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Innovative lesson plan

innovative lesson plan

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Innovative lesson plan

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION Mathematics library is one of the important sources of acquiring mathematical knowledge and skills. It serves the purpose of inculcating good reading and study habits which help in promoting self study and independent work among students. The students at a young age should be exposed to the joy of reading and should be equipped with adequate reference skills. However, with the advent of information technology and cyber cafes , there is a growing decline in the reading of books. The different types of books available in the mathematics library helps the students in promoting reading habits. NEED AND FUNCTIONS OF A GOOD MATHEMATICS LIBRARY 1) A mathematics library provides immediate access to the necessary mathematics books 2) It facilitates timely use of the books and inculcates reference skills. As the mathematics teacher change of the mathematics library, the students can seek the teacher's help and guidance in locating and selecting the relevant books 3) It helps the mathematics teacher to get acquainted with the latest developments in mathematics and innovative techniques of teaching, as the teacher is constantly in touch with the new addition to the library. 4) It promotes efficiency in the organisation of library services 5) The mathematics teacher should take the responsibility of organising the mathematics library and be in charge of such a library. Mathematics library can be situated in a large class room or in a separate section in the mathematics laboratory. The effective use of the library by the students can be ensured by allotting a separate period in the time table for library work. The mathematics teacher should motivate students to use the library time more productivity A MATHEMATICS LIBRARY SERVES THE FOLLOWING EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES 1)A mathematics library provides the extra information necessary for mathematics, since a teacher of mathematics may not find time to go beyond the prescribed text books. 2)Mathematics learning requires a lot of drill and practice, a particular set of text books cannot serve this purpose. A mathematics library helps in drill as the students can refer a number of books other than the prescribed text books. 3)The different types of problems and approaches available in different books help the students in developing their problem solving ability and adopting different approaches to problem solving thus making them more open minded and independent.
  2. 2. 4)It provides facilities for the gifted students to satisfy their curiosity and thirst for knowledge. 5) It provides adequate materials and information necessary for completing the assignments and homework. 6) It helps in developing reference skills necessary for higher education BOOKS AND MATERIALS FOR A MATHEMATICS LIBRARY The mathematics library should be attractive and should provide an atmosphere conductive for reading. It can be decorated with visual aids and pictures of mathematicians, charts and posters about their contributions, information and historical developments of certain mathematical concepts, theorems and so on. The seating arrangement must be comfortable for the students to sit and read. CONCLUSION The books selected for a mathematics library should be relevant, interesting, useful and should enthuse the student to read. While selecting the books, the emphasis should not be nearly on quantity but also on quality