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Online Giving Made Inconvenient & Cumbersome

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It is crucial that non profit organizations provide online fund raising as a quick, easy method for donors to express their philanthropy.

Who, what, where, when, why and how should be obvious to the donor, engage them in a few steps, and ALWAYS speak to the mission of the organization, rather than smack of a "grocery cart" transaction.

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Online Giving Made Inconvenient & Cumbersome

  1. 1. Online Giving Made Inconvenient, Confusing & Cumbersome Philanthropy Viewed Through a Shopping Cart
  2. 2. This site begins by having a prominently placed means of donating online, although stronger wording could be used, as well as having a single click available.
  3. 3. Selecting the make a donation link from the home page takes one to another page, citing ways to give and other info. Another link to Donate Online is half way down the page.
  4. 4. It’s clear that the donor has left the organization’s website to a grocery cart type of page. While it’s good to offer various donation amounts, they should be tied to the mission: explaining what the gift will accomplish . (What can an Advocate do that a Colleague can’t?) In this example, I’ve chosen to donate $50, or be an Ally .
  5. 5. The grocery cart aspect is clear, requiring me to “select” my item, taking me to another Ally screen, etc., where I enter the $50…
  6. 6. OOPS! I wasn’t asked how much money on the last screen! I was asked how many $50 gifts I wanted to select (that item chosen)! I’ve now selected to donate $2,500!
  7. 7. Clearing the error, I return to the Ally menu and select one of these items, for a total of $50.
  8. 8. Next, I enter some basic contact information. None of the few questions after indicate that they are required (e.g., asterisk, etc.)
  9. 9. The form lists errors, because I didn’t answer all of the questions, and requires that I do so before allowing me to proceed with my donation.
  10. 10. On final page of this process (9 th click, counting re-entering amount, errors), we see that the final information requested is credit card number. Asking the donor to commit her/his credit card number early (first) substantially reduces the drop off rate…as does keeping the amount of clicks to a minimum. Using a 2 nd party vendor to process online gifts can be helpful, but it can also confuse donors, who only understand that they are giving to [your organization]. e.g., when tax time comes, they will wonder why you aren’t allowed to issue them a tax deductible receipt for their gift.
  11. 11. linkedin.com/in/ValerieLambert @BilouEnterprise Bilou.info [email_address] @ValerieLambert bit.ly/BilouFB