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How to Use Exit Pop-Ups to Boost Conversion Rates ASAP

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Imagine that you only have 10 seconds to present your product to potential customers and convince them to buy it from you. Sounds impossible, right?

According to research, you only have around 10 seconds to communicate your value proposition and capture visitors’ attention. If you fail to do so, your potential customers will bounce, sooner or later.

This is where exit pop-ups come into play. Yes, you know what I'm talking about: those annoying modal windows that appear when you're about to leave a site. And guess what? They're actually pretty effective!

Here are some tips that you could use to create very effective pop-ups to boost your conversion rates.

Read more at https://visme.co/blog/exit-intent-popup/#e6K74eCDL9vkphkc.99

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How to Use Exit Pop-Ups to Boost Conversion Rates ASAP

  1. 1. How to Use Exit Pop-Ups to Boost Your Conversion Rate Overnight
  2. 2. The anatomy of successful exit pop-ups: Once a day is optimal frequency to show exit popup to those who didn't sign up yet. Transparent background avoids confusion making the website visible. Close button gives an option to shut the window down. Image or animation captures attention of your visitors. Full screen popup tends to convert better than a popup window Upbeat sign up button text encourages to click through Discouraging 'no' option makes the visitor think twice. CTA title introduces your business offer. CTA text explains your business offer. Email capture form lets visitors sign up.
  3. 3. Here are the top 5 advantages of using exit pop-ups: 30% 300% Exit pop-ups are effective. 1 Different sources report from 30% to 300% increase in sales thanks to this CRO tool.
  4. 4. They are less intrusive. 2 Unlike other pop-ups, the ones which are triggered by an exit intent usually don’t hurt the UX.
  5. 5. Full-screen exit pop-ups carry a clear and distraction-free CTA.3 The more options you offer the fewer actions your visitors will usually take.
  6. 6. They offer one more chance to convert leads.4 You can reinforce your initial offer by repeating the CTA used on the main page.
  7. 7. They are relatively risk-free. 5 The visitors you are targeting are already about to leave so there is nothing to lose.
  8. 8. Pay attention to the design 1 If you fail to impress them with design, most of your potential customers will never actually get to know your product and the value it offers. Things to Remember When Designing Pop-Ups:
  9. 9. Polish up your copy 2 Craft a short, yet bold description that will perfectly convey the intended message in as few words as possible.
  10. 10. Put it into context 3 The worst thing you can do is display a pop-up that has no information related to a user’s session
  11. 11. Let them quit (if they want to) 4 Your exit pop-up should always have some sort of a close button, evident and clear.
  12. 12. Don’t be annoying 5 If your visitors click the negative CTA to close the window, refrain from showing that same pop-up to them for up to one month.
  13. 13. Leverage social proof 6 Your pop-up can show some of the known companies you’ve worked with or simply highlight your happy customers as a proof that you can be trusted.
  14. 14. Play with formats 7 The only way to build a pop-up that works for you is by testing out different options and analyzing how your audience reacts to them.
  15. 15. Made With Visme Source: http://blog.visme.co/exit-intent- popup/ Source: http://blog.visme.co/build-links- with-images/para agregar un source section al final