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28 Essential Growth Hacking Tools for Your Business

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The co-founder and CEO at Growth Hackers, Jonathan Aufray explained one mistake he sees entrepreneurs make in his article, “Growth Hacking Definition.”

“Growth hacking is not a magic formula. Growth hacking is not a few lines of code that you include on your website or your app to get millions of visitors or downloads overnight. If it was that easy, I would make an app in one day, put this code, get millions of downloads, sell the app and retire to French Polynesia.

Still unsure of how this growth hacking thing works? Read more about it here: https://visme.co/blog/growth-hacking-techniques/. But if you want a quick start, try out these growth hacking tools you can find on the web.

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28 Essential Growth Hacking Tools for Your Business

  1. 1. 28 Essential Growth Hacking Tools for Your Business Want to drive growth for your business, but unsure where to begin? Check out some of experts’ favorite growth-hacking tools on the web:
  2. 2. A very effective tool used to create applets, which work with more than 300 applications, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and email. The tool is a favorite among those looking to automate their web application activities. For example, content posted to Instagram can also be shared on Twitter, Facebook and Google-plus in seconds. Zapier allows for easy web app connection and automation. Zapier can automate processes, making it easy to generate sales leads. Zapier is an effective way to get ahead in growth hacking because it’s quick, efficient and convenient. IFTTT Zapier
  3. 3. Landing pages and CTAs are particularly beneficial when trying to grow a blog. Lead pages and the creation of landing pages are relevant when trying to gather emails or even when trying to host webinars. LeadPages also helps you gather emails from your blog while providing resources. LeadPages Unbounce is a growth-hacking tool that offers the distinctive benefit of being able to combine a landing page with A/B testing. Even a marketer or a growth hacker with very little technical knowledge can create a customized landing page with A/B testing that increases conversion rates. Unbounce
  4. 4. This growth-hacking tool helps to increase conversion rates, converting traffic into customers. Hello Bar prospects emails, propels traffic and spikes conversion rates. It even offers tracking functionalities to monitor progression and developments. Hello Bar ListBuilder is useful in gathering visitors’ email addresses. It’s particularly effective thanks to its popup feature that makes it nearly impossible for visitors to ignore. ListBuilder
  5. 5. Link-shortening resources such as Bit.ly, buff.ly and ow.ly allow users to analyze, track and get data from shared links. But with Clkim, you not only can track your links, but your links will be branded, and you’ll be able to retarget anyone who clicked one of your links. Clkim Bounce Exchange or BounceX analyzes visitors’ patterns in order to enhance conversion rates. The tool can detect when customers are about to leave the site, allowing you to act before they do. Bounce Exchange / BounceX
  6. 6. KissMetrics is like Google Analytics on steroids. The tool features analytic functionalities that not only monitor the sources of traffic but also focus on customers’ behaviors after they arrive at the site. KISSmetrics MixPanel provides top-notch analytics by monitoring users’ activities on a variety of applications while effectively communicating with them. MixPanel uses both A/B testing and a variety of survey techniques to help create campaigns, measure progress and engage with potential clients. Just think of MixPanel as Google Analytics for mobile apps. MixPanel
  7. 7. Crazy Egg offers insight into users’ patterns, reaching beyond KISSmetrics’ capabilities since A/B testing is not necessary to understand the various patterns and progressions on the site. Crazy Egg MailShake is popular for blog outreach and cold emailing. The program automates the monitoring of emails to determine which email was accessed and if the link was accessed by the recipient. MailShake
  8. 8. Email Hunter is an effective prospecting tool because it performs the same services as Toofr, but in far greater volumes. The increase in frequency benefits marketers trying to quickly reach a significant number of clients. Email Hunter Ninja Outreach will help you locate influencers, generate leads, find guest posting opportunities, build links, and send cold emails, as well as ample social-media prospecting. Ninja Outreach
  9. 9. Vero is effectively designed for highly personalized and targeted campaigns. The tool studies patterns from people leaving your website and sends emails to them based on those patterns. Extremely useful when launching a highly targeted campaign, Vero is also helpful in A/B testing emails and facilitating automated email campaigns. Vero Especially useful when trying to create a longstanding connection with potential clients, Nimble integrates contacts, email, follow-ups and other forms of online marketing information in order to constantly enhance connections and build business. Nimble
  10. 10. Hubspot is of particular relevance to inbound marketing, because it helps businesses grow at an unprecedented rate while helping track various developments. Hubspot offers significant assistance in creating landing pages, enhancing email campaigns and organizing workflows through automation. HubSpot MixRank is a powerful growth-hacking tool that can boost sales by promoting leads and identifying the origin of traffic. MixRank is valuable in reaching out to potential customers across a variety of platforms, as well as monitoring competition, ad copy, landing pages, etc. MixRank
  11. 11. Autopilot provides automated messaging both online and offline. The program captures the links and leads while communicating with perspectives across a variety of  channels. The tool is valuable when launching personalized email campaigns and in-app messaging. Autopilot BuzzSumo offers insight into some of the most shared articles across social platforms on any subject. The tool helps growth hackers identify articles that would propel traffic as they find content to curate and use in impressive SEO campaigns. BuzzSumo
  12. 12. When it comes to creating visual presentations and other graphic designs, more growth hackers rely on Visme. The tool will help you create everything you would need for impressive and effective web content. Visme Famebit helps you build brand awareness and recognition through YouTube. The tool allows growth hackers of any skill the ability to easily gain a staggering number of users on Youtube, Instagram and other platforms. FameBit
  13. 13. Colibri is a tool that helps you monitor inbound links to your competitors’ sites. The resource offers impressive analytical features that monitor data across a number of platforms. It can also measure trends while providing understandable and actionable data. Colibri Mobile Action provides in-depth analysis into the mobile- market terrain to help growth hackers make informed decisions that enhance the success of their app startups. Not only does Mobile Action provide the most-used keywords, but it also tracks download rates with instant updates on the progression of your startup in relation to competitors. Mobile Action
  14. 14. Optimizely is a fantastic growth-hacking tool that can help you amplify participation and conversion rates through the implementation of A/B testing. Optimizely offers a variety of to boost website operations, such as the ability to implement A/B testing while eliminating the stress of altering code. Optimizely JustReachOut eliminates the need for PR firms by offering direct access to journalists and press releases. Just visit the suite and use the query tab to search whatever topic, and you’ll soon have access to an assortment of press releases and journalistic contacts. JustReachOut
  15. 15. Viral growth, also known as referral marketing, has successfully been used by companies such as DropBox, Paypal, Candy Crush, Uber, AirBnb and many more. Clients can grow exponentially if one recommends 10, then if even two of those recommend 10 each, and 20 percent of those refer and so on. The tool also makes it easy to create viral waitlists, referrals, giveaways and contests. Queue Another tool to help achieve viral growth, InviteReferrals is particularly useful because it transforms customers into marketers as they refer and recommend your product to their friends. InviteReferrals also has a very effective tracking mechanism that monitors the rate of referrals and conversions. InviteReferrals
  16. 16. Sources: https://www.growth- hackers.net/growth-hacking-tools/ https://mopinion.com/35-best- growth-hacking-tools-startups/ https://blog.kissmetrics.com/35- growth-hacking-tools/ Made With Visme