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Growth & Inclusive Prosperity - 44 Top Quotes from Global Peter Drucker Forum 2017

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The Global Peter Drucker Forum is an international management conference dedicated to the management philosophy of Peter Drucker. Drucker, who lived from 1909 to 2005, was a management professor, writer, and consultant, frequently referred to as a "management guru." The Forum is held annually in November, in Drucker's home town of Vienna, Austria and is put on by the Peter Drucker Society Europe, an affiliate of the Drucker Institute at Claremont Graduate University. (source: Wikipedia) The 9th Global Peter Drucker Forum was held on November 16-17, 2017 at the Hall of Sciences in Vienna. This is the selection of Top 44 Quotes from Global Peter Drucker Forum 2017.

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Growth & Inclusive Prosperity - 44 Top Quotes from Global Peter Drucker Forum 2017

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  2. 2. Photos by: Gerald Mayer-Rohrmoser www.mayer-rohrmoser.at
  3. 3. Quotes selected by: Vladimir Vulić Peter Drucker Society Europe - Individual Member @vulicvladimir
  4. 4. “Don’t expect simple answers from Global Peter Drucker Forum. But, expect to be inspired and equipped with better questions we can all ask. There are no 5-step-recipes to growth and inclusive prosperity.” Richard Straub
  5. 5. “Without purpose and meaning there is dysfunction in society and business.” Jenny Darroch
  6. 6. “External change has always been faster than the organization can internalize them.” Lisa Hershman
  7. 7. “Most problems that come to us have already been framed, that way limiting our solution space. Is there a different way to look at this problem itself? Try to start at the beginning - reframe!” Thomas Wedell
  8. 8. “An important question for every manager is: ‘How many barriers do people have to crash through to have a real conversation with you?’” Hal Gregersen
  9. 9. “We need to transform business education, because currently, once you’re finished, you’ll be worse off prepared for business than when you started.” Roger Martin
  10. 10. “To get the kind of inclusive prosperity we want, we need models that have real people in them, not just cardboard cutouts of real people.” Roger Martin
  11. 11. “The economic benefits of globalization are often severely understated.” Pankaj Ghemawat
  12. 12. “When the world’s poor see growth as salvation, ‘Is growth an imperative?’ is not a valid question.” Anil Gupta
  13. 13. “We need a new narrative for growth as well as new metrics.” Martin Reeves
  14. 14. “HR, as it’s practiced today, is almost not fit for purpose.” Julia Hobsbawm
  15. 15. “As we move from organisations to networks, purpose will become incredibly important as the reason we come together around an objective.” Nilofer Merchant
  16. 16. “Economic prosperity has to be a joint leadership effort for the good of community.” Neila Benzina
  17. 17. “Entrepreneurship is not a silver bullet, but it suddenly became a lever which we can use to address high rates of youth unemployment.” Joseph Ogutu
  18. 18. “Manufacturing has to be at the core of any conversation around growth in the developing world.” Irene Yuan Sun
  19. 19. “Without green growth there is no inclusive growth.” Haiyan Wang
  20. 20. “We're moving from a ‘know it all’ era to a ‘learn it all’ era.” Rahaf Harfoush
  21. 21. “With the rise of technology we need to develop the human skill of when and how to use the technical tools and algorithms around us and when not to.” Erica Dhawan
  22. 22. “Technological breakthroughs tend to get disproportionate credit for progress. Social and regulatory innovation possibly play an even bigger role.” Julia Kirby
  23. 23. “My vision of ‘Digital Economy’ didn’t turn out as positive as I thought. This new ‘Digital Feudalism’ is scary.” Don Tapscott
  24. 24. “What we call the ‘Sharing Economy’ is actually not about sharing. Uber and similar companies are not sharing. They are successful, because they don’t share.” Don Tapscott
  25. 25. “Unleashing innovation in big organisations could also be called ‘How to Not Waste Human Potential’.” Alexander Osterwalder
  26. 26. “Startups are now designed and focused on breaking the law in order to disrupt your industry.” Steve Blank
  27. 27. “’Playing to Win’ vs ‘Playing Not to Loose’ is the difference between startups and established corporate leaders.” Bill Fischer
  28. 28. “Our moral compass will continuously be challenged and discussed as technology evolves. We need a moral compass, but we will have deep problems defining what it is in a digital future.” Ashok Krish
  29. 29. “There is nothing sexy, or cool, or awesome about innovation. Innovation is scary, and uncomfortable.” Efosa Ojomo
  30. 30. “The success of so called ‘tech’ companies does not come from technology, but from changing the way sectors are structured.” Michael G. Jacobides
  31. 31. “We need to rethink globalisation in a much more inclusive and distributed way. But not in terms of the market - in terms of competences.” Yves Doz
  32. 32. “Managers have to grow their firms fast enough to avoid an activist takeover, but slow enough to avoid Dutch-tulip level frothiness.” Rita McGrath
  33. 33. “Growth happens when there is access to opportunity.” Isabella Mader
  34. 34. “Leadership education should increase proportion of time spent on context and dynamics rather than on content.” Heiko Hutmacher
  35. 35. “The best leaders know how to manage oneself, and how to nurture and cultivate teams through a humanistic approach.” Julia Wang
  36. 36. “CEOs should not only manage their businesses, but speak up on social and political issues, being influencers in a broader socioeconomic context.” Santiago Iniguez
  37. 37. “Low employee engagement and the fact that so many people hate their jobs are not just a business failure, but a moral failure as well.” Sydney Finkelstein
  38. 38. “The future of your business depends on thinking, which is scary, since it can’t be required, standardized, or even measured.” Tammy Erickson
  39. 39. “If you want to make a positive impact on your employees create an experience that caters to their physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being.” Guillaume Alvarez
  40. 40. “We need to disrupt the onboarding process by starting to share the purpose of our business - the ‘why’ of our company.” Joan Snyder-Kuhl
  41. 41. “We need cheap and universal ICT to substantially increase the proportion of intangibles in GDP and in lifestyles.” Carlota Perez
  42. 42. “If you can’t describe your company’s value proposition, you don’t understand what you are doing.” Curt Carlson
  43. 43. “We need more business and thought leaders. There has been a void in boardroom talk about the human aspect.” Ali Rushdan Tariq
  44. 44. “Next year, will we be able to look back on the first Drucker Forum and see what changes have actually happened since, or is this just talk for the elites in the room?” Andrew Hill
  45. 45. “If the organisation were digitized and only run through numbers it would be a very dreary place - a prison for the human soul. We must be careful our humanity is not swamped by the digital revolution.” Charles Handy
  46. 46. “At first I thought we need a Charter of Humanity. But would it be enough? No, we need a cultural revolution and completely rethink what we are doing.” Charles Handy
  47. 47. “Humanity needs to manage better what it has created and leave behind the role of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” Richard Straub
  48. 48. See you in Vienna at the 10th anniversary of Global Peter Drucker Forum, on November 29-30, 2018!
  49. 49. Vladimir Vulić To connect, please visit: www.vanja.me