The Leadership Challenge - mLearnCon

Managing Director at Float em Float
28 de Jun de 2012

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The Leadership Challenge - mLearnCon

  1. Beyond the eBook mLearnCon 2012
  2. Intro • Chad Udell • Managing Director - Float Learning • Blog at • Twitter Company: @floatlearning • Twitter: @visualrinse • Free Newsletter and Webinars! Not spam.
  3. Intro • Lisa Shannon • Associate Publisher – Pfeiffer and Franchise Evangelist – The Leadership Challenge • m • Twitter Franchise: @TLCTalk • Twitter Personal: @LisaShannon
  4. Reading is... and Mobile is... • Personal • Contextual • Social
  5. So why are eBooks... • One size fits all • Static • Closed off
  6. Time to move
  7. “The truth is that leadership is an observable set of skills and abilities that is useful whether one is in the executive suite or on the front line, on Wall Street or Main Street. And any skill can be strengthened, honed, and enhanced if we have the motivation and desire, the practice and feedback, the role models and coaching, and the support and recognition.” —Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner The Leadership Challenge
  8. From Books and Training
  9. To Enhanced eBook
  10. To The Leadership Challenge Mobile Learning Tool
  11. This is more than a book
  12. And more than classroom training
  13. Things need to get social
  14. Envisioning other
  15. What’s your director cut?
  16. Making the transition
  17. How can you use all of
  18. “The focus of a leader’s attention should be less on the routine operations and much more on the untested and untried. Leaders should always be asking ‘What’s new? What’s next? What’s better?’ That’s where the future is.” —Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner The Leadership Challenge

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