovative ideas • at least 3 years of work experience,with a technological component. • and an innovative technological idea, or an idea for business model innovation, that needs to be developed. Added value for you and your company You will: • learn all of the concepts and techniques of entrepreneurial innovation: teams and creativity, business modelling, entrepreneurial marketing, entrepreneurial finance, negotiation skills and venture presentation skills. • convert innovative ideas into full-grown, concrete business proposals. • learn how to transform an idea step-by-step into a marketable product or service. • learn how to build a successful business model around a promising technology. • gain a critical analysis framework for evaluating the commercial feasibility of innovative business proposals.It opened my mind" I feel very lucky to have been part of the Executive MasterClass in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. My focus is normallymore on product development and not on creating value andbringing products to the market. In a short time, I have gainedan enormous amount of valuable knowledge that I have putinto practice in my start-up company. “Lilian Kuiper – Chief Customer Experience Officer, F-LinQ
  2. 2. Programme design Meet your facultyDeep insight into the most important frameworks is central to this programme. • Prof Hans Crijns: specialised inWe start from the foundation of theoretical concepts and insights, and then you entrepreneurship, growth managementapply these concretely to your own innovative idea. and intrapreneurial innovation • Prof Marion Debruyne: Vlerick’s expertThis Entrepreneurial Innovation programme consists of the first 3 modules of in market strategy and innovation.the Executive Master Class in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (p. 12). • Prof Wouter De Maeseneire: an expert in Corporate Finance, his current research areas include: valuation, realModule 1: value creation options, private equity, venture capital and IPOs.• Entrepreneurship: an introduction • Prof Sophie Manigart: an expert in the• Inspiring Creativity field of entrepreneurial finance.• Directing your talents • Prof Katia Tieleman: focusses on• Business modelling: part I negotiation and conflict management, she is connected to the HarvardModule 2: value capture Negotiation Program at Harvard Law School.• Entrepreneurial marketing • Prof Walter Van Dyck: leads the• Business modelling: part II Innovation Management Cell and is an• Negotiation skills expert in technology-based business• Financial planning: the relation between profit-and-loss accounts, cash flows models and corporate innovation and balances strategies.Module 3: value delivery PRACTICAL INFO• Financial planning Dates and venues• Company valuation 12 days (3 x 4 consecutive days) + 1 day• Entrepreneurial finance: negotiating deals with risk capital providers project presentation• Venture presentation and communication skills October 2012 through January 2013 Ghent Campus, Leuven Campus, High- Tech Campus Eindhoven Language English Fee € 7,945 (excl. 21% VAT) apply now! Please see Practical Info on the followingSophie Manigart enjoys discussing her views on page, or visit:entrepreneurial finance with you www.vlerick.com/entrepreneurial-innovation
  3. 3. Practical infoRegistration Online registration: quick & easy!Action! Register online.Questions? Please contact:Ghita GreefGroup Product ManagerT: + 32 9 210 98 94F: + 32 9 210 97 28ghita.greef@vlerick.comReep 19000 Ghent, BelgiumYour certificateYour active participation in one of our programmes Register online via:qualifies you for a Certificate from Vlerick BusinessSchool. www.vlerick.com/ innovation-programmesIn addition, when you successfully complete anExecutive Master Class, you can join the VlerickAlumni, a worldwide network of more than 16,000 Financial benefits for you?members in 100 countries. • 10% discount for paying members of Vlerick AlumniCancellation • SME portfolio: subsidies for Flemish SMEs. • Vlerick Social Profit Grants for organisations active inConsult our cancellation conditions at: the social profit sector.www.vlerick.com/conditions You’ll find more info at: www.vlerick.com/benefitsOur team is here for you FOLLOW THE VLERICk INNOVATION NETWORK Ghita Greef Group Product Manager Visit our website: T: + 32 9 210 98 94 www.vlerick.com/innovation-network ghita.greef@vlerick.com Follow us on Twitter: @Vlerick #Innovation Participate in our LinkedIn group: Rian De Bruycker Vlerick Innovation Network Programme Advisor T: + 32 9 210 98 84 rian.debruycker@vlerick.com
