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How to Use Social Media for Lead Generation

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Social media marketing has become a strong tool to generate leads for several businesses across the globe and across industries. Check out few ways to generate lead by leveraging social media channels.

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How to Use Social Media for Lead Generation

  1. 1. Social Media Lead Generation VIA
  2. 2. Primary Requirements for Lead Generation Identify Industry KEYWORDS Identify Target AUDIENCE LEAD SEARCH Identify LOCATION
  3. 3. Keyword Search Use Google adwords keyword search Use Tagcrowd.com
  4. 4. Lead Generation via LinkedIn LinkedIn
  5. 5. Lead Generation via LinkedIn Group Discussion Participation Group Inmail Marketing 2 TYPES
  6. 6. LinkedIn Lead Generation Process Join relevant LinkedIn groups based on the target people. Look for relevant Discussions Participate in the discussion Connect with the target audience Build relationship and pitch your offerings
  7. 7. 1. Search for LinkedIn Groups Make a list of Keywords (Industry level) Search for relevant groups based on the keywords. Make a list of relevant groups
  8. 8. 2. How to filter Relevant Groups ? Look for the Group status, i.e. Join the groups which has the status “Active” or “Very Active” Click on every group information “i” and see group information. Check the Group statistics and check demographics of the group. Join the Relevant listed Groups Search for relevant discussions
  9. 9. 3.type 1: Discussion participation
  10. 10. 3.type 2: Inmail marketing Look for Target audience in the discussion. ( Required Company and Designation ) You can reply to the comment publicly as a thought leader and build transaction. You can also reply to the particular target by replying him privately as an Inmail via Group.
  11. 11. Inmails samples A compelling subject line. Introduce who you are. Mention how you are connected. Give the purpose of connection. Give the recipient the reason of act. Create Interest to connect - Download whitepaper - Participate in a webinar - New offerings etc …
  12. 12. Types of Inmails 1. Regular Inmails 2. Group Inmails 3. Event Invite Inmails 4. Post event Inmails Types of inmails are categorised based on the purpose and occasion for connection. All the inmails mainly leads to connect. Every Inmail has 1,000 character limit 4. Talent acquisition Inmails
  13. 13. Twitter Lead Generation via Twitter
  14. 14. Twitter Lead Generation Process Monitor for tweets with the keywords Connect with tweeps Send them a formal DMs Mention them on your tweets
  15. 15. Twitter Monitoring Tools
  16. 16. Monitor tweets
  17. 17. Twitter Direct Message DMs can be sent only to the tweeps who follow us. Give the purpose of connection. Give the recipient the reason of act. Every DM has 140 character limit
  18. 18. Few Others Lead Generation
  19. 19. QUORA Quora is a Bookmarking site. Follow Topics which is your target. Monitor for discussions. Follow & connect with the person by sending him a message. Connect the person on social media
  20. 20. FORUMS Join relevant forums with gmail ids. Monitor for discussions. Participate in the discussions. Connect with the prospects
  21. 21. WEBINARS & HANGOUTS Participate in webinars organized by competitors or any general. Make a list of participants on webinar. Use webinar #Hashtags and connect with the prospect during the event. Give a brief of the offerings and benefits from the products or service.