Wingify Culture Values

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A short presentation explaining what are Wingify's core values.

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Wingify Culture Values

  1. 1. Are we a good fit for you?
  2. 2. Think about the following questions: Do you prefer a low-intensity, comfortable job where you aim for average or good performance? Are you generally happy with a work output that’s not bad, but isn’t exceptional? Do you avoid discussing true but uncomfortable topics? If your best friend at work does a bad job, can you tell him/her that the work was terrible? Would you be unwilling to put in extra effort beyond the usual expectations from your job? If your favorite TV show is on while there’s work that will take more than the usual office hours, what would you do? Do you believe that a small team can achieve only small results? What’s your answer to this question: “what’s the biggest thing a 10 people team can achieve”?
  3. 3. If you answered “yes” to any of the questions Then Wingify is probably not for you But, read on..
  4. 4. There’s nothing wrong with.. Aiming for an OK or good performance Happiness requires being okay with whatever the outcome is Sugarcoating or avoiding true-but-uncomfortable topics You will make yourself and others unhappy if you bring up uncomfortable topics Not willing to put in extra effort Work-life balance is a good ideal Expecting big results only from big effort / resources / people TCS has more than 100,000 employees and that’s why they are a $60Bn company
  5. 5. Those things work for many companies
  6. 6. However, that’s not how Wingify operates Which means that your career growth will only be rapid at Wingify, if you share our values and work ethics
  7. 7. So, what does Wingify believe in?
  8. 8. We want to be the most admired company to come out of India, and in top 5 globally And we want to make a billion dollars along the way
  9. 9. Becoming best globally is what drives us
  10. 10. And that requires hiring people who.. Believe in only being EXCEPTIONAL, and not being satisfied with just good or average Believe in TRUTH, no matter if those are comfortable or uncomfortable truths Believe that HARD WORK leads to a better satisfaction in life as compared to taking-it-easy Believe that given the right LEVERAGE, a single person can move the world
  11. 11. Do you relate to any of these principles? Exceptional work >> good work Truth >> happiness Hard work >> chilling-out A single passionate person >> 100 uninspired individuals
  12. 12. If the answer to ALL of them is a “yes” You’ll find yourself at home at Wingify
  13. 13. More context to help you decide if Wingify is a good fit for you
  14. 14. Books that inspire Wingify You can borrow all of them from the Wingify library. We have multiple copies.
  15. 15. Core Lesson: We want to find markets where we can dominate Core Lesson: We want to make data driven decisions Core Lesson: We want to be driven by experimentation, long term planning, hard work and grit Core Lesson: We want to prioritize truth over everything else
  16. 16. Companies that inspire Wingify For their: Data driven approach For their: Ambition For their: Long term vision and operational excellence For their: Hacker mentality; break things often; fail often
  17. 17. Wingify’s 3 core values
  18. 18. Scrappy. Punching above our weight. Globally best, from India
  19. 19. We will always do more with less
  20. 20. Even though scrappy, we will actively seek tough challenges
  21. 21. We will use our scrappiness to punch above our weight and make top products in the world from India
  22. 22. Ideas we believe in
  23. 23. Customer Obsession We demand anything-for-the-customer attitude from EVERYONE, not just the customer interacting teams. Our customers are our investors.
  24. 24. Innovation We believe that there’s often a better solution than what’s currently the world gold standard.
  25. 25. Experimentation and failure We know that if you are not failing often, you are playing safe and not really trying something new. We reward for trying but failing.
  26. 26. Data driven decisions We demand decisions to be supported through data and process, even if collecting data is expensive or time consuming.
  27. 27. Happiness is good, but truth is better Though employee happiness is one of our primary objectives, we prioritize truth and excellence over it. We know that search for happiness can sometimes lead to ignoring reality or not anticipating future. (e.g. Blackberry and Nokia teams were pretty happy when iPhone came along and ate their lunch)
  28. 28. We’re a high-performance team first, a family later We know that families treat everyone equally. Caring for our employees is a high priority, but we strive to recognize and reward hard working and high performance employees. (over average performing ones)
  29. 29. What we don’t like (and will probably get you fired at Wingify) Sloppiness Mediocrity Lackluster effort Dishonesty Small lies (and of course, big lies) Gossip Politics Undermining colleagues in front of peers or juniors
  30. 30. Oh my, so many caveats.. Or, why care to join Wingify anyway?
  31. 31. Join Wingify, if.. You want to work with super-talented individuals We pride in having absolutely the best talent in India You want to be an early member of a Billion dollar growth story Be an early member of a company that has set its eyes on being among the global top 5 You want to learn a TON Wingify is super-transparent inside, so you will get to see all numbers, ideas and decisions we make You want to work hard, but like to party harder We love to party and beer is our favorite drink! The entire company goes to beach vacations every year (we’ve been to Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Goa)
  32. 32. So, will you be joining ?