  4. 4. Application formInnovation management EXECUTIVE EDUCATION AND RESEARCH IN 2012-2013 INNOVATION Yes, I wish to apply for the following programme(s): MANAGEMENT Strategising for Innovation Product Management Entrepreneurial Innovation Executive Master Class in Innovation & Entrepreneurship Corporate Innovation Management Vlerick Innovation Network In addition, I wish to receive more information on the management programmes of Vlerick Business School that I have ticked on the reverse side of this form. ENGLISHName First name M FFunctionCompanyCompany address N° busPostal code CityCountryTelephone FaxE-mail Yes, I would like to stay up-to-date about the activities of Vlerick Business School via e-mail. No, I do not want to receive information about the activities of Vlerick Business School via e-mail.Home address N° busPostal code CityCountryHome telephoneInvoice to be addressed to:Name First name M F(Only fill the section below if different from company address above)Address N° busPostal code CityCountryVAT n° I am paying member of Vlerick Alumni and enjoy a 10% reduction on this programmeDate - - SignaturePlease return this form BY FAX OR POST to:Vlerick Business School, attn. Ghita Greef, Your contact details will be stored in a database of Vlerick Business School forReep 1, 9000 Ghent, Belgium, fax + 32 9 210 97 28 the purpose of keeping you updated on our activities. Pursuant to the Belgianghita.greef@vlerick.com Law on privacy (Wet tot bescherming van de persoonlijke levenssfeer ten opzichte van de verwerking van persoonsgegevens) of 8 December 1992 youYou can also apply online at are entitled to inspection and correction of data related to you as kept bywww.vlerick.com/innovation-programmes Vlerick Business School.
  5. 5. THE Programmes ofvlerick BUSINESS schoolI would like to receive information on the following programmes (please tick).Please return your contacting details to us by fax, e-mail or post.General Management Operations & Supply Chain Management Advanced Management Programme E Project Management D International Management Programme E Purchasing Management E Middle Management Programme D Operational Excellence E Young Management Programme D & E Executive Master Class in Supply Chain Management EAccounting & Financial Management Entrepreneurship Understanding Annual Reports D & E KMO Challenge D Mastering Costs and Budgets D & E KMO Excellence D Fundamentals of Financial Management D & E Entrepreneurship for Managers D Strategic Cost Management E Valuation of Companies E People Management & Leadership Executive Master Class in Controllership E The People Manager D Executive Master Class in Corporate Finance E Executive Decision Making D Executive Master Class in Financial Analysis How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence D and Asset Management E Inspiring for Change D Negotiating to Create Value D & EHuman Resource Management Self-mastery D HRM with Impact D Bestsellers read for you D Compensation & Benefits D Executive Master Class in Human Resource Management D Strategy Strategy in Action EICT & Business Process Management ICT-Management D Executive Master Classes Business Process Management Workshop D & E Executive Master Class in B-to-B Marketing and Sales E Excellence in Business Process Improvement E Executive Master Class in Business Process Management E Executive Master Class in Business Process Management E Executive Master Class in Controllership E Business Intelligence Workshop E Executive Master Class in Corporate Finance E Executive Master Class in Financial AnalysisInnovation Management and Asset Management E Strategising for Innovation E Executive Master Class in Human Resource Management D Entrepreneurial Innovation E Executive Master Class in Innovation & Entrepreneurship E Corporate Innovation Management E Executive Master Class in Supply Chain Management E Executive Master Class in Innovation & Entrepreneurship E MBAsMarketing & Sales Full-time MBA E Introduction to Marketing Management D Executive MBA E Retail & Trade Marketing D Executive MBA in Financial Services & Insurance E Brand Management & Communication D Product Management D Masters Strategic Business-to-Business Marketing D Masters in Financial Management E Executive Master Class in B2B Marketing and Sales E Masters in General Management E Masters in Marketing Management ED Programme in Dutch E Programme in EnglishMore information on www.vlerick.com