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Link Building Tips and Tricks

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Link Building Tips and Tricks

  1. 1. IntroductionInternet has become the most convenient platform for boththe Marketer and the customer. This platform has increasedthe competition among the website owners to rank better insearch engines.What is the secret to outperform your competitor?
  2. 2. The Answer Is...... “Link Building”
  3. 3. Defining Link Building....A technique to generate inbound links to a website toincrease web traffic and Internet popularity.It is the most effective approach to rank higher in searchengines and outperform your online competition.
  4. 4. Process of Building LinksThis is as simple as reciprocal links, links from articles,newsletters, directories, and many more.There are three ways to gain these links:1. One way linking2. Two way linking3. Three way linking
  5. 5. One-way Link BuildingLinks from website A to website B but no back link fromwebsite B.
  6. 6. How?1. Filling the forms2. E-mail requests3. Search engine and directory submission
  7. 7. Two way Link BuildingIt is a better way for any webmaster to get listing and betterconversion rate. For this you need to provide a link in orderto get a link from other website.
  8. 8. Criteria for Two-way Linking1. Page rank should be equal or above2. Theme of the website should match3. Appropriate category
  9. 9. Three way Link BuildingHere, website A can link to website B and C and there is amutual linking between these three websites.
  10. 10. How?It is the best way of getting back link. With a briefinformation, drop an e-mail to the owner of a relevant sitefor linking. If he accepts the request then you can get aback link from that website
  11. 11. Why Link Building is Needed?1. This improves page rank over time2. Increases website traffic3. Results deep indexing4. Improves search engine ranking5. Cost effective online marketing
  12. 12. Post Panda Significance of LinkBuildingMost of the content sites lost their ranking due to GooglePanda update. However, quality back link is still having itsworth and links from authority sites like .edu, .gov canboost your rankings in all major search engines.
  13. 13. Why You Need to Hire Link BuildingService?Professional link building firms have mastered thesetechniques and they understand the very specificrequirement of a website. Apart from this, CBA (CostBenefit Analysis) says it is always better to outsource ratherkeep in-house employees for the purpose of link building.
  14. 14. Questions to be Asked Before HiringLink Building Service
  15. 15. Q1. Do you give Google 1st page 1st place guarantee?
  16. 16. Q2. For which keyword your website is ranking top?
  17. 17. Q3. What is your own website Google Page Rank?
  18. 18. Q4. Do you have online positive reputations in reviewsites?
  19. 19. Q5. Do you have real testimonials and case studies? Can Iget the keywords for which these clients are ranking? Can Icontact them?
  20. 20. Q6. How long are you in the link building business?
  21. 21. Q7. How big is your link building company?
  22. 22. Q8. What is your refund/downgrade/upgrade policy?
  23. 23. Q9. Do you have 24x7 customer support?
  24. 24. Q10. Are you flexible to implement my link buildingsuggestions?
  25. 25. Q11. Do you have locking period or contract for severalmonths?
  26. 26. Q12. How do you define the quality of a link?
  27. 27. Q13. How do you evaluate the success? Are you going tosend weekly reports and daily updates?
  28. 28. Q14. Which CRM or tools are you using for reporting andtracking?
  29. 29. Q15. What are the deliverable and road maps?
  30. 30. Q16. Do you show me the clear process of the link buildingcampaign?
  31. 31. Q17. Can I visit your office and meet you as a person ifrequired? Or can you meet me in person?
  32. 32. Q18. Can you give special offer?
  33. 33. Q19. Can you make me feel that, I am very specialcustomer to you?
  34. 34. Q20. Are you into Link building or doing many things likeweb development, web hosting etc?
  35. 35. Why AuroIN?1. We are into this industry since 20002. We have over 700 in-house SEO experts3. We have served over 1000 clients worldwide4. We hold the biggest link building database5. We serve 24x7 to meet your time zone
  36. 36. For More Details.... Visit: www.auroin.com E-mail: sales@auroin.com Call: 888-272-8734