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Android fragments in hindi

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Android fragments in hindi

  1. 1. You can download this document from www.besthinditutorials.com Android Fragments इस tutorial android fragments ऊ Android fragments activity independent user interface Android fragments स suggest android activities ढ़ इस Android in Hindi : Activity ढ़ स Outline  Introduction to android fragments in Hindi  Android fragments life cycle in Hindi  Types of android fragments in Hindi  Creating android fragment in Hindi Introduction to android fragments fragment स activity separate UI (user interface) Fragments life cycle औ input events fragment ई activities स activity running state fragments add औ remove स Fragments sub activity स
  2. 2. You can download this document from www.besthinditutorials.com Android fragments android Honeycomb version introduce Android fragments स user activity स इस parts divide स Fragments स application design औ flexible स स interface स औ उ separately manage स स activity इस स fragments add स fragment activity embedded Fragments life cycle activity life cycle स directly affected उ activity pause उस स fragments pause activity destroy उस स fragments destroy activity running state उस स fragments independently manage स Related reading : Android in Hindi : Android Views
  3. 3. You can download this document from www.besthinditutorials.com fragment ऐड fragment activity view hierarchy View-Group , औ view layout ड इ fragment activity layout ड स इस activity layout file <fragment> ड स fragment activity layout ई fragments UI स स Basically fragments tablet devices design , tablet devices स इस space fragments स स स स Activity layout fragments divide screen appearance स उ fragment screen left side links list provide स , औ right side fragment उ articles open स fragments इस design fragment ई activities स fragment layout औ life cycle इस fragments ऐस design fragment ई activities स ऐस इस fragments different screen sizes स application tablet औ handset devices fragment इस configure स devices स स स Fragments life cycle
  4. 4. You can download this document from www.besthinditutorials.com Creating Fragments Fragment create Fragment स extend Fragment स Activity स activity life cycle औ fragment life cycle same स life cycle methods implement , onCreate(), onCreateView() औ onPause() methods इ Fragment स 3 important sub classes इ ड स - 1. DialogFragment - स floating dialog स Dialog इस स alternative 2. ListFragment - स items display स adapter स manage स
  5. 5. You can download this document from www.besthinditutorials.com 3. PreferenceFragment - स preference स hierarchy ड Declaring fragments in layout file Fragments layout file declare <fragment> element ड इस element important attribute android:name, इस उस स स fragment स extend <fragment> element android:id attribute , स id स Example <fragment android:name="class name which extends Fragment class" android:id="ïd"> </fragment>