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[Infographic] 15 DevOps Influencers

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Learn from 15 DevOps influencers on how to implement DevOps right in your enterprise.

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[Infographic] 15 DevOps Influencers

  1. 1. _L TEL U3; 5 5“; ijJ JOHN ALLSPAW yr anspaw Senior Vice President at Etsy “ DevOps means collaborating, communicating, and different parts of engineering organizations working together. / ' kevinbehr KEVIN BEHR Co—author of The Phoenix Project “ Instead of viewing the world as optimizing what's best for developers and optimizing what's best for operations, DevOps see the world as a continuum and look at optimizing the whole system rather than sub-optimizing the parts at the expense of each other. ADRIAN COCKCROFT / ’ adrianco Technology Fellow at Battery Ventures “ DevOps is a re-org, not a team. You get to DevOps by merging the development and operations processes into a single team that runs both. y’ ioatrickdebois PATRICK DEBOIS Independent IT Consultant “ DevOps recognizes that software only provides value if it's running in production. ..Development and operations are both working to serve the customer, not to run their own departments. AIVION. EWAS J dam°”edWa“l'5 Managing Partner at DTO Solutions “ DevOps is fundamentally an enterprise problem because of the scale, the complexity, the silos that an enterprise has to deal with. y‘ davefar| ey77 DAVE FARLEY Co—author of Continuous Delivery “ Good DevOps requires the application of ’scientific method’ to software development. We are trying get to a verifiable and repeatable process where we establish effective feedback loops. CAIVIEQN. HIAIGHT / ' halghtspeech Vice President at Gartner Research “ DevOps fundamentally attempts to promote: an open, collaborative, transparent culture across the operations and development teams, where combined team accountability prevails over individual efficiencies and work-boundaries. {er y’ iezhumble JEZ HUMBLE Co—author of Continuous Delivery “ The essence of Devops is to design a system in which people are held responsible for the consequences of their actions — and indeed, one in which the right thing to do is also the easiest thing to do. AAM TACO J adamhik CTO at Chef “ DevOps is a cultural and professional movement. The best way to describe DevOps is in terms of patterns and anti-patterns. GENE K’| .|V| . Co—author of The Phoenix Project “ The goal of DevOps is notjust to increase the rate of change, but to successfully deploy features into production without causing chaos and disrupting other services, while quickly detecting and correcting incidents when they occur. CHRIS READ / ' cread Works at DRW ‘‘ DevOps is not a role or a job description. It's especially not yet another silo in a farm of silos! It is a change of culture and mindset. J bU"0'0'°“°r J, ULI/ AN. SIIVISON Software Engineer at Neo Technology “ DevOps is mending the historical fractures between IT and Business, Dev and Ops. JAM ES TURN BULL y‘ akartar Vice President at Kickstarter “ DevOps is also more than just software deployment- it's a whole new way of thinking about cooperation and coordination between the people who make the software and the people who run it. y Inxchk MANDI WALLS Technical Practice Manager at Chef “ Fostering open communication channels is the foundation of a successful DevOps culture. TOHTN W/ ILLIS J b°““a3a'”Pe Founder at SocketPlane “ A successful Devops implementation will measure everything it can as often as it can. .. performance metrics, process metrics, and even people metrics. 0 vistara Vistara| T Agile Web Development & Operations, CA DevOps Perspectives, Chef Blog, Continuous Delivery, DZone, Geektime, Grahamleacom, lnfoQ, IT Revolution Press, Jedi. be, Kartar. Net, O’Reilly Media, ScriptRock, Wired