Using Customer Data to Improve Email Relevancy

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  • Brief intro… as follow up to the introGoal of this programWhy a loyalty program helps gather data for increasing relevancy
  • Session Outline:- Email Is Alive, But Email Broadcasting is DeadEmail Can Be Your Most Powerful Conversation ChannelMGM/Mlife Story- Example Dialogs - Testing & Lessons Learned- Where Do We Go From Here   (Checklist) 
  • Email has been taking some hits in the past few years. But when it comes to driving revenue, email is still the cutest and most productive kid in the family.There is a strong argument that marketers should send MORE email marketing, being respectful of what customers will enjoy, welcome and respond to.Not just tolerate – although that would be a baseline metric to protect sender reputation from too many complaints.But welcome. Enjoy. Click on. Forward. Talk about. Look forward to.
  • Reporting that Email is Dead is a hot media topic…headlines usually followed by the story about the technology that is killing email…SpamBlogsSocial NetworksMobileYouth
  • Is Email Dead? VisibleGainsinfographicEmailIsNotDead.comEmail is changing74% of online adults prefer email for COMMERCIAL communications, versus social media for SOCIAL communications. Social users more likely to check email: Social media users are 60% more likely to check email 4 or more times a day than non social media users:Proliferation of mobile devices: people spend over 40% of their time reading email on their mobile devices. More time than any other activity.
  • DMA puts ROI of email at about $40 for every $1 spent…other reports put it between $25 - $50 for every dollar spent.Perhaps because it works so well, too often, the email channel is seen as a cash cow, instead of a strategic weapon in customer cultivation and retention.It works pretty darn well, even if we have it on auto-pilot. Send out an email campaign, and earn response and revenue.What’s wrong with that?!Note that email ROI also puts stars in the eyes of CMOs and brand managers and other executives too – those people clamoring for higher results and revenue from us!
  • IF the world is changing, to what end goal are we changing?
  • This is what it sounds like.It beats an incessant drum for subscribers. And does not engage them or enthuse them to open in future,What happened to that covenant?
  • This is more like what you want your email program experience to be for subscribers.Lifecycle email marketing: Gartner found that event-triggered campaigns are 600% more effective than traditional outbound campaigns.Start out, by taking a step back and using data to improve your email marketing relevancy.
  • Goal is to move along that continuum. Moving from batch and blast to engaged dialogue requires data management and organization and management of creative assets.
  • To: samaprimo@hotmail.comDate: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 18:21:03 +0200Subject: A saisir ! Vélo femme livré gratuitement, monté, réglé, prêt à roulerSimple example of profiling by gender, but makes a big difference. One of the challenges is to understand what data to use – demographic data is often not as valuable as behavioral data. Retailers and B2B know this from experience.
  • From: AppleSubject Line: Thanks for purchasing your MacBook Pro.Date: Tuesday, January 6, 2009
  • In our quest to do more than broadcast email marketing, segmentation is the key.We must use intelligent segmentation and connect with subscribers to build higher engagement over time.Becky –have you noticed a difference in campaigns that use segmentation?
  • In order to do this, we need data.ISC Sources: Online explicit opt ins; data collection cards; call center; Co-registration offersData customization?Let’s look at some examples.
  • We went from a point in time when we were collecting and managing data from so many different sources that we were not fully leveraging it to the extent that we should, and we’ve now full circle moved back to condensing and prioritizingWhere to get the data – we have more data that I want to use that we haven’t gotten around to. Setting a priority, setting a starting point. I target everything down to a customer who is a casino customer, the property they visit the most, the data we have on them, are they more table side or slot sideSegmentation strategiesCategorizing “worth” and valueMessagingReinvestment Loyalty
  • Subject Line: Adam, Experience the enhancements. Enjoy the Platinum rewardsWhile this is very text and word heavy, there is a time and place where that is very relevant. This was an announcement of a new program. Wanted to have all the benefits in one place and introduce it all together.Lots of custom data in here – the hotel, the level in the program, the casinos, the game, and a custom offer that matches that profile1,000 different versions of the creativeWhile all the data is presented in the same way, each customer experience is uniqueContinuum: Data Segmentation to Creative Execution/Presentation (loops back)This becomes a daily process for us. When you get to this level, you get pods of customers who grow by the thousands – we present them the right email. You force yourself into sending variable and cohesive content. You can have all the data in the world and have a way to present it so that it makes sense.
  • Seeing the results of our best practicesCustomer data drivenTargeting those who have an active web presence ( – those who have logged in know more/get different offers/more engagedI see the highest open, deliverability and conversions from this groupAbility to target them differentlyLooking at the limited amount of real estate that we have – imagery and copy – if this person is active, I can send them a simple reminder – no wasted space about how to log in, what is included on the website, etc. Use that space for other messaging/offersData sources: transactions = (customer preference for properties and casino activity; recency; brands (Bellagio); hotel/dining vs. gaming)Example: Introducing mLife or other offers with an overlay of the prefererd property. Brand alignment.
  • Send a pre sale 1-2 days in advance. A sweet spot 3-4 days in advance. Best open rates.Don’t send it too close b/c we sometimes see throttlingExclusive only for Mlife membersDid some testing – which is why we had the back up reminder creatives – these were only sent to those who had clicked previously – send the reminder post sale availability
  • Think big.
  • Using Customer Data to Improve Email Relevancy

    1. 1. Using CustomerData to ImproveEmail Relevancy
    2. 2. Introductions Adam Bravo Director, Campaign Operations, Corporate Marketing MGM Resorts International Paige O’Neill Vice President, Marketing Aprimo – Teradata @paige_oneill
    3. 3. Connecting to Customers: M life3
    4. 4.
    5. 5. The Truth.11
    6. 6. New Reality: Consumers can quickly “sweep” and filter email messages they don’t find interesting. In fact, that process is automated.Even permission-based messagesare marked as “spam.”12
    7. 7. Typical Email Marketing Stream Hi, are you ready to buy? Hi, are you ready to buy? Hi, are you ready to buy? Hi, are you ready to buy? Hi, are you ready to buy? Hi, are you ready to buy? Hi, are you ready to buy? Hi, are you ready to buy? Hi, are you ready to buy? Hi, are you ready to buy?13
    8. 8. Lifecyle Email Marketing Welcome! We like you. Hi, are you ready to buy? Thanks for buying! You might also like…. Hi, are you ready to buy? Here’s what others like! Please tell us what you like. Hi, are you ready to buy? Cool content you might like. Hi, are you ready to buy? Something special for you Any of your friends like this?14
    9. 9. Cross Channel Marketing Welcome Email. We like you. It’s Free Taco Tuesday. Pls RT Hi, are you ready to buy? Thanks for buying! Text in to join our party! Dear Pamela, you might also like…. Hi, are you ready to buy? Visit Facebook: What do others like?! Sale 4 U 2Day! Cool content you might like. Mobile coupon! Are you ready to buy? Something special for you! Any of your friends like this?15
    10. 10. Dialogue Segment Broadcast The Email Marketing Evolution from “Batch & Blast” to “Engage & Customize” is powered by automation and data integration.16
    11. 11. 17
    12. 12. 18
    13. 13. MGM Data Challenge21
    14. 14. Simple MGM Dialogue22
    15. 15. Customizing with Extended Attributes24
    16. 16. Data DrivenLifecycle Triggers• Customized balances without the account statement feel• Imagery specific to the room the customer has available• Variable offer components according to the guest’s transactional history• Events based upon our inventory needs
    17. 17. Leveraging creative space based upon data from a customer’s web presence26
    18. 18. 27
    19. 19. MGM M life Member Experience On Booking Pre Arrival Check In Post Visit Property
    20. 20. ARIA Lifecycle Customization30
    21. 21. 31
    22. 22. 32
    23. 23. Segment Methodology 1. SEGMENTATION: identify logical groups to which the same basic messages are  Hotel vs. Gaming likely to resonate.  Spend level  Property Preference 2. TARGETING: align messaging to the engagement patterns of each segment.  Active M life  Deal vs. event driven  Lifecycle programs 3. PERSONALIZATION: add the finishing  Best time to send touches that make the communication feel personal.  Gender  Past events/dining/games of interest  Presence of children33
    24. 24. Why Bother With All This? • Better customer experience • Improved response rates • Improved inbox placement • Sender Reputation as a KPI • Deeper understanding of customer • Shared learnings across properties = Optimization • Digital marketing “seat” at the table34
    25. 25. A/B Testing35
    26. 26. “With great power comes great responsibility.” - Uncle Ben36
    27. 27. Thank you & Questions